Home Office And Decor

Home Office And Decor – Do you remember when you went to the office? Do you complain when you spend all day doing light work, kitchen chat with friends, and using your special office glasses with someone? In the past year, many of us have moved to remote working, and our homes are offices. Whether you have a private room or have set up a corner of your bedroom / living room / kitchen, you want your workspace to be calm, organized and attractive.

For Maddie Potts, interior designer and author of this 1870s home blog, the bedroom doubles as a workspace. “I remove everything at the end of the day – the laptop stand, the laptop in the closet – so it doesn’t happen overnight. But the key to creating a home workspace is to do what works for you.” Here, mind, Maddy, and two other interior designers share their best home office ideas.

Home Office And Decor

Home Office And Decor

“Choose colors that really make you happy. You might see such a bright yellow as strange to others. You may like the gray peace, others may not. My home office is a mix of green and white wood. I wanted something bold that would look good with the artwork and my white Ikea furniture. The combination seems to work in all seasons. It’s refreshing in the summer, but also great in the dark,” says blogger Carole King.

Home Office Ideas: Easy Solutions For Refining Your Office Decor

“A good chair makes a big difference. Remember, you need to be comfortable to sit in all day – and it can’t be a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful chair. I use a high soft chair,” says Maddie. Scarlett Blake, creative director of Ophelia Blake Interior Design, has some tips for the table: “You want to make sure it’s functional and comfortable. Make sure the size fits your seat and you can move freely and get in and out of your chair. There are many styles out there, including industrial styles with warm wood and metal, or a sleek table decorated in a neutral color with bronze or stone materials. “

“My work is paperless, although my notebooks collect dust for programming, so I keep my desk clean,” says Maddie. “I have a cup of coffee

Use and performance – I don’t know why it helps, but it feels like a nod to the Office Coffee Mug. The candle holder is also good. Carol said: “There’s nothing like a sheepskin to warm a stiff office chair. This is a rug on the floor. I also think the angle of the light is important. I light myself even when it’s not dark. I love the pool of light above the table. “

“I like to have as much greenery as possible around me. Houseplants look beautiful against any Zoom background and can be used to stretch, cut or soften water. This is a good reason to go up on your feet. I have monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese factory), fiddle figs, devil’s pewter, thistle and plenty of heart,” says Maddie. “I’m really into dried flowers at the moment because I’m worried about the stability of buying fresh flowers. Winter – I. recently discovered that you can easily blow them dry at very low, very cold!”

How To Perfectly Decorate Your Home Office

“I’m very neat because I love closets. Therefore, everything can be hidden from view. I have some shelves for books and files that I use every day, and some that are just for decoration. And as I go along, I will add the document,” says Carol. “I’ve had a little trolley on wheels for years, it’s very versatile. The bottom shelf has a seal that I can remove when I’m not using it. And I use the top for extra storage when I need it. I say to everyone I recommend getting one at a time,” says Carol.

“Floating shelves are very popular in home offices at the moment. They can add character to plain walls. Try decorating them with 3D objects, artwork and plants to add style,” says Scarlett. Try simple frames to add interest by mixing prints, graphics and 3D objects. Or use a larger piece of art if it fits your space.”

“If you’re on a bigger budget, add a nice coat of paint and some accessories to complement the existing furniture. It’s simple but effective to give your home office a new look,” says Scarlett, walking in in the room. Use a fabric that allows light to enter the room, but does not fit under the floor. Choose a voile with a subtle texture to add interest to your room.”

Home Office And Decor

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Best Home Office Decor Ideas For Remote Workers

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Desk Decor Ideas To Create Your Own Aesthetic

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Home Office And Decor

While there are no “rules” for how to decorate your home office, the layout should boost your productivity and motivate you to keep grinding. Because we all work differently, everyone looks different!

Best Office Decor Ideas To Design Your Workplace & Home Office

A good place to start is to choose a location and layout that is free of distractions. This might mean setting up your desk in a room where you can close the door, or facing a wall rather than a window to avoid it.

The next key? Good lighting. Natural light is good, so try to decorate your office near a large window. But if that’s not an option, bright lights or string lights will go a long way to brighten up your space!

No matter how you choose to design your home office, some important items and decorations cannot be ignored. This is what we are going to have!

On a side note, we wanted to share one of our GWS home offices (pictured above)! We used to have two tables that didn’t fit on a very small rug – plus lots of junk! SO is not motivation to work.

Home Office Decor Reveal

Just swapping our desks for these beautiful Floyd tables, adding a large jute rug to complete the space, and investing in this bench with drawers (beautiful cushions above) will make you feel so much better!

Now for the fun part: beautiful home office decorating ideas for your walls! Here you can make your own space and create a vibe that inspires you. So choose decorations for your walls that speak your unique style and show a bit of your personality!

Here are some of our favorite home decor ideas to decorate your walls, but the options are endless! You can hang artwork for a bohemian vibe, go retro with wallpaper, or add a window to open it up.

Home Office And Decor

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