Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget – Decorating a screened in porch doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t have to be expensive! See how to transform a small screened-in porch from a dingy space to a colorful outdoor space.

The wind blowing gently through my hair, a magazine in my lap, a fruit cocktail in my hand…

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

Guess how many times I’ve sat on my porch without a mosquito biting me, something falling on the floor, or a dog digging through the screen to attack a chipmunk?

Decorating A Screened In Porch: Our Budget Makeover

When we bought a 1960’s Garrison colonial with a screened porch, I dreamed of creating a great outdoor space.

But we all know that life often interferes with decorating our dreams, so my little porch looked like this for about a year:

Last summer I decorated our small screened in porch by dusting off the patio furniture and pillows from our first home’s patio, added a rug, bought a few accessories for my home, and quickly attached a succulent wreath.

I knew then that the porch decorations I put together in no time were a temporary solution.

How To Decorate Your Back Porch On A Budget

My husband is the cook in our family and grills almost every night of the year. The filtered gas grill on the porch is handy when you want to cook during a snowstorm or downpour.

It took some convincing, but my husband finally agreed to move the grill outside, which meant that part of the yard had to be leveled to create a mini-BBQ patio.

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Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

With the BBQ out of the way and a small budget to buy new porch furniture, I looked to the nearby dining room for inspiration when decorating.

Before And After Porch Makeovers You Need To See

My goal was to create a better design flow between the dining room and the porch, which is connected by a sliding door.

The easiest way to find inspiration for interior design and create cohesion between rooms is to choose your favorite piece from the room and use it as a building block.

The dining room rug features bright rich colors like blue (which pops up throughout the house) and bold pink, so I took on the challenge of creating a complementary outdoor area on a shoestring budget.

Last year I wrote about budget-friendly ways to decorate a small porch, so I took my own advice and implemented four of those ideas (so far).

A Screened In Porch Is The Perfect Spot For Relaxing, Enjoying Nature

My husband replaced an old, rusty ceiling light with a much nicer version for about $50 (mine is no longer sold, but this one is similar) to instantly update the room.

Inexpensive fairy lights with custom mini hooks add extra light and a lovely atmosphere when we eat outside (bonus: the kids love them).

I sold the old patio furniture and bought stackable patio chairs and a smaller table from Target and since the grill is out of the way, there is room for a small cup.

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

Macrame has made quite a comeback since the 1970s, and this macrame plant hanger adds a beautiful texture while ensuring the greenery doesn’t get in the way. Plus, at only $10, it’s a bargain!

Small Porch Decorating Ideas: 7 Easy And Budget Friendly Tips To Steal

See that little tray on the side table? It’s actually a Melissa & Doug play food kit! A quick spray of teal spray paint made it a colorful porch accessory.

The metal wall art sat in our basement for years and I originally bought it at Pier 1 over ten years ago to hang in our first apartment. Now they finally feel at home on the porch!

We used to have a blue indoor/outdoor rug in our dining room, but our dog walked on it too often! I almost wore it, but the pressure wash cleaned it perfectly and now it’s like new!

This change is not yet complete. Eventually, I want to paint the floor and door, replace the door hardware, and add beadboard to the ceiling.

Small Screened In Porch Ideas You’ll Love

But it’s a nice step forward and shows that decorating a refined porch (or any other space) doesn’t happen overnight – it takes time to figure out what you like and what you need.

Now I’m making a watermelon mojito. Please pray that I will be left alone for a few minutes to enjoy my porch.

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Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

The weather may be turning winter, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to give up our new love for the great outdoors. After spending the summer in the backyard, on the patio, or on the deck, we’re used to spending most of the day outside in the fresh air—and we don’t want to give it up for it. .. Temperatures threaten to drop.

Amazingly Cozy And Relaxing Screened Porch Design Ideas

Inside: Screened porches. A perfect compromise between indoor and outdoor, these weatherproof spaces offer protection from insects (a much-needed bottom, especially in humid areas), protection from unexpected rain, and a way to blur the line between indoor and outdoor furniture. to blur. outside, of course in the best sense. Even those considering outdoor trim can add some plush pieces to this seasonal space.

However, decorating a screening porch can be difficult. Since it can be used more months of the year than the actual outdoor areas, seasonal variations are recommended: replace the nautical rugs with something more comfortable for your feet as the seasons change, and spice it up with a few plush pieces to decorate the decoration. space. It makes winter just as attractive When summer comes, we naturally think of cozy blankets. But neither should too much seasonal decoration: part of the appeal of a screened-in porch is that it offers a retreat from the rest of the house, and ease is in its DNA.

Read on to discover some of the most exciting porch areas we’ve found – just in time to make the transition into the next season even sunnier.

This gate is only a safe passage. With lush emerald green, understated mid-century design, and just the right amount of trendy rattan, we’d love to enjoy our morning coffee (or afternoon cocktail) at this luxury retreat. Sheer curtains complete the look – with a special touch: here, the classic white curtains are replaced by an unexpected gingham pattern, making this treetop paradise even more interesting.

A Screened In Porch: The Home Improvement Everyone Should Contemplate

A little color theory trick: Surrounding yourself with lush shades of green, as pictured here, can lift your spirits on those gray winter days – all the more reason to be green.

One of our favorite easy weekend hacks for a more dramatic screened-in porch or sunroom: paint an exterior wall in your home to create a contrasting backdrop for year-round style. It’s an often overlooked step that can completely change the look of a space, but it’s also inexpensive and budget-friendly. Keep in mind that if you ever remove a screened porch, you will likely need to repaint the exterior.

If you are not blessed with a historical, personal appearance, don’t worry. A screened porch is a great place to incorporate select architectural remnants that add an antique feel to the space. Here, a beautifully decorated door brings an old-world color palette inspiration and instant personality. This tip is especially important when designing new construction, which sometimes lacks architectural details and uses boring “standard” finishes instead.

Decorating Screened In Porch On A Budget

Indoor/outdoor rugs naturally complement a screened-in porch or sunroom, but they’re not the only option. While the plastic-based rugs commonly available in big box stores have come a long way, there are still organic options that can add warmth and richness to a space. Instead, opt for natural fur (which is great at taming and can survive in many climates) or even a sturdy woven rattan or seagrass rug to give the space a beachy feel. Also, don’t be afraid to use multiple layers – sometimes two (or three) is the best rug for a room.

Beautiful And Affordable Screened In Porch Decorating Ideas

-While interior design needs to be consistent from room to room, a screened-in porch is the perfect place to play with mixed patterns, fun tropical motifs, and other bold, unusual decisions you don’t want to risk. in your main residence. Layering textiles is a surefire way to not only create a cozy atmosphere, but also to give your space a great escape – even if it’s just a few steps away from your kitchen.

If you have a lot of square footage, setting up multiple “zones” in your screened-in porch area is a useful way to get the most out of it.

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