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Fun Office Design – We’ve collected 23 creative office design ideas to inspire any size or type of workplace. Whether you’re moving offices and looking for design ideas, or looking to update your existing office, there’s something for everyone. We hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring.

The biggest change in the last year is undoubtedly the transition to hybrid work. According to the ONS, 85% of UK workers prefer a balance between office and home work (hybrid working model), compared to 52% in the US. It is important that employees actively choose how and where they want to work. Offices are versatile spaces, quiet spaces for concentration, creative spaces for collaboration and relaxing spaces for exploration. This can have a positive impact on both productivity and staff well-being.

Fun Office Design

Fun Office Design

The return to the workplace, amid a radical shift to hybrid work, has given businesses creative license to develop office design. In this sense, Publicis CEO Rishad Tobaccovala compares hybrid companies to “software releases that evolve over time.” Far from being static, offices need to be reviewed regularly. When examining space plans and layout options, our office design team recommends that in addition to traditional workstations, these special spaces are also included for concentration, collaboration and relaxation. See the 2023 Guide to Hybrid Office Design for more information

An Office Design Enhancing Fun Working Culture

If first impression studies are any guide, you only have 27 seconds to make a good impression. In addition, 70% of people form a first impression before communication takes place. Office entrances (receptions, lobbies, entrances, corridors) are key elements in creating the first impression of a company’s brand. Think about the decisions visitors, customers, potential candidates and new startups make when they first walk into your office reception or lobby. Reception desks must be more than cosmetic considerations, they must be driven by a design that expresses the company’s identity.

Our client, Instinctif Partners, is an example of this, with a reception that represents the brand’s identity at the entrance to the building. Waiting areas are equally important. A good example is the work done for the International Security Forum (ISF). The reception and waiting room must make an immediate impression on visitors. We achieved this with thick cast aluminum letters of the ISF logo affixed to a wooden wall. The entire area was illuminated with directional lights.

Since we spend 80-90% of our days indoors, it is not surprising that natural light is an important factor in the design of office spaces. In fact, an HR survey of 1,614 employees published in the Harvard Business Review shows that access to natural light is the number one feature employees want in an office environment. Further studies show that increased natural light can have profound effects on everything from mood to creativity and concentration.

Natural light is an important aspect in office design. Improving natural light can be achieved through effective space planning. Creating open workspaces optimizes natural light, for example. In addition, the installation of a glass partition allows light to filter into the workplace.

Designing The Human Experience: Office Design — Onyx Creative

Fresh air has many benefits. 20% of inhaled air is used by the brain; fresh air ultimately leads to greater clarity, focus and concentration. Studies have also shown that oxygen-rich blood can significantly increase serotonin synthesis in the brain. This in turn can promote feelings of happiness and well-being in the workplace. In fact, a Harvard study of 7 US cities found that doubling the ventilation rate of office buildings resulted in an 8% increase in employee productivity.

In addition to the psychological benefits of fresh air, it also has physiological benefits. If you train at home, the breathing is shallow (breathing air into the upper part of the lungs, or apical breathing). When you’re outside, walking, running or jogging, it increases your diaphragmatic breathing. This deep breathing process not only allows you to inhale more oxygen, but also helps you flush out more toxins.

Breathing fresh air is good for your health. The survival rate of viruses and bacteria decreases when the air is constantly circulating. Instead, it thrives in a warm and humid home. Poor indoor air quality can cause many ailments, including headaches, fatigue and sometimes chronic conditions such as allergies and respiratory problems.

Fun Office Design

Recently, with the spread of variants of COVID-19, ventilation has become especially important. Now part of the government’s leadership is to encourage indoor air circulation. When a person infected with COVID-19 breathes, coughs or sneezes, virus-containing particles (aerosols) are released. In poorly ventilated office spaces, these particles float in the air. As the particles accumulate, the potential for the virus to spread increases. Providing fresh air in cramped office spaces significantly reduces the chance of airborne pollution.

Office Design Inspirations For Fun Office Look

Based on Health Management, we expect the use of outdoor furniture and offices in 2023 to be aimed at utilizing open spaces to a greater extent.

Use of office space has become increasingly important. Every workplace has “in-betweens” or “dead spaces”. Think of hallways, under stairs, other sinks and faucets that have not been used for any purpose before. Currently, one of the most common trends in office design is the use of non-traditional spaces, which are transformed into functional workspaces in the form of small cubicles, informal meeting rooms or even personal cubicles.

As companies adopt more flexible working methods, office design has become more efficient. Thinking seriously about optimizing any space and thinking creatively about how to use dead space can be a critical task and can be incorporated into a variety of new workspaces that enable staff to work efficiently. flexible behavior

While manual space rationalization is a good first step, there are more technically advanced solutions. Workplace monitoring systems integrated into smart offices, such as Irisis True Activity, act as a single source of truth by recording information about the daily use of the office. This is done with modern smart sensors that provide objective information about things such as standing at a table, people counting sensors at entry and exit points (various door panels, zones, stairwells). Sensors must be installed in important locations, which makes the operation very scalable and expensive. Through the integrated dashboard, workplace information can be integrated with other Smart Office technologies, such as HVAC and lighting control systems and meeting room reservation systems.

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Well-being in the workplace is critical and becoming more important due to health issues (workplace stress and mental health) and the widespread COVID-19 pandemic. However, around 50% of UK workplaces have a formal wellbeing strategy, according to the CIPD. Mind (a UK mental health charity) could be a good place for a UK company looking to improve the lives of its employees. As well as offering free advice and workplace surveys to businesses with 20 or more employees, they also celebrate achievements with workplace awards.

From a design perspective, workplace safety has many different elements. Some of the workplace wellness measures currently in use are:

As competition increases to attract and retain the best workforce, workplace wellness planning can become even more important. Many companies create a central workplace for employees. There are many benefits to making design a top priority in any workplace, and companies should take the time to improve well-being.

Fun Office Design

There is scientific evidence that prolonged sitting is harmful to health. As the workplace health and wellness trend continues, we are likely to see significant changes in office design. For example, visual artist Barbara Visser designed a conceptual work environment that allows work without sitting (that is, leaning or standing). Although we are still far from the end of the session, this principle has a practical application.

The Best Of British Office Design

Color can make a big impression. While many companies tend to use their own brand palettes, we always recommend looking at other tones that reflect what works in certain areas. For example, soft colors improve concentration, and bright colors improve collaboration and creativity. In our separate article, you can focus on the relationship between colors and office design.

Traditionally, offices have uniform furniture – chairs of the same type and color. The idea that everything has to match is outdated. Finally, colors have a significant impact on employee mood and productivity. Using a pantone mix in office furniture can improve the mood of the office and the employees. Different styles, brands, finishes and fabrics of office chairs can help create an office environment where work is fun.

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