Best Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

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Best Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

Best Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

Call us crazy, but we’d rather decorate a small living room than a large one any day. There’s something really fun about challenging decor that forces you to be creative. Yes, you will make mistakes by arranging furniture in a small living room, but if it is well decorated, a small room will look very nice (a small bathroom is proof). Just because there’s less room to work doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste. If you are looking for small living room ideas, follow these decorating tips.

Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

When it comes to small living room ideas, planning ahead is key when space is limited, according to designer Tom Stringers. “The first step is to make sure the arrangement is compatible with your needs,” he says. “

If you don’t understand how to plan your layout, answer a simple question from the famous interior designer Max Humphrey: What will the room be used for? “Even if you’ve only ever thought about having friends over for a movie night, you and your family can get a lot out of it, so keep that in mind when you do it,” says Humphrey.

You don’t have the luxury of a lot of space, so you can’t just throw good stuff at it and expect it to work. Greg Natale, an Australian interior designer and author of The Customized Interior, believes it’s important to consider all the furniture you need to create “an attractive and livable space.” Ask yourself questions like:

Do chairs or ottomans work better in a space than chairs? Why is a side table a better choice than a coffee table?

The Best Modern Sofa Beds For Small Spaces

So you have a small living room, but does that mean you have to settle for the big furniture you love? Humphrey didn’t think so. “I always recommend buying the largest sofa that fits the space.

If you want “more opportunities to incorporate the pieces you love,” Natale believes smaller furniture is a good bet. Consider what is more important to you: comfort and great style, or more variety?

If you decide to be big in things, Natale likes “a sofa with a narrow frame, narrow with narrow arms, narrow chairs or no arms, and tables that are narrow and narrow above the mirror. or cut. leg.”

Best Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

When it comes to miniature living room space ideas, you can’t go wrong if you stick to neutral colors and nature. You can also import this to your device. “Use visible or invisible materials, such as glass or acrylic pieces,” says designer Tripp Heinisch.

Dining Table Combos + What Shape Works Best For Your Space

If you are about color, you are in luck. Designer Jeff Andrews believes that there is a place for it in a small living room. “The pack is getting darker and darker,” he said. That being said, if you’re feeling adventurous, we have plenty of black colors we love including Benjamin Moore Black Beauty, Clare Prince and Sherwin-Williams Charcoal Blue.

When in doubt, turn to the mirror. For a small living room, Australian designer Cordoni chose reflective panels on the walls that doubled the size of the room. Mirrors act as a smart optical illusion.

This trick is something you’ve never thought of before, but it’s a game changer. Choose a sofa with legs and no upholstery on the base. This opens up the room visually, advises Natal.

In a small living room, the more each piece of furniture can be used, the better. “When you don’t need a chair, make an ottoman do double duty by stacking a tray and turning it into a coffee table,” says Natale.

Small Room Décor Ideas That Are Almost Too Easy

Artful furniture and decor adds depth and comfort in a variety of styles and finishes—not to mention upping the style factor. “If you fill a room with things you love, you can’t go wrong,” Humphrey says.

The key to minimalism is to find your style, stick to it, and then refine it. Architect Christine Gachotsais says, “My house is organized with a capital E. I live in constant chaos with my schedule, so I have to organize and live minimally (shoes aside). It’s all about small spaces. Be smart and precise.”

When it comes to wall color, each of our experts recommends a neutral palette with white walls and ceiling to brighten up the room and make it look bigger. If a refined look isn’t your thing, Natale suggests adding color to soft furnishings, accessories and artwork.

Best Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

If you really want a full white trench, choose gray instead.StringerlovesBenjamin Moore HC 173 Edgecomb Grayas “A beautiful neutral and undertone that works with many spaces.”

Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces.

Feel free to skip the color altogether and use a moving theme instead. Whether you choose to create an accent wall or wallpaper throughout the room, Cordoni says to decorate the space with texture.

Ensuring that everything in your small living room works together comes down to careful and regular maintenance. “At every stage of your design, you have to step back and evaluate the results, especially in terms of balance and contrast,” Natale says.

If you live by the motto, “More is more,” that tidy space won’t be fun. “Clutter is good as long as it’s organized,” says Stringer, so organize things together (think a basket of magazines). Organize your items into vignettes to make the mess more organized.

Above all, “make sure your furniture fits the front door, elevator and stairs,” says Gachot. “If you can’t turn your walk, it probably won’t fit in your studio. I learned this the hard way:

Best Living Room Interior Design Ideas For Small & Large Spaces

If you’re hesitant, Andrews wants you to overcome your fear. “Don’t be afraid to try something and take a risk with style,” she says. “Open the unexpected, watch, then edit.”

Even if you like occasional chairs, a large comfortable sofa is probably the most suitable in a small living room. “If you have extra people, you can always bring a chair or two from the dining room,” Humphrey suggests.

I always recommend buying a full size sofa that fits the space.

Best Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

If you like to relax on the sofa, filling your small living room with chairs can be a good idea in the long run. So make sure you buy furniture that suits your needs. “Trying to stretch out on a love seat is no fun,” Humphrey said.

Small Living Room Layouts

“I love dark, reflective walls in small rooms to create a sense of drama and intimacy,” Andrews says. There is something very dreamy about dark shades in the living room and we love the dramatic look of navy. After all, what could be more joyful than the color of the night sky?

According to feng shui experts, mirrors can double what’s in front of them, so using a mirror (or two) in your small living room will instantly make it feel bigger. “If you can’t plan an entire wall, hang a large mirror on the wall that will reflect the light from the window or door,” advises Cordoni.

Natale recommends asking a few questions about your space and how you live to ensure a balance of light, color and texture. Some keys include: Is there too much or not enough of the other? Does a certain color or shape dominate the room without enough interest or drama, or does the room look empty?

“Everyone needs to identify their own needs in life and commit to a simple vision that matches that,” says Gachot. If the style doesn’t appeal to your personal preferences, don’t use your position as a style. Make sure you buy pieces that make you feel happy and comfortable.

Best Coffee Tables For Small Spaces

Make sure you don’t choose furniture for one particular house, because if you like it, you’ll want to take it to the next house. “Buy a piece that will grow with you one day into a bigger house or a pied-à-terre the next,” says Gachot. Before deciding on a piece, make sure it’s not too big or too small to work in your future home.

Building a large gallery wall can make a small living room look great. Instead, choose a large piece of art, such as in a closet. It fills up your walls so the room doesn’t look too busy.

A large media console may be practical, but it will take.

Best Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

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