Beach Theme Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Beach Theme Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms – We already talked about bathrooms and bedrooms inspired by the sea, now it’s time for one of the most important rooms in the house, where you gather with friends and family – the living room! Coastal, beach and sea inspired spaces are so cute and cozy! Aqua, blue and turquoise are fantastic, bright and uplifting! But if you don’t want to, it’s not necessary to decorate the living room with cold shades, just choose warm colors inspired by the beach and complement it with accessories. The accessories and details are so amazing, I can’t stop thinking about this kind of interior for my living space! Just look at these starfish, sea urchins, fish and shells and all the images with them, they are so soft and natural! However, you can add wood, sea glass, coral, and even model ships and flags. Check out some of the ideas below and get inspired!

If you want to decorate the living room in a beach or coastal style, choose neutrals – brown, off-white, light gray, white, cream, ivory. Use pastel colors or blue: light blue, turquoise, aqua, blue and dark blue. Add textures with jute, wood, rattan, leather, faux leather, velvet and various knits to make the space more inviting. The space will not be boring even with a print: printed cushions, rugs and curtains are your choice.

Beach Theme Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Beach Theme Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Beach living room in navy blue and brown with upholstered furniture, leather ottomans, brown ottomans and printed cushions

Summer Beach Decoration Ideas

Beach living room with cool view, white upholstered and rattan furniture, striped rug and printed pillows

Beach living room with blue and turquoise details, printed furniture, wooden chandelier and artwork

Light coastal living room with striped pillows, blue chest, artwork, blue curtains and a neutral sofa

Chic coastal living room with hints of blue and light blue, cream furniture and light brown objects and a clay wooden lamp

Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas To Take You Away

Modern coastal living room with bold artwork, neutral furniture, side table and rug

Cozy beach living room with white upholstered furniture, a large gallery wall with photos, artwork and a decorative basket

Cozy beach living room with white furniture, blue stool, printed rug and woven romanettes

Beach Theme Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Cozy coastal living room with cork coffee table, striped rug, blue pillows and white furniture

Marvelous Nautical Wall Decor Ideas

Modern beach living room in neutral and dark tones with printed pillows, square jute sofas and artwork

Stylish beach living room with water curtain, water furniture, dark armchair and cream sofa

Traditional coastal living room in blue and white with stripes, brick fireplace, wooden beams and built-in shelves

A traditional coastal living room with brown and dark colors, rattan, leather and a fireplace with greenery

Sea And Beach Inspired Living Rooms

If you prefer a modern coastal style, choose modern furniture, if it’s a vintage beach space, choose retro and shabby chic items, perhaps white. Neutral furniture is your choice for coastal spaces, choose white, brown or cream upholstery and add brightly printed cushions in your chosen shade of blue. Choose rattan and wicker armchairs to bring an outdoor feel to the space, get a wooden coffee table and console, or choose a wooden chest as a coffee table. You can also aim for leather furniture: sofas, stools or couches.

Cozy coastal living room with rattan stool, striped rug, white furniture and blue lamps and pillows

Spacious beach living room with roman curtains, wooden table, blue and turquoise details, white upholstered furniture

Beach Theme Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

A spacious, ocean-inspired living room with light blue and navy printed cushions, light blue chairs, artwork and a rattan table

Best Beach And Coastal Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

Neutral and powder blue living room with white wooden walls, vintage sofa and coffee table with baskets

Modern beach living room with sandy walls, a gallery wall with sea-inspired artwork, a glass table and a light brown sofa

Neutral and light gray beach living room with a small vintage seat, a few tables and a nautical inspired gallery wall

A bold and large gallery wall inspired by the sea, a white soft armchair and a shelf with books and water accessories 6 Set Large Beach Wall Art For Living Room Bathroom Pink And Blue Seascape Themed Picture Poster Print Wall Decor Beach Chairs Starfish Surfboard Palm Tree For Teens Girl Home Decorations

A neutral sofa and a bold gallery wall inspired by the sea and marine life for a beachy living room

Beach living room with turquoise wall with wood, white sofa and large glass lanterns with candles

A coastal living room with a ship hanging above the space, striped and nautical furniture and vintage lighting

Beach Theme Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Coastal living room with a view, a striped sofa, a wooden coffee table, a bundle of shells and a wooden lamp

Gorgeous Beach House Decor Ideas

A neutral beach living room with a striped sofa, built-in shelves and some nautical accessories

Beach loft with a white sofa, blue cushions and a large gallery wall with beautiful artwork and a rattan fan

A small white beach living room with turquoise accents, a stained chest and artwork

Neutral coastal living room with lots of textures – rattan, jute, wood, starfish in a dough bowl and potted plants

Inspiring Tropical Living Room Ideas For This Summer

Beach or coastal decoration means nothing without the right decoration, it will help to create the atmosphere. Move on to photos, paintings, artwork, even coral and wood gallery walls. Create display cases with a variety of nautical-inspired items. Wooden and wicker chandeliers and lamps, woven Roman blinds, storage baskets, wooden mirrors and striped sofas can set the mood. Have a good time!

Neutral beach living room with white furniture and a large sea animal gallery wall and colorful tables

Sunlit beach living room with wooden coffee table, baskets and balls and sea-inspired cushions

Beach Theme Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

An off-white and aqua beach living room with a vintage coffee table, a large piece of art and some coral and wood for decoration

Neutral Living Room Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

Blue and navy beach living room with stripes, pelican artwork and nautical ottoman decor

A light blue and white coastal living room with lots of woven details and jute and wood details

Light blue, gray and brown coastal style living room with striped and rattan furniture, artwork inspired by the sea

Navy and white coastal living room with striped sofa, nautical console, and a gallery wall of nautical artwork Wall Art For Living Room Large Size Wall Decorations Pictures Blue Sun Beach Grass Ocean Landscape Painting Office Wall Decor Canvas Prints Ready To Hang For Home Decoration Works Of Art

A sea-inspired living room with a light blue glass wall, a white sofa with printed pillows, a printed curtain and Moroccan lanterns

Modern blue, white and brown coastal living room with lots of wood, rattan, wicker and some decorative elements

A nautical-inspired living room with a blue accent card wall, matching armchair, striped sofa and nautical lamps

Beach Theme Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

Beautiful cream and deep blue living room, modern coffee table, big and bold artwork, side tables with blue lamps

Beached Themed Living Room Decor

Coastal living room with lots of browns, creams, whites and blues, boats, rattan chairs and a blue stool

An aqua blue cabinet with various exposed corals is a great idea to decorate a living room inspired by the sea. We share the best home decor ideas, furniture recommendations, top products and interior design tips for America’s most stylish women.

Thinking of remodeling your beach house living room? These beautiful coastal living room ideas will inspire you and give you plenty of ideas for decorating the perfect family room. Whether you prefer a feminine nautical look or a bold nautical style, these amazing sites are sure to spark your creativity. We love coastal decor for its fresh style and cool ocean tones.

When it comes to decorating your living room, there are certain pieces of furniture that you must have! Don’t forget to choose the right coastal sofa as it will likely be the focal point of your room.

This Malibu Beach House Is The Epitome Of Endless Summer

You’ll also want to consider choosing cozy beach chairs for your guests to sit on. Finally, a great coastal coffee table will help focus your room.

These are the main design decisions you will need to make when decorating the perfect nautical living room that your family will love!

Let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring coastal living rooms created for beach homes by the best coastal interior designers!

Beach Theme Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

This light-filled living room features a blue and white striped rug, making it one of the best ideas for a coastal living room that really stands out. Two beige soft sofas are facing each other, with a wooden coffee table between them. A cool blue framed beach photo adorns the mantelpiece.

Coastal Decorating And Beach Home Decor Ideas

A cool, cozy living room with a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling marble fireplace. The body is simply a group of free-floating natural wood shelves. An open column rope chandelier hangs above a clean coffee table with a glass top. Plush, soft blue chairs fill the space, with a light oak table between them.

A black and white coastal piece creates a creative contrast with the bright blue Marlin fish hanging on the back wall. A natural wood chandelier hangs above two rattan end tables. A potted green plant complements the space with natural elements.

This bright living room has a full-length white brick fireplace with wicker accessories. A surfboard made of polished natural wood is placed behind the black fireplace frame

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