Best Gray Paint Color For Living Room

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Looking for the perfect neutral paint color for your home? Light gray is the perfect choice! Here are some of the most popular tones.

Best Gray Paint Color For Living Room

Best Gray Paint Color For Living Room

If you’re looking for a neutral paint color for your home, gray is a great choice—it’s not as stark as white, but it’s still very neutral and can go with many colors and decor styles.

The 12 Best ‘whole Home’ Gray & Greige Paint Colours

In fact, gray is one of the most popular colors to use when you’re ready to sell your home! We have painted almost our entire house online from Sherwin Williams.

Gray is a very popular paint color because it can complement many other colors and coordinate with almost any color scheme.

Light grays tend to be more versatile than dark grays, so that’s what I’m focusing on today.

The first thing is to choose a color family. Congratulations, if you are here, it looks like you chose light gray 🙂

Most Popular Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Then think about the colors of this family. Do you want something lighter or darker? Brighter or quieter? What shades do you want?

Next, you’ll want to purchase paint samples. If you want to paint the walls, I suggest buying at least three paint samples. Paint them in at least three different places on your walls.

You want to make sure there are test points near anything that hasn’t changed, such as trim, carpet, or floors or cabinets.

Best Gray Paint Color For Living Room

Now let it dry (do 2 coats if necessary) and then look at it for at least 2 days. Watch it in the morning, afternoon and evening. Watch with the lights on and off.

Is Gray Paint Color Totally Out?

I think the most popular light gray paint color is Agreeable Grey. It’s a warm gray and looks like the color every builder paints every wall of a house.

My sister and I bought houses painted gray so clearly someone is the best light gray paint color!

Pleasant Gray is a very popular interior paint color. It is often the color chosen by builders to paint the entire interior of the house.

It’s not hard to see why. Pleasant Gray is the perfect warm gray (gray-yellow) paint color and is an incredibly warm shade of gray to use in almost any home.

Best Gray Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

It’s a really versatile color when you’re looking for something super neutral. A very safe option!

This color is a little darker and more beige than the nice gray, but the two are very similar.

Worldly Gray is another shade of gray. However, it has green undertones instead of yellow. What means?

Best Gray Paint Color For Living Room

A very small amount of blue and green in the hues makes this grayscale less warm, especially in natural light.

The Best Light Gray Paint Colors

If you are confused between them, take a sample of each World Gray and Pleasant Grey. Both are great shades of beige, you’ll notice a slight difference side by side.

Gossamer Veil is a light warm gray. Certainly still very similar to beige, but more gray than beige.

It’s a very creamy neutral gray that works well on its own with a crisp white trim, but pairs well with dark colors like black and navy as accents.

It really varied between more beige and grayer depending on the lighting, so test it in your room a few times a day to make sure you like how it looks.

Stonington Gray By Benjamin Moore Interior Paint Color

This is a very soft classic gray paint color. However, especially in artificial lighting, it can read as a bit lilac or purple.

Not quite violet, though. It can be read almost as green in bright natural light. It’s these subtleties in the nuances that make it a really interesting and not boring shade of gray.

If you’re considering this color, be sure to test it in a few places around your home and look at it day and night to make sure you like how it reads!

Best Gray Paint Color For Living Room

Repose Gray + Agreeable Gray are very popular neutral gray paint colors. At first glance, these two shades of gray are very similar.

Choosing A Blue Gray Paint Color For Our Bedroom

However, when you pick them up, you’ll notice that Agreeable Gray is warmer and more beige, while Repose Gray is a bit greener and grayer.

Drift of Mist is a shade lighter in the paint streak than the Gossamer finish and therefore has the same characteristics, just a little lighter.

It’s a fabulous gray beige that usually looks more gray than beige. It’s a little creamy and pairs really well with deep dark neutrals. A great choice for a pale gray!

This is a very true classic gray paint color with very sharp gray tones. It is very pale and looks especially pale in bright natural light.

Of The Best Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors Ring’s End

It’s not at all beige and warm, and it doesn’t have blue undertones either, so it’s a great neutral choice for both small and large rooms.

The coast is beautiful, the beach is a light gray paint color. It has a warm tone and feels very soft and comfortable.

Be careful though, in some light a little lavender can read purple. This is not a cool blue, but a warm purple.

Best Gray Paint Color For Living Room

It is very pale and ideal for a space where you want a little color.

Blue Gray Paint Color

Cornforth White is a very neutral mid-light grey. It has nice warm beige undertones, but still reads more gray than beige.

This shade is very creamy and almost aged looking. It looks very light in well lit natural light. I love this color especially for cabinets or furniture!

It is a cooler toned gray paint color. Not quite frosty, but even cooler with slightly blue undertones.

It’s a very light color that can read almost like white in a light and bright room.

Best Gray Paint Colors With Purple Undertones

For “light gray”, it’s a little dark, like medium light, but perfect if you want a little more color than some pale grays.

The passive has a soft blue-grey color and has a slight green tint. It is quite bright but not pale in shade.

It’s very calming and almost spa-like, so it’s a great color choice for a master bedroom or bathroom.

Best Gray Paint Color For Living Room

It feels light and airy, so if you have heavier, darker furniture, it can pair well to lighten it up a bit.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Modern gray is a very gray color. Beige has almost pink undertones, it feels very cozy and warm.

Skimming Stone is a very warm, neutral gray with slightly pink undertones. It is made to look like 19th century plaster and is warm, cozy and comfortable.

Moonshine is a cool gray to light blue to green color. It is very light in the shade and can be read almost as white in a very bright room. It is very soft and comfortable.

Irish fog is a very light gray color. It reads as a very light shade and is almost creamy white. If you want a very pale gray paint, this is a great neutral option.

What Is The Best Grey Paint Color For Your Home? — Kevin Twitty Interiors

Granite dust is a warm gray shade. It’s still light gray, but has a bit more color than some pale gray options.

Gullwing Gray is a very pigmented cool-toned gray – it’s a borderline medium gray and not super light. It definitely has strong blue tones, but it’s a great choice if you want a vibrant blue-grey color.

This gray can almost be read as a bright, muted baby blue. If you don’t like blue, don’t choose it! If you love blue, this is a great choice for a very pale, neutral tone.

Best Gray Paint Color For Living Room

Pale Smoke is a very muted teal. It definitely reads very blue/green so don’t expect it to be a true grey. It’s mostly gray though, which keeps it from feeling too colorful or like a child’s room.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Smokey is a very cool toned gray with lots of blue undertones. It often reads like a light blue when used for an entire room or paired with blue accessories and accent colors.

Stonington Gray is a cooler gray that is more stone gray than other similar blue-toned gray paint colors. It has a cool tone but is not cold. It’s almost the color of a storm cloud!

Rodeo is a warm, sandy gray with very light pink undertones. If you are looking for a creamy gray paint, this is a good choice. It looks very light and bright in spacious rooms with natural lighting.

Gray is a gray color with a slightly cooler tone. It can read a little blue in certain lights, but it’s very very gray. It’s a little

Gorgeous Light Blue Grey Paint Colors For Calm Interiors

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