Domino Home Office Decorating Ideas

Domino Home Office Decorating Ideas – When the pandemic first started, no one could have predicted how long we would be working from our beds, kitchen tables and sofas. But now that WFH looks like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future, it’s time to dedicate a part of your home to everyday life on a semi-permanent basis.

Liven up your workspace with a few key pieces that look like a pro. (Be as professional as possible when focusing on a nice pair of sweatpants.) From big-ticket classics to smart budget finds, we’ve rounded up the best ways to give your home office a new look. And because WFH doesn’t last forever, we’ve even included items that can do double duty, like a wheeled feeding cart that finds a second go as a bar cart when it’s all over.

Domino Home Office Decorating Ideas

Domino Home Office Decorating Ideas

Classic: Herman Miller’s design director at the time introduced this colorful page in 1958. Now it’s a mid-century modern classic that brightens up even the simplest of tasks.

Work From Home: Creating An Office Corner

Jump: The antique brass legs and smooth glass top make even paperwork feel like a superpower. It’s the kind of furniture you wear.

The steal: Available in four color combinations and only 42 inches wide, this little gem pops into a compact space. An additional advantage: the pen tray can be installed on the left or right.

Classic: Expensive for a reason: Upholstery, seat height, frame and steering wheel are enough to make the decision a pain. But at the end of the day, it’s its solid build and clean lines that make it worth every penny.

Extravagant: If your back is facing the rest of the room, you should at least consider chairs that look good from every angle. The curves and creamy velvet lining are comfortable even during long shifts.

A Fall Inspired Home Office…

Steal: After shutting down your laptop for the day, this mid-century alternative might start a second shift as a diner.

Classic: Available in seven colors and many accessories, this wooden peg board can be used in any room.

Extravagance: A super-slim wall rack proves that organization doesn’t just have to be utilitarian, it can also be beautiful.

Domino Home Office Decorating Ideas

Stolen: This metal photo cage contains 20 chip bag clips, four non-marking screws, four regular screws, one large basket, and two small baskets. In other words, it is infinitely customizable.

Kylie’s Old Home

Classic: Task lighting is perfect for tasks. From writing at your desk to reading in bed, it provides adequate spot light without lighting up the entire room.

The Leap: Marble and brass work together to create a lamp so beautiful you might find yourself staring at the next zoom call.

Extravagant: Truman Capote’s photo of Slim Aarons’ Brooklyn Heights home has an air of importance and is a complete inspiration for how WFH looks on a daily basis.

Stolen: Print your photo on gallery quality paper from your camera roll. With sizes ranging from the more practical 8 x 10 to the extra large 60 x 40, there’s an option for everyone.

Space Of The Week: An Annapolis Home’s Laundry Room Is Repurposed Into A Clever Office With Storage

Classic: Not only is this popular houseplant a living sculpture, it also has flowers that last longer than any other houseplant – low maintenance?

Leap: With a nod to the 1960s, this wall-mounted classic will keep you going without sacrificing style.

The Steal: This sleek wheeled cart is also multi-purpose: it holds a month’s worth of office supplies; Can store the next drink.

Domino Home Office Decorating Ideas

Classic: The ink is very stable, so embrace the interior decorator and use a stylish mechanical pencil. This writing instrument is made of brass and is beautiful to use as well as to look at.

Best Home Office Redos

Splurge: Add fun to your desktop without sacrificing functionality. Available in eight colors, this staple proves that office supplies never get boring.

The Steal: Even tech geeks will appreciate the Leuchtturm1917 signature brochure details. Instead of lined paper, there is a dotted grid and each page is numbered. The back of the book also has a jacket pocket for a 6-inch ruler and two strips of bookmarks sewn into the binding.

The winter home improvement challenge is here! Subscribe now to enter Leanne Ford’s latest project for her historic home in Pennsylvania. Also, discover our new rules for reno. Home should be your happy place now. Visit #MakeYourHome to find small projects, fun recipes, and stylish decorating ideas that will make every day a little brighter.

We admit it: the days are getting mixed up, it can be hard to find motivation in the afternoon slump, and some of us wear sweatpants during video calls. While the team will miss our office space (and each other!), we’re all starting to adjust to the functional WFH lifestyle.

Domino Architects Divides J House With Wooden Partitions

We assume you’ve adjusted to non-essential job closures across the country. But it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together, so we’ve asked each other to share productivity tips when the 3:30 a.m. break comes and Netflix hits too close. (Le Pens is a secret!) We hope that what we learned about working from home will inspire you to create a WFH space that really works for you.

My best place to work: When I have to work from home, I lay on the couch with my laptop on a pillow. The light in my tiny apartment is completely clear and I fill the room with scents and things that make me feel comfortable. Desk essentials: Lake and Sky jasmine water, Cire Trudon leather or tobacco wax, Mad et Len Moroccan tea wax and Astier notebooks. Favorite pen and pencil: Staedtler pens and Pilot Hi-Tech pens, dark blue 5-1 mm. Something I always have on hand: My phone. How I focus: My lights are always on. This is a sign that everything is calm and orderly. Then I’m ready to sit down and get to work.

Best place to work: My boyfriend and I live in a studio apartment where there are exactly four places to sit: the kitchen table, the sofa, the bed and… the floor. Finally, this past weekend I adjusted the bottom, deepest shelf of the Elfa shelves to desk height and set up “workstations” for my boyfriend and I. Yes, it’s a glorified windowsill – but having a physical space to work makes it a lot easier to keep the mental space to get things done. Must have item on the desk: Up/down: I found the Post-it box, funny how I always underestimated them! Having a place to write notes helps a lot. I also chose a comfortable ergonomic desk chair and it completely changed my workday. My boyfriend also has a schedule that he can use when I’m done for the day or on my lunch break. Favorite Pen or Pencil: A pen you can find when you need it. Here’s what I always have on hand: I start my vegetables from seed on the windowsill behind the “table” and I love to take a break to check on them! An extra skill I never really enjoy in the office: having fresh flowers next to my computer. How I focus: Generally, having a schedule keeps me on track – from the start of the day, I plan how I’m going to spend my time, which consists of about a million meetings. Also, if I start a task that requires more than 45 minutes of attention, I move to a new spot in the apartment (usually the couch) to reset my head and dive into something new.

Domino Home Office Decorating Ideas

Where I work best: I’m a stickler for a tidy desk (I can’t work on the couch or in bed), so I’ve turned the dining room into a makeshift home office. It was pretty bare a few weeks ago, so it forced me and my boyfriend to get creative. Finally, we created a gallery wall and added eucalyptus and stacks of design books that inspired us. A desk must-have: My B&O Play headphones are essential when you’re sharing a small space with another person who’s talking to each other. Favorite pen or pencil: Hay’s slim Bullet pen. Something I always have on hand: Mariage Fré’s Marco Polo Tea – reminds me of my first trip to Paris nine years ago! I get a box every time I come back and protect these little muslin bags like gold. How I stay focused: As soon as I wake up, I write down a list of three things I want to accomplish each night so I know what I need to do. I also try to block out my time to focus on priorities, which makes a big difference when there are a lot of conversations and meetings.

Little Touches That Will Make Your Home Look

Where I work best: Anywhere, but

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