Best Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Best Grey Paint Colors For Living Room – Gray paint colors don’t usually come to mind when you think of a soft color that will give your space the light and airy feel it needs. However, there’s something to be said for some muted tones that can set the mood – no matter the room. Some might say that gray may be the new brown. In fact, we asked 40 interior designers for their thoughts on gray, and we were surprised by their responses.

Some use blondes to create an elegant look, while others choose dark colors for a moody feel. Gray is popular right now because it’s more versatile than we give it credit for. Whether you’re looking for light and crisp or warm and cozy, gray will work.

Best Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Best Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Above, discover how these design experts use gray in their spaces. You may be tempted to push your furniture into the center of the room, pull up the tile and pick up a paintbrush for good measure. Our recommendation? Think about the look you want—pale and soft or bold and dramatic—and order some samples. Once you’ve made your selection, it’s time to get to work. Let these 40 shades from Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball and more get you started. who knows Maybe gray paint colors will overtake blue and white! The jury is still out, but we realize that 2023 will be a gray year, and we’re here for it.

What Are The Best True Gray Paint Colours With No Undertones?

“I love using this type of color because it’s not simple. Just like its name, Stormy Sky is dramatic and bright. I’ve used it everywhere from outdoors to kitchens, where it’s white accents and Looks great with metallic finishes. This paint works. A base for other colors. What – I also do a 50-50 mix with it!

“It’s a great place for temporary, warm garage bedrooms and closets, but you’re looking for a light color, not white.” – Bailey Austin

“It’s not really blue, it’s not really gray. It’s a beautiful cloud-creamy dream. I think of the office as a place where you want to relax and create, and it’s very calm – and pops of navy or lavender. Great with. It’s a blank canvas for whatever you’re doing. .. David Phoenix

“Appropriately named, Alaska Skies complements our region’s dramatic change in lighting conditions throughout the year, providing a neutral backdrop to contrast interior decor while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. Acts as.” – Bauer/Clifton Interiors

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

“Combining textures with calmness is my recipe for a modern home in the mountains of Utah. Mindful gray provided a respite that brought all the uneven textures together.” — Ann Mary Barton

“Lately, I’m very happy with this dark gray color, it changes a lot in different situations. When the room is dark or shaded, it looks almost black. But in direct sunlight, it Baltic is an afternoon color. So it’s not boring. It also goes with caramel leather chairs. Goes well – in almost any office I can imagine. David Neto

“There’s something about this shade that you can’t put down. It’s reminiscent of fog and mist – dark and cold. Light gray is versatile without being boring: it’s versatile from a light-filled bathroom to a spacious living room. Works in situations. Room. On walls, it’s subtle but strong enough to create dimension.” – Michael Taub

Best Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

“Benjamin Moore Titanium is a soft, bright white with a hint of green that’s bright enough to brighten Oregon’s often rainy weather.” – Jessica Helgerson

Best Dark Gray Paint Colors

“A beautiful combination of blue and gray, close to robin’s egg, but chalkier and more elegant. It’s cool and dark and will work as the baby grows. For a boy’s room, dark green. Bring in cafe au lait tones and pops For a girl’s room, paint dove gray and lavender. – Amanda Nisbett

“This stunning neutral is perfect for both modern and classic interiors. A balance of cool and warm, it bears a striking resemblance to our local Chicago limestone.” – Tom Stringer

“This is perfect greige. Look no further. And it looks amazing with a different bright trim. I love it so much, I’ve used it in three of my homes. It’s cool and cool in flooded rooms. . It’s very soothing in the dark. Cozy room.” – Sean Henderson

“A warm gray-brown, granite is one of my favorites, bringing luxury and sophistication to any room. This color invites you to lean in front of the fire.” – Alice Williams

The Best Gray Paint Colors For Your Home

“I call this gray ‘the color of the shadows.’ It gives the color a pop.” – Sandra Nunnerley

“This blue drink, in an eggshell, looks like a cold drink on a hot day. It cools an overlay room. Then you can create warmth with layers of color and texture. I chocolate brownies, Bring in earthy tones like rust. And mustard gold, and bring them out with turquoise. .—Scott Leslie

“It can be difficult to expose a room to the southern and western sun, but this extraordinary color change occurs as the day progresses from cool lavender in the morning to warm summer in the evening.” – Kevin Walsh

Best Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

“This neutral is versatile and provides a cool and peaceful retreat from the heat. Art hangs well in them and showcases the room, not the paint color. Our design studio is painted this color and we love it. Love the place. Creative!” – Nancy Price

Which Grey Is Best For A Living Room? The Top Shades To Pick From

“I put this color—a light gray like a dark sky—on the clean ceiling of a small house with black and white stripes. The glossy effect is easier to achieve on the ceiling than on the walls, while the light, mirror-like surface makes the room very bright. Gives needed depth. Even the shade is soft, it’s bold. Helps balance the walls.” – Renata Lavie

“Grey skies and snow showers are so beautiful and relaxing. Benjamin Moore’s City Shadow captures that cozy feeling perfectly. Lighten it up with muted brass and hardware and pair it with Calcutta marble. You’re wrong. Can’t be!” – Katie Hackworth

“I used this cool, dark metallic shade for my home’s spiral staircase. The color really pops against the neutral palette of the surrounding space. My tip for working with smooth finishes: sure Make sure the green surface is free of blemishes, because once you apply the paint, the light will magnify them!- Christine Stucker

“I’m known for every shade of gray, from metallic to warm French gray. Whether it’s gray, it becomes a calming background for everything, whether it’s flowers, books, art, textiles, Or people. A gray border with white paint, white clothes, and white furniture is my favorite. Love it. Sometimes I blush here and there. But you have to be careful when choosing gray – some Neither is sad, cold, or sad.-Matthew Patrick Smith

The Best Light Gray Paint Colors

Rainbow home decor that will make you smile Consider cabinet paint colors this year.

Let your guide to choosing white paint colors for your own designer-approved interior paint bathroom colors inspire you to paint the perfect paint color for your room.

This Next Level Inspiration Color Look Paint 21 Best Medium Paint Colors For Your Home Shop Official US West Elm x Bolé Road Textiles Colla. Check out my top picks for the best gray paint colors for interiors and real-life examples of these paint colors in real homes!

Best Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Gray is one of the many colors you can choose when painting the interior of your home. I love the use of gray paint on everything from the walls to the doors – even the kitchen cabinets!

The Best Classic Paint Colors For A Timeless Living Room

So today’s post is about my top picks for gray interior paint colors! Along with one of my picks, I’ll share color breakdowns and examples of each color in a real home setting to help you see each color’s full potential.

But before you run out and buy a gallon of gray paint, let me share some tips for choosing the right shade of gray.

You should definitely consider the base of your paint and test the shade before doing this. Undertones are warm or cool colors to add complexity and importance to a painting. Even if they don’t jump out at you at first, they can be surprised.

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