Curtain Ideas For Small Windows In Bedroom

Curtain Ideas For Small Windows In Bedroom – Every home should have at least one relatively small window. You might think that smaller windows are inherently less attractive and therefore harder to dress, but that’s far from the case.

In fact, small windows can be decorated in many ways to suit the aesthetic and mood of almost any room. From regal elegance to country farmhouses and everything in between, there’s a tiny window curtain style for everyone.

Curtain Ideas For Small Windows In Bedroom

Curtain Ideas For Small Windows In Bedroom

That said, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. As mentioned, there are so many different options for small window blinds, so the process can definitely be intimidating.

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But don’t worry, we’ve created a guide to simplify your curtain selection process. Without further ado, check out these 13 small window curtain ideas!

This elegant yet stylish curtain option is ideal for small windows. Depending on the curtain cord, you can tone it up or down to your desired tone. This particular curtain is golden brown and has a distinctive chevron pattern. These elements work harmoniously to create a look that exudes luxury without being too loud.

If you need to decorate a rather tall and slender window, consider imitating this shape. The window is decorated with a set of beautiful gold curtains that are tied back and hung from prominent curtain rods above.

The contrast between the dark colored curtain rods and the majestic golden curtains is definitely spectacular. A similar arrangement can easily give a small window an elegant aesthetic.

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If you want to decorate a small window with an aesthetic that is not too common, consider a similar look. These windows are framed by a set of airy tulle curtains that boast beautiful floral designs. Can you really feel and smell the breeze? Although this approach is very minimalistic, the visual impact is certainly profound.

There’s no better way to instantly give your home a farmhouse feel than with a similar set of curtains. These curtains have a farmhouse character thanks to their luxurious white color and floral print. To get this look right, keep the curtains down and don’t look too perfect and tidy.

If you want to create a bright and airy atmosphere in your kitchen, try decorating your small kitchen window like this. This window features a set of brightly patterned curtains that look almost vintage. If you choose this look, consider closing the curtains halfway. This lets in natural light and gives a great view of your unique curtain design.

Curtain Ideas For Small Windows In Bedroom

A surefire way to make a small window look great is to decorate it with low string curtains. These windows are framed with light sheer tie curtains under thicker royal tie curtains. This arrangement adds dimension and elegance to the space as well as texture. For maximum visual impact, the bottom layer of the curtains tapers while the outer layers fall more vertically.

A Guide On Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Roman shades are never a bad choice when decorating small windows. It is easy to operate and offers maximum adjustment in light filtering. This roman shade has a unique stripe pattern that really makes this window stand out. Coordinate the color or pattern with the surrounding decorations (like flowers in this case) for a stunning look.

To create a gloomy atmosphere, consider mimicking these small window treatments. These windows are covered with tulle curtains that perfectly filter sunlight and create a unique atmosphere. In addition, this arrangement is unique because it uses one curtain covering the entire window rather than two separate pieces. This setting makes matches more permanent.

What better way to give a room a feminine style than with this type of curtain arrangement? These airy pink and white curtains flow gracefully from the curtain rods to grace the window. These settings don’t offer light filtering, but they do provide a timeless aesthetic that everyone is sure to appreciate.

If you want to add elegance to your windows, all you need is a luxurious window scarf like this one.

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This small window curtain arrangement deliberately exudes understated elegance. This small set of curtains has an elegant pattern, but nothing stark or bold. As such, curtains like these are a great addition to almost any home.

This purple balance is small and elegant, but it certainly makes a bold visual statement. It sits at the top of the window, but draws attention with its color and texture. Consider similar arrangements of curtains to create a strong aesthetic statement.

These windows have Roman shades for a modern feel. The color and pattern of the lamp blends perfectly with the other elements in the bedroom, giving it a harmonious and harmonious feel. And again, these shades are easy to use and can be adjusted to where you want them.

Curtain Ideas For Small Windows In Bedroom

This window treatment method is very simple, but it does not lack visual appeal. A small window is covered with one transparent curtain and surrounded by two blue-gray curtains. The combination of a soft white base layer and a neutral outer layer creates an inviting setting.

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We hope this guide has given you the creative inspiration you need to decorate your small window. Before you go, check out some other great guides that might interest you. I am often asked about window curtain panels. How high do you hang the curtain rods, how wide are they, and how many on each side? In this blog post, I share tips and tricks from past remodels for hanging curtain panels and my favorite window treatments!

How high can I hang the curtain rod? How wide you hang the curtain rod depends on the room. As you can see in our bedroom, there is not much room to hang a rod above the window. Most of the time I hung the bar about 5″-6″ above the window and about 5-6″ wider than the window. In our bedroom, I hung them 5 inches from the window. (We have 84 inch long velvet curtain panels here, and another source here). Check out the master update here.

If there really was only one wall, the bed could go on and that wall would have a window in the middle of the outside. work with it! We used 8 of these IKEA curtain panels and this wall-to-wall curtain rod. What a difference it made!

Blinds are not really my taste. I don’t prefer to block outside view or incoming light. As you can see in my sister’s bedroom renovation, I pulled down the curtains and installed these black curtain rods (which I use often) and two RITVA panels on either side of the window. I always do two unless it’s a very small window. (see makeup above)

Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Above you can see how I ran out of two curtain panels in this bedroom makeover. (It’s crazy how a curtain panel can change the look/mood of an entire room!) I used two whites on either side of the RITVA window. Then I tried SANELA for the floor and again I made two panels on both sides of the window (different colors too).

We built this bar with this bracket (3) and this end. See above how I hung the bar outside the molding. I didn’t want to block the view. It is about 13 inches wider than the mold and about 6 inches above the mold. I also use loops in the back rather than threading the bar through the bar bag to make it look like a pinch pleat (more tailored).

We redid SANELA curtain panels from my sister’s home office remodel. I used this curtain rod in gold. You can see I had no choice in how high to hang the curtain rods.

Curtain Ideas For Small Windows In Bedroom

For the windows above, simply move the curtain panels out of the window frame. We also made sure that the panels are lower (compare with the image below). Transformed into a cheap and comfortable living room!

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In this bedroom renovation, I hung the rod about 6 inches higher and the brackets 6 inches from the window. And I went with this blackout curtain panel.

You can see the difference between one curtain panel and two curtain panels and you can see why I always use double curtain panels! I made two velvet curtain panels in this room.

Finn’s bedroom has only one curtain panel. This is because there is another window on the opposite wall to balance it out. His room doesn’t even have enough space for two people.

We have curtain rods that allow the curtain panels to be flush with the wall, creating complete blackouts. I used blackout panels with this white bamboo shade.

Window Treatments For Children’s Bedrooms

I really like and use this white bamboo shade from Walmart. You can find it here on Overstock.

You can see how I used two bamboo screens in this window.

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