Decorating An Apartment On A Small Budget

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Looking for the best apartment decorating ideas on a budget? Here are some ideas to make your space awesome.

Decorating An Apartment On A Small Budget

Decorating An Apartment On A Small Budget

Budget home decor ideas are my bread and butter. It makes me so proud when I find ways to make a space feel luxurious at a fraction of the cost.

Decorating An Apartment On A Budget

As I decorate my spaces over the years, from my bedroom at my parents’ house, to my bedroom and my apartment, I’ve collected some tips, tricks, and tricks that make decorating my space on a budget easy and exciting.

I hope this also gives you a chance to breathe, and yes, your space can look amazing without breaking the bank. It’s possible, I promise!

One of the most important steps (and my favorite) is to create a vision board – it’s incredibly important, like everything else in life, that you don’t go blind and end up in disaster.

I like to start with a vision board so I can see exactly what color I’m living with and what style speaks to me. If you’ve ever been stuck and don’t know which direction you want to go, imagine. Even if you don’t think the tableau you’re using goes together, eventually (99%) you will.

What I Learned About Decorating On A Budget From My First Apartment

Everyone has their own style when it comes to creating a vision board. I personally like to make my own Pinterest. This is the easiest recipe I’ve found and it has all the inspiration I want.

After creating the vision board on Pinterest, I copied and pasted the images into Google Docs, printed them, cut them out, pasted them on the board and voila, the vision board was complete. Also, making vision boards is super therapeutic and motivating (can you tell I love them?).

As I mentioned earlier, there are many ways to create a vision board. Your best bet might be to clip photos from magazines, use Instagram, or throw them on Tumblr (they have some really good ones).

Decorating An Apartment On A Small Budget

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of cropping images, you can still create a visual board on Pinterest, but don’t print it! You can still get really good photos of the style you want.

Small Studio Apartment Design: An Interior Designer’s Favorite Tips

Wow, this tip is really important. By the way, if your space is smaller, prefer the lighter colors!! I promise you’ll be able to get rid of your dark colors when you have a mansion, but light colors will make your entire space look 10 times bigger than it is.

Also, painting is not expensive!! You can do things over the weekend to transform your space. Dark colors absorb all the light in a room, especially if it’s small. Now this doesn’t mean you can only wear white, if you love blue there are many beautiful light blues that look amazing. Stick to your taste and try to be as light as possible on walls and large pieces (furniture, pictures, etc.).

If the room is too small, you don’t want to accidentally create a classic room. This is amazing advice when budgeting, basically I’m telling you not to buy more than you need. Less is more. I’ll say it again, less is more.

Too many details can do more harm than good. Simple and small is better for an apartment, and I promise it doesn’t look simple when it all comes together! You’re trying to complete a puzzle, and if each piece is too complicated, you’ll feel overwhelmed.

Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Curtains!! Seriously, they do it. I love adding curtains to my space when I want to spice things up and feel a little fancy. If you really want to feel good, add curtains. Your space will cost 10 times as much.

Tip: Hang the curtains as high as possible. This creates the illusion that your apartment is really big. Here’s a video on how to hang my curtains – click here.

Thank goodness frugality is culturally acceptable (haha just kidding, the “fashion” thing never stopped me). The savings are incredible because you can find unique pieces that will make your space completely unique. And the prices are often incredible.

Decorating An Apartment On A Small Budget

I think you’ll have to put your creative hat on if you go, many of the creations are amazing, but you might need a quick DIY. But I promise, at the end of the day you’ll be glad the spoiler is gone!

Awe Inspiring Small Apartment Living Room Ideas For Even The Tiniest Spaces

If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. If not, and or . If you need to budget and work overtime, reserve the perfect pieces for your space.

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with new content and things to buy. We can feel so overwhelmed that the only way to release those feelings seems to be to fill the void. However, it makes you feel more fearful and anxious. As I said before, less is more!

I agree with the last point, but try to leave room for growth. You don’t have to leave the boat full all at once. Your style evolves as you do, so leave some space in your space so the two of you can evolve together!

If you want to make your space feel bigger without breaking the bank, add a mirror. Seriously, they do it. You won’t believe the difference they make. I recommend!

Photos: Youtuber’s Rental Apartment Before And After Budget Makeover

Time to find out!! There are many DIYs you can do. They save you money and still give you the look you want. If it’s an expensive piece you’re looking at, why not DIY!

When you invite guests, you want them to walk into your space and think, “Wow, this is totally [insert your name].” If you don’t think they will, try what you can add to make your space more personal.

I love the gallery theme, it’s not that hard to do. Find your favorite photos, choose beautiful frames and display them on your home wall!

Decorating An Apartment On A Small Budget

Different fabrics can organize your space in ways you never imagined. Try mixing pillow textures or adding a blanket to the end of the bed. These little touches will do wonders for your space!

Small Apartment Decorating Ideas For Your Nyc Home

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We are honored to be part of Walmart’s Best Home and Garden Influencer Network. We want to represent a brand that offers quality style at an affordable price. Jodi and I are getting paid for the time and effort we put into creating this post. All of our opinions are truly our own and we hope you like them. You can read more inspiring posts from BHG Live Better Influencer Network bloggers giving back to the community this month.

This summer, Jody and I had the opportunity to have our daughter, Bianca, who is in college, interning with us. It’s fitting because she has degrees in creative writing and journalism. Not only is she a talented writer and photographer, but like her mother and aunt, she loves to draw. I think it really runs in the family. We were looking for ideas to use our design skills to benefit someone or a group that needs our help.

How To Decorate A Chic Modern Apartment On A Budget

Bianca remembers going to college at Western Washington University, where she had a university apartment.

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