Home Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Looking for the best industrial bathroom decor ideas and trends this year? You have come to the right place. If you like factory-inspired decor and have a bathroom in your home that you’d like to renovate, this post might be for you!

Home Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Home Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Renovating a bathroom is not an easy task. But if you’re looking to change something from your closet, vanity, shower, tub, floor, or bathroom accessories, we’ve got some design tips to inspire you! If you’re doing a whole room makeover, this makes our tips even more useful.

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Bathroom design is all about creating functional spaces where you can do your work, wash your hands, clean and put on makeup. This is often a small workspace, so you need to make sure that every square foot is used appropriately.

Popular for many years. This interior design style was originally inspired by the many factories that emerged after the Industrial Revolution. Often found in urban cities such as New York, Chicago, and Detroit, these factory-inspired interiors have begun to appear in homes outside the city walls. Interior design trends that were once confined to urban lofts and high-ceilinged apartments are now being incorporated into quiet farmhouses and small town homes across the United States.

Most people want a clean and simple interior aesthetic that allows them to focus on the tasks in the room and get out quickly. Most people don’t want to hang out in the bathroom. Unless of course you take a shower! In this case, we can also help you with the construction of an industrial home spa.

We hope this post helps you create the perfect mood board for your industrial bathroom reno project. Below we give you an overview of some of the most important industrial bathroom design ideas.

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Industrial furniture is often inspired by heavy equipment and factory design. A bathroom washer based on practicality is a great example of combining an old machine with modern bathroom design. The rest of the space looks very contemporary, from the white paneled walls to the marble bathroom countertops and vanity. A round silver-colored metal mirror adds to the room’s industrial charm.

Many industrial bathrooms have at least one rustic wooden feature. It helps to warm these often cold and unpleasant spaces. A wooden dressing table or a small stool can help make the space feel nice and cozy.

Cage lighting is a very popular industrial lighting trend. From caged candlesticks to caged pendants, there are many ways to achieve this look in your home. The black metal cage lamps in this bathroom make the space feel like a 20th century factory.

Home Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

This room is full of cool industrial bathroom decor ideas. Inspired by black hexagonal floor tiles, white long hexagonal wall tiles, simple wooden cabinets, copper bathroom mirrors and black faucets. The wooden roof is unique and rarely seen. I especially like the black metal frame on the window panel that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

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What types of colors are commonly used in industrial bathrooms? Well, gray is probably the color you will find most often. Concrete and steel colors are very popular in industrial interior colors. In addition to gray, the industrial home interior has nuances of white, black and brown.

If you’re looking for examples of industrial bathroom furniture, you’re in luck, as we’ve rounded up a few pieces that really showcase the industrial vibe. Here are some bathroom furniture ideas for an industrial bathroom at home.

Exposed pipes, ducts, pipes and wires are common in industrial bathrooms. This adds a finishing touch to the design. This ceiling has a large silver channel. A dark black pipe runs over the dressing table. The floor and ceiling are finished with hardwood, so the space does not look cluttered. Built-in double concrete wall cover plate with white subway tile. Opposite the shower is a simple white bathtub. This is a stunning modern industrial bathroom design. Modernly updated with an industrial feel!

A black ceiling is a bold design choice that would work well in an industrial bathroom. This minimalist bathroom features concrete floors and walls, frameless mirrors and a brass shower. The black sink is on a small wooden board with a floor pipe protruding from it. Simple and functional.

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Industrial bathrooms almost always have plenty of matte black furniture. This stunning bathroom features a black metal frame shower cubicle, black shower head, matte black towel rail, black mirror, two matte black faucets, and black makeup legs. This dark metal helps it stand out against the red brick walls, white subway tiles and small white hexagonal floor tiles.

One of the most common architectural elements in an industrial bathroom is at least one exposed brick wall. Industrial design is often found in attics and sheds built from brick buildings, so it’s natural to want to see the “bones” of these homes! The red brick walls evoke the history of the room and celebrate the past.

Sliding metal doors are one of the coolest industrial bathroom decor ideas we’ve seen. It’s a unique way to show off your industrial style and give your bathroom instant street cred!

Home Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The design of industrial bathrooms is unique. It’s not every day you see a shower in a bathroom with corrugated steel panels installed! Wooden panels line the walls and ceiling. Concrete was used in the floor, sink and bathtub. Alloy metals are used, such as copper shower heads, silver metal bathroom legs and brass faucets on the walls.

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Stainless steel is a popular material for many industrial bathroom elements. All the bathtubs, sinks and toilets in this bathroom are made of this shiny and durable material. Concrete walls and wooden ceilings add to the loft atmosphere. A simple shelf is built into the wall for simple storage. Someone painted “You look great” on the wall, adding to the abandoned warehouse look of this room.

If you’re on a budget and looking for industrial bathroom accessories, this is the place to go. This is an inexpensive way to decorate your bathroom and give it an industrial look.

Some industrial bathrooms want to stay true to the old factory loft and keep the unfinished look. Warehouses are often abandoned when factories move overseas, so some may not want to spend money on redecorating their premises or prefer the look of cluttered rooms. Here you can see electrical boxes and different colored concrete on the walls. It doesn’t look finished, but it’s well done. A simple sink and an open shelf were installed on the wall. This is a basic room with no regular items.

A very common element in industrial interior design is exposed light bulbs that hang quite randomly. This kind of lighting is probably best for families without children. You can use a wired light bulb as shown here and wrap the wire around an existing pipe near the ceiling. These bulbs look great on top of the concrete double sink below. Many gray waffle towels are stored below. The black metal-framed window allows a peek into the interior of the white subway tiled shower room.

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Like other bathroom elements, the bathtub can also be made of concrete. I can’t tell you how nice the concrete tub is, but it looks great! This square concrete bathtub is decorated with white shell necklaces and white pillar candles. A brown paper bag lay in the corner. The walls and sink are also concrete. A simple wooden chair sat near shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. We installed an upper concrete shelf for towels and a wooden shelf on the wall near the ceiling. A sage green bath towel spread across the other side of the Bath. A small indoor tree in a light green bag for decoration. This is a beautiful space!

Concrete sinks and basins are often used in industrial-style bathrooms. It’s so heavy you’ll need help setting it up! But they have a great industrial look.

You can also decorate an industrial bathroom with a concrete wall, as shown here. This minimalist shower room has gray concrete walls, black shower furniture and recessed wall shelves for easy storage. Patterned floor tiles add beauty.

Home Office Bathroom Decorating Ideas

A simple gray bath towel is the perfect choice for industrial bathroom towels.

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