Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget – Last summer I shared this post full of inspiration for decorating a small outdoor balcony, and FINALLY here I am with the exposed balcony of my apartment! To tell the truth, I finished decorating the balcony at the end of last summer. By then, however, it’s no longer relevant to share, so I thought I’d save the reveal for this year.

Let me start by saying that I am VERY VERY grateful to have some outdoor space of my own in 2020. When I rented my first apartment in 2013, balconies weren’t high on my “must haves”. -has” list. However, I moved to one with a balcony. So getting one made it to my “must have” list when I wanted to buy an apartment myself. I moved into my apartment in November (not ideal weather for a yard). Plus, I don’t really get a chance to start decorating the space until next summer. But since it took me almost a year to decide what I wanted to do with it, let’s just say it was a while before I enjoyed it.

Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

I knew I wanted it to be functional with some sort of storage unit, but also cozy, comfortable and beautiful (obviously). I knew right away that I didn’t want a traditional table and chairs, I wanted it to be more of an outdoor living room. Once I found a palm print rug, it set the tone for the entire space. Everything came together quickly. I had been eyeing the chairs for a while but wanted to see them in person before I bought them and I was NOT disappointed! For the price, they are of good quality, even fall in love if you are interested in it with or instead of a chair. Then I slowly filled the space with tables, lamps and plants.

Creative Apartment Patio Ideas For Small Spaces 2023


The final challenge is to find a storage unit that is functional, large and doesn’t spoil the view! I’ve been looking for MONTHS, luckily I found this one that ticked all the boxes and I couldn’t be happier. It fits perfectly in the corner and doesn’t scream “plastic storage container” which I’m very thankful for!

As I said with all the other spaces in my house, this one doesn’t have to be “complete”. I wish I had more plants. 2020 definitely turned me into a plant and I don’t hate it. Additionally, I would like to cover the entire open floor with 2 smaller natural jute rugs. I would also like to have a bench. Maybe even a smaller chair to sit closer to the window. I still have plenty of room there and since I spend a lot of summer hanging out on my balcony with friends, I’d love to have 1 more!

A few years ago I bought a lot of decorations for the balcony of my apartment. Some items are out of stock so I thought I’d include similar items you can buy!

Decorating Tips For Outdoor Living Spaces And Patios

If you haven’t seen the best decorated small outdoor balconies on Pinterest you don’t want to miss out (it’s one of my most effective blogs, if that doesn’t prove that to you, I don’t know what will!) It’s only taken 10 years to get here, but we’ve become friends ! I have been living in my high-rise building for a long time and although every corner is decorated the way I want, the yard of my apartment has lost its roots. I stare at it every spring when the weather is nice and I always want to change it. This tragic trial was several years ago and was nothing but difficult. Something clicked this year though. As before, I knocked this project out in a few days and never looked back. Decorating a terrace in an apartment can be a lot of fun, but I keep procrastinating!

I used Pinterest like I do every spring to find yard decorating ideas. Again and again I looked at one great thing in common, the floor. I was thinking something last year. But I set my goal too high. I want to hurt POD. WHAT. No. I wanted to create a tile pattern to look like this amazing open space by interior genius, Emily Henderson. But I’m not a craftsman. So, unfortunately, I waited another year. Then I realized I could use these very affordable and easy to install outdoor floor tiles. It’s a game changer for this space. They take no time at all to install because they click together. I love how the space changes in such a short time.

The other big change is the black split which I have little control over. I’m thinking of building a boxwood hedge there (fake obviously) but that seems like a ton of work too and I don’t have any tools other than a hammer. Instead, I painted it the same Valspar Royal Navy as my bedroom wall. I use a flat finish in an exterior paint formula to resist weathering and metal materials. Although it’s a subtle color change, it’s a pop of color that this space desperately needs. Also, black benches are now much better than black on black.

Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

This space has been completely transformed with a slight change of color and flooring. I was able to keep my existing furniture, which was actually a good piece, and just downsize the rest. With a few easy-care planters in beautiful affordable planters and fun lighting, this space is complete for almost $500. Here’s a look at my new flat balcony just in time for spring and summer!

Super Cool And Breezy Small Balcony Design Ideas

Incredible difference compared to before and after. And YES it is the same table. It is completely covered in pollen. If you live in Atlanta, you know what I mean. It covers the city for about 2 weeks every spring and there is no reason to attack it until after that. After scrubbing the entire patio, furniture included, it’s time to get started!

Just as you would start with an inspiration board or room concept in your home, do the same for your patio. Collect decorating ideas and even specific balcony ideas to enhance the mood you want. I wanted the space to reflect my home as it is something that is clearly visible from the living room and bedroom. I used navy blue (duh) and lots of warm neutrals like peach and dark colors with lots of natural textures and greenery.

Any outdoor space should have some form of conversation seating to invite guests and make them feel at home. Depending on the square footage of your space will determine what you will find in terms of seating options. For smaller rooms, be sure to choose smaller seats such as a regular bistro set like this one. For a larger space, choose seating that can accommodate more friends for more fun and can even include a coffee table. I like this one for its compact size. You can also add a small bench for additional seating if space allows. I always recommend having some sort of small table to brighten up your afternoon Aperol Spritz.

Whether you opt for fake or real potted plants, anchoring the entire space with greenery helps define the patio and keep it cozy. It helps to make even a small balcony feel like a separate room. Through all the parties, you will create a real outdoor oasis. And if you have a good green thumb, a balcony garden is always a fun addition. I personally have some basil and mint on my patio to add to recipes and cocktails!

Small Balcony Ideas And Designer Examples

You don’t have to go crazy with the color as it will probably fade with time and sun and weather in the first place. I always think it’s smart to choose neutral seat cushions and play with color elsewhere instead. From patterns and textures with cushions to simple outdoor throws that can keep you cozy at night.

The only thing that has completely changed the space is the gray cement floor covering. There are MANY options to choose from, but I chose outdoor floor tiles. It is very easy to install and quite affordable considering the effect. But if you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can always add an outdoor rug. There are many options to choose from these days. A classic jute or sisal rug is also always a light, durable and affordable option.

My apartment garden has no outside light. Zero. Not even a plug! I had to be creative. And I did

Apartment Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget

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