Best Home Office Decor Ideas

Best Home Office Decor Ideas – It can be relatively easy to create a home office that not only inspires creativity, but also helps achieve maximum productivity while working from home. And it doesn’t need a special room or a lot of square meters.

When coming up with layout ideas, be creative with the space you already have – even if it means using a spare corner in the room or an unused cupboard.

Best Home Office Decor Ideas

Best Home Office Decor Ideas

So focus on your needs, says Keira St. Claire Anthony of Wilder Interiors Studio. “Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their work environment.” Ask questions like: How often do you use the phone? How quiet should the office be? From there, you can figure out what furniture works best and get down to the fun part: decorating.

Desk Décor Ideas

Whether your goal is modern and elegant or cozy and chic, here are great (and beautiful) home office decorating ideas and tips from professionals who prove that even the smallest of spaces can help you become more productive.

Although the bedroom is not the ideal place to set up the tent, you may not have a choice. In these cases, look for a desk with a smaller profile, says St. Claire. “They’re usually much more stylish, can double as a bedside table or dressing table, and look really cute when decorated with flowers or plants, a pretty lamp and a picture or framed art.”

When two people are working together, it’s important to think about the best furniture placement, says Josh Hildreth of Josh Hildreth Interiors. “For collaboration, I like the idea of ​​partner desks – they can be really beautiful and just seeing one gets me going.” However, if the work is individual, consider instead the possibilities of placing furniture that promotes focus and concentration. “Perhaps desks in opposite corners or use a screen or curtain to create an area of ​​privacy and concentration,” says Hildreth. “If family members share a desk, consider a bookcase that includes attractive storage baskets or containers to store unfinished work.”

Organization is especially essential in a small space, says Annie Elliott of Annie Elliott Design. Accessories like hanging file folders, shelves, hooks, and even special wall systems can help organize your office supplies while keeping them close at hand, she explained.

Home Office Decor Ideas That Will Give Your Coworkers Zoom Background Envy

Although you probably won’t be at your highest productivity sitting on your bed, you don’t need to design a sterile space. “I like to create a cozy feeling in every office by using lamps with warm light (2700,000 color temperature) and adding other home elements such as candles, plants and soft things such as pillows and blankets,” says Tracy Morris. A Morris drawing.

If you spend long hours in your workplace, look for a more modern desk that can accommodate sitting and standing. Research shows that changing positions throughout the day has many benefits, including lower back pain and blood pressure.

“When I design a home office, the most important factor is also the most obvious. It has to work.

Best Home Office Decor Ideas

“says designer Elizabeth “Muffie” Faith, principal of Elizabeth Stuart Design. In other words, put your business at the top of your list. (Do you need to store products? Is it quiet enough to take calls? Do you need to you do that? cater for the occasional guest?) Then fill in the gaps with non-negotiable office equipment: a desk or table, a comfortable chair, etc.

Modern Home Office Ideas For A Great Home Workspace

Designer Jenny Kirschner agrees that storage is an integral part of any home office and even uses it as a starting point for her designs. “When the budget allows me to do so, I design highly customizable built-in storage to meet the owner’s needs. For example, I integrated a hidden murphy bed into my personal office so that the space can double as a bedroom of guests when necessary.”

If a built-in isn’t an option, a sofa bed that doubles as a sofa during the day can do double duty when guests arrive. To maximize space, choose one with storage below.

Do you want your office to do double duty as children’s chores? Keep in mind when designing. “Most parents know how difficult it is to get school-aged children to do their homework. When this family designed their custom home, they created their own ‘project space’ for the children and the mothers,” says designer Linda Sullivan, founder and CEO of Sullivan Design Studio. “Mum and children have chosen fabrics for their chairs that represent their favorite colors and personalities, and each member of the family has a designated project and a box of chores, so missing chores is not an option! School is in your help reach top shelf supplies, and the custom island is made with a super durable laminated glass surface to clean up even the messiest of projects.

Open floor plans often require offices that complement the interior design to create a subtle flow between rooms. This office was created for a Silicon Valley executive who didn’t want a traditional office, Sullivan said. “Being able to look inside the house while also seeing the beautiful landscape outside gives this office a sense of quiet relaxation. The seed glass doors allow natural light to flood the space to create a light and airy feel, making the space feel bigger than it is. it really is.”

How To Choose Home Office Furniture: Expert Guide To Chairs, Desks & More

No office with lots of windows? That’s good! Keep your wall color light and airy (think white or light wood tones), ditch the heavy curtains, opt for bold curtains or a neutral Roman shade, and bring the outdoors in with plenty of potted plants . (Etsy and Amazon are great resources for indoor plants!)

A way to ensure your office doesn’t run late? Feel free to add color while keeping the rest of the space neutral. “Our client didn’t need a closed or isolated space. His home office was where he could check emails and send letters,” says designer Alexandra Mangimelli, director of Strang. “A correspondence room full of bright, bold colors makes a happy space for an artist.”

Because it’s not an ordinary space, your home office is a great place to take design risks with your choices of art and furniture. (We love the chrome design of this table and lamp!)

Best Home Office Decor Ideas

“It’s not always worth saving art for the main and sometimes the most important rooms in the house. Adding beautiful art to your home office elevates it to feel like a destination where everyone feels happy,” says Sullivan. “Stained oak shelves to the ceiling add more space for art and, of course, books.”

Home Office Ideas For Him: 10 Masculine Designs To Inspire |

Do you need a family office but don’t have the space? Look again, suggests designer Malcolm Davis, head of Malcolm Davis architecture, because you may be able to make the most of your square meter by turning an unused closet or long hallway into a workspace. “This built-in desk runs along the hallway near the entrance of the house.”

With so many people working from home these days, this is the perfect solution for a couple sharing an office in a small space. “When you open up the walls, this home office automatically feels significantly larger,” says Sullivan. “The classic desk in the middle acts as an informal meeting table as well as an additional table. The reflection of the glass does not occupy visual space, making the office more open.

Love the design but don’t have the budget for customization? Look for a floating desk and shelving system that you can install yourself at Ikea or The Container Store. For a custom feel, add a few coats of paint to contrast between the unit and the walls. (Yes, you

Laminate wood paint. (See this tutorial on how to make it work.) To finish the look, install warm under-cabinet lighting under your first set of shelves and pull up the chair!

Small Office Décor Ideas

“Sometimes the best way to personalize a home office is to incorporate the homeowner’s hobbies into the design plan,” says Sullivan. “This owner was a rower. His love of the sport was celebrated with the use of nautical colours, patterns and art.

Mangimelli designed the couple’s part-time home office in Miami with minimal but appropriate furniture for a luxurious and intentional look. “It had to be functional, private and sophisticated for both, but still be consistent with the overall design of the house,” says Mangimelli. “We designed a double-sided custom desk supported by latex legs and a walnut cabinet. The center and top feature the same Calcutta used for the Palladian terrazzo on the floor. The wall panels walnuts are also used strategically to hide built-in cupboards that hold tools and storage behind doors.

There’s a reason why some of the world’s most successful people prefer minimalism. An uncluttered space, furnished with simple and neutral furniture

Best Home Office Decor Ideas

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