Cool Home Office Decor Ideas

Cool Home Office Decor Ideas – Imagine this: you decide to work from home. Before you know it, it’s lunchtime and you’re still in your pajamas. You feel unmotivated and your productivity decreases. The cycle repeats. But what if it wasn’t? What if a little DIY home office makeover is all it takes to get your perfect work (from home) back? Hint: This, process is easier than you think. We turned to some trusted bloggers and interior designers to prove it to you with DIY home office decorating ideas. From organizational hacks to space-saving techniques, aesthetic design, and more, the following list includes productivity-boosting ideas to fit every space, style, and budget.

Whether you’re working a strict 9-to-5, balancing multiple jobs or looking for your next gig, these arrangements are sure to be beautiful, functional, and inspire your best performance. Not sure where to start? Turn an unused closet into a cozy corner for your home office. Or add a pop of color to your walls for an instant boost of creativity. Decorating on a budget? Display your inspiration with a gallery wall or family photo series. Limited in space? Turn a spare room into a great multi-purpose home office, or buy a desk for a small space. Take it from us: At the end of a long day (of work), these simple home office design ideas are all you need to get you going.

Cool Home Office Decor Ideas

Cool Home Office Decor Ideas

When interior designer Coco Kelly turned this loft into a home office, she angled the desk toward the window for optimal light and a glare-free computer screen. Make practical and simple changes like these quickly and for free.

Home Office Design Ideas For Productivity (2023)

We love this vibrant home office setup featuring a DIY wall-mounted desk to save floor space. Install modular shelves above for additional storage and display.

When in doubt, get creative with your seating arrangements. A budget-friendly IKEA office chair hack can be done for less than $50 total.

Add a touch of eclectic character to your home office with a curated gallery wall. Be inspired by art here, featuring photos and artwork by local artists.

Interior designer Anne Wolfe is known for her elegant and sophisticated designs, and this stylish home office is no exception. Add a touch of animal print to your space for a fun and tasteful finish.

Magnificently Masculine Home Office Decor Ideas & Decor Inspo

On the other hand, take notes from interior designer Amy Curley, who balanced this textured space with feminine touches of pink and gold. Replace your knobs or light fixtures to get the look.

Limited in space? Turn a spare room into a delightful home office with a DIY desk and plenty of storage space.

Darker shades give way to a modern and polished space. Paint your largest storage areas black or navy blue to achieve this aesthetic.

Cool Home Office Decor Ideas

Interior designer Kelsey Heimel of Kelsey Lee Interiors immediately took this home office to the next level by replacing the ceiling fan with a crystal chandelier. Up your glam factor with a similarly luxe item or two. Pro tip: Delicate and elegant styles with minimal color add a very feminine touch.

Wall Decor Ideas To Take To The Office

Want your home office to feel larger than life? Expand your space with a standing floor mirror. Go the antique route or opt for a modern rectangular frame instead.

Soft floral wallpaper pulls this light and airy space together. We also love the sliding french doors!

Bring nature into your home with botanical and green prints. Real or framed plants add an organic and peaceful feel to any workspace.

That closet you never use? Make a cozy home office for two. Pictured here are wooden floating shelves and a DIY backsplash.

Before & After: Masculine And Feminine Home Office Designs

What keeps you going at the end of a long day? Put that answer in the center of attention with a unique and functional photo rack. We love the rustic, rustic feel of this farmhouse home office.

Add a splash of color to your walls for an instant boost of creativity. The shade shown here is Coral Reef SW 6606 by Sherwin Williams, but any other light shade will work. Try different shades to find the one that suits you.

The first step to better productivity? organization Clear your clutter and store essentials in binders, storage organizers, drawers and more.

Cool Home Office Decor Ideas

Royal chairs and symmetrical design define this bold and masculine space. Frame your table with two tall trees to achieve a similar look.

Home Office Decor Products We Love & Use

A charcoal ceiling pulls this home office and setting together. Add a similar feel to your space with your chosen dark shade. Paint your walls first!

Turn an unused wall into a functional workspace, even if it’s a staircase. A dark back cover adds a special touch to this budget-friendly DIY desk project.

These beautiful DIY built-in cabinets add character to a monochromatic home office. Complete the project with a lawn wall covering for a subtle yet attractive finish.

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Dark And Sophisticated: Black Home Office Ideas You Will Love

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What started out as a laptop flop that only you could find a place for has turned into something solid, right? Now that you’re in it for the long haul, it’s time to get your WFH on the same page. So whether you have a small corner, a desk facing the window or an entire room at your disposal, you can achieve a beautiful and relaxing home office design.

Cool Home Office Decor Ideas

Ready to fill your space with Marie Kondo? We’ve rounded up our favorite home office inspiration, as well as some gorgeous must-have tips, tricks and decor items to liven up your setup. Time to get started!

Office Decoration Ideas: How To Design A Functional Small Home Office

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While there are no “rules” for designing your home office decor, the layout should increase your productivity and motivate you to grind. Because we all have different working styles, it will look different for everyone!

A good place to start is to choose a location and layout without distractions. This might mean placing the desk in a bedroom where you can close the door, or choosing to avoid facing a wall instead of a window.

The next key? Good lighting. Natural light is ideal, so try designing your home office around a large window. But if that’s not an option, some cute lamps or string lights can brighten up your space a lot!

Before & After: Masculine Basement Home Office

No matter what layout you choose to design your home office, there are some essential items and decorations that you can’t do without. These are our must!

For some extra inspiration, we wanted to share one of our GWS home offices (pictured above)! We had two desks that didn’t go together and a very small carpet – a lot of mess! So no motivation to work.

But updating our desks to these cute Floyd desks, adding a large burlap area rug to complement the space, and investing in this bench with drawers (and cute pillows on top) makes it even more productive!

Cool Home Office Decor Ideas

Now for the fun part: beautiful home office decor ideas for your walls! Here you can really make the space your own and create an environment that inspires you. So choose decorations for your walls that match your unique style and show your personality!

Modern Home Office Design Ideas To Help You Work From Home

These are just a few of our favorite office decor ideas to brighten up your walls, but the possibilities are absolutely endless! You can hang a rug for a bohemian vibe, go retro with stick-and-stick wallpaper, or add a mirror to open up the spaceā€¦ try a few different styles (or even mix a few!)

We’re all about comfortable environments – they’re key at WFH! One of our favorite home office design ideas for maximum appeal is to add soft textures to your space. Think: a plush rug, soft pillows, a cozy blanket or some pampas grass. It creates a relaxed and comfortable environment… no stress.

Natural elements give your home office a cozy look. Objects like plants, flowers and wood

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