Best Grey Paint Color For Living Room

Best Grey Paint Color For Living Room – Looking for a great greige? I’m sharing my top 10 tried and true colors to help you choose the perfect one!

I’m on a mission to liven up my living room and I’m looking for the perfect color to repaint this space. I’m lucky to have this group of decorating enthusiasts (you guys!) willing to share your gray paint color! I asked for your favorite things on Instagram and Instagram Stories and collected over 500 responses to come up with the top ten pretty shades. These are the ones that many of you have used, loved and recommended to others.

Best Grey Paint Color For Living Room

Best Grey Paint Color For Living Room

Before I go over my ten favorite colors, I want to make a few caveats – the same color in your home will not look the same in someone else’s. I highly recommend getting a paint swatch and sticking it on a final competitor so you can see how it looks in a room. For more information and tips, see my article on choosing paint colors.

What Are The Best Paint Colors For West Facing Rooms?

I usually limit myself to 3-4 favorite colors that I try, but for this post I’ve rounded up nine of my ten favorites (all but the lightest shade) to share with you! Unfortunately, all ten colors are very different (I know this photo is a little dark, but I kept it because I think the actual color is better than the light):

I will post each color separately, but so you can refer back to the example I showed above, here are the color details:

I rank the series from darkest to lightest using the LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of each color as a guide. The lower the LRV, the darker the paint color will appear on the wall. My current paint color, Sherwin Williams Keystone Gray, has an LRV of 29, even the darkest of these ten will lighten things up!

I’m a big fan of Anew Gray and it’s one of my last choices for my living room. A warm, mid-tone greige is the deepest of the colors on this list. If you’re looking for a rich color without being too dark, this is for you. And in a special place with a lot of noise, my Anew Gray model on the wall is no surprise.

Zdesign At Home Favorite Paint Colors

After trying all the grays in this post, I chose Anew Gray for my space:

Source: Loveseat & ottoman (order from Lee Industries) | linen bed | Wooden floor lamp | Sticky Sheet Mark | Woven ottoman tray | White Ocean | Artificial Eucalyptus | Bone Beads | Black and white pillow | round mirror above the fireplace | Mantelpiece Vase – No longer available | Artificial flowers on the mantelpiece

Behr Wheat Bread is one of the new grainy paint colors that many of you have been using and loving! It’s not surprising that LRV is similar to Revere Pewter, as both colors are of almost equal intensity, but Behr Wheat Bread definitely leans more towards beige than Revere Pewter. I love this beautiful decor by Sarah Melito:

Best Grey Paint Color For Living Room

Tip: Save a lot of money by learning to draw yourself! Check out my post on how to paint a room for painting instructions

Choosing A Blue Gray Paint Color For Our Bedroom

Revere Pewter was voted #1 Best Paint Color by our readers and my favorite. There is no paint or color that is “peel free” but Revere Pewter comes close, it’s really good inside.

Which is appropriate. A few years ago, when my sister called me worried because she had a painter there and she wasn’t happy with the look of the paint she had chosen for her living room, Revere Pewter was the paint I suggested she try because she did. . choose something else together. School was really fun.

What an opportunity to walk! You can see more of these homes by following Fridley Homes on Instagram.

Alpaca is more gray than beige, and it can turn purple in some areas (it actually did when I tried it in my room). But it works great for many of my readers, and it seems to work perfectly for Emily at Table and Hearth for her amazing gender-neutral parenting:

The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors

Emily used Sherwin Williams Peppercorn in this scene and I absolutely love the results – see for yourself.

Earth Gray is a not too warm, not too cool, not too dark, not too light color that is on my list of favorites! I love this beautiful bathroom faucet from Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage:

Repose Gray is a color I personally fell in love with and one of your favorites. It is sometimes pink in color depending on the type of light it receives. I love this photo of Repose Gray in Marnie Hansen’s gorgeous home because it shows how the color changes depending on how much light hits it:

Best Grey Paint Color For Living Room

Agreeable Gray is a color that comes up time and time again as a favorite and suitable for various situations. It’s a little light but still has enough depth to be fun and the color works for most of my makeup friends. As the name suggests…everywhere is great. Linda from Home I Built used Agreeable Gray in her office living room and it looks like a great choice:

The Best White Paint Colors For Every Home

Of the nine paint swatches I did on my living room wall, Balboa Mist was the second most purple (Alpaca being the most popular). Many times this is listed as something you want, and of course in many cases it is very useful. I love Annie’s DIY Decor Tina’s site:

You can head over to DIY Decor Mom to see more photos of Balboa Mist in this gorgeous setting!

Behr’s Silver Drop is a gray color with just a hint of beige for warmth. It looks really gray in some spaces and more gray in others. It’s sure to be amazing on this beautiful Studio McGee website:

Classic Gray is the lightest of the range and is a beautiful, simple yet cool gray – the name describes it perfectly! This is the one color on the list that I didn’t try on the living room wall because I knew it would be too light for what I was looking for. But it’s a great choice of wall colors in this great room by Studio McGee:

Best Gray Paint Colors For Interiors

There are quite a few winners that all received multiple votes, including Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray (7044), Sherwin Williams Knitting Needles (7672), Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige (6073), Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (HC-173). (I’ve used this color with mixed success – one room I painted was gorgeous and another purple I didn’t care for), Benjamin Moore Gray Owl (OC-52) and Benjamin Moore Pale Oak (OC). -20).

So, which beautiful one should I choose for the living room? I dropped the final four contenders on the wall above the fireplace (left to right: The Gray World, Anew Grey, Revere Pewter, Agreeable Grey) to help me decide:

I went with Sherwin Williams Anew Gray (second from left) and I love it! It’s lighter than my old color but still has a lot of depth – so good! Thank you all for using all the wonderful colors! The gray skin we want is a shade of gray.

Best Grey Paint Color For Living Room

Gray has been very popular in recent years for good reason. Gray provides a neutral space for furniture, art and accessories, but is a better and more attractive option than plain white. Gray can be warm or cool, soft or strong. A favorite choice for existing homes, this compact design pairs well with white to create a four-dimensional look.

Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray

However, choosing the best gray can be a bit difficult

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