Home Office Bookshelf Decor

Home Office Bookshelf Decor – To be honest, these shelves are simply decorated. I want to fill this large wall above the floating desk. So shelves are my love language, so naturally I persuaded my husband to build floating shelves above. These shelves add a lot of character to the space, so you can make them as functional or decorative as you like. Read on to see how these shelves were started and finished.

P.S. Since these photos were taken, we have gotten new office chairs. Bar stools are definitely not made for comfortable office chairs, they were used for photo shoots.

Home Office Bookshelf Decor

Home Office Bookshelf Decor

In addition, If you want a tutorial on how to build a floating table or floating shelf, Mr. Go to Buildit’s website here and search for “floating desk” or “jumbo floating shelf”.

The Office Diy Built Ins Have Started!

First, I added a calendar to fill the space on the other side of the desktop. We only have one desktop computer and one laptop, so we needed something to balance everything on the other side of the table. If you have the same problem, get a giant calendar to fill the space. They are affordable; Functional as well as absolutely beautiful. Available for purchase at the link below

Then I added more decorations scattered on the shelves. I like to do this to keep the shelves from getting too cluttered. small painting frames Decorated books on the top floor. I love adding plants and greenery. A little PSA: I look for books in thrift stores and buy them in bulk with pretty colors under the covers. They make beautiful decorative items, and you don’t have to break the bank to decorate your used books. A small wooden calendar is also added to the desk in the homewares. You can never have too many calendars. Similar mini desk calendars can be purchased here and here.

Then I added some more books and vases to the shelves and desks. There are tall bowls. They fill large spaces well, shops, Target household appliances; World Market and many other retailers have many beautiful pots. I find most of the items at Home Goods and Target because the prices are usually very affordable.

After spreading a few decorations on each shelf, I like to go one shelf at a time and add filler. These are books, plants, clocks Maybe random rings and decorative sculptures. It’s hard to make the shelves look like a cohesive unit, so I don’t model one shelf at a time. If you spread out a few large decorative items on all the shelves first, it’s easier to work your way through them and add the smaller items and finishing touches. I like to do this to create rhythm and variety in the size of the items on the shelf. You don’t want all the decorations on the shelf to be the same height.

Five Simple Tips For Decorating Shelves And Bookcases

Make sure everything is balanced and even on the shelves. Two large pots next to each other. You don’t want books or a few plants of the same size in the same place on two different shelves. I want to make everything move smoothly.

Finally, Add the finishing touches to optimize shelves. These are usually candles, Things like small plants and other small objects. Now sit back and enjoy your perfectly shaped shelves.

When it comes to styling shelves, I love decorative items just like everyone else. Here are some of my favorite things to style. A creative and inspired home office is key to productivity, and a good bookshelf design can provide functional storage and personalization. A bookcase can be a built-in solution or a piece of furniture that is custom made or purchased from a home improvement store. They’ll add a stylish element to your space while helping you stay organized.

Home Office Bookshelf Decor

The shape of your bookcase design will depend on your specific needs; It depends on the design and how much space you have in your home. If you have built-in bookshelves expertly installed, they can take up an entire wall and can even be configured to include a window seat for reading or relaxing. If you choose a freestanding bookcase; There are some ideal solutions on wheels to configure your space needs or if you want to rearrange your space for a new look.

Bookshelf Decor Ideas

It can also be used as a room divider if you don’t have a dedicated office space. Check out some exciting and creative home office trends in a variety of styles to help you design your own space, including stunning bookshelf designs. Below each image is information and links to each designer.

Tell us: which of these office bookshelf design ideas inspires you the most and why?

1. Space Saver Office. This Scandinavian-style home office has a desk and open shelving. Brackets support long wooden shelves that support personal decorations such as black-and-white pictures and office supplies. (via Morgan McMurphy Innovation and Design)

2. Floor office. One floor has been renovated in this cozy home office with walls of bookshelves with windows to let in natural light. A comfortable chair in the corner provides a reading spot for inspiring work. (via Anna Wilson Interiors)

Home Office Storage Ideas: 10 Ways To Store In A Home Study |

3. Office frame. This beach-style home office is small but efficient. shelves The storage table and chairs are from West Elm, while the roman shade window treatments are from Etsy seller Melissa, LLC. The mural is Silver Satin by Benjamin Moore. This rug is from Manapatra Pura. (via Marisa Kramer Interiors)

4. IKEA Office Hack. Most of the units are from IKEA and they are custom fitted. Meaning it’s an Ikea hack-job of added shelves cut to pieces to fit the space. The floating desks are Linmon but ripped to match the Calax depth. Ikea no longer sells this combination. The new Kallax/desk combination has finial legs and is not as smooth as found on bookcase desktops.

Two wall-mounted desks were cut and attached to the back wall with clips. The base is Alex. I love the shelves for replacing the blocks and stacking the literature that is not available at IKEA. I cut the shelves for the dividers and used holes and shelf plugs I got from the hardware store. Metal badges added to the front. (via Niche Redesign)

Home Office Bookshelf Decor

5. Awesome home office. In this advanced yet practical home office, side files, There are built-ins with a window and a coffee bar. This office is wireless – the printer wiring is hidden behind a cabinet. The notebook runs on batteries, but there’s a floor outlet under the mattress that you can plug in when you need to charge it.

Industrial Home Office Decor Ideas

Desk Baker Furniture from the Barbara Berry Collection for sale. The wall paint is Benjamin Moore CC-360 Potter’s Clay. All cabinets are custom made and painted in Benjamin Moore CC-40 Cloud White. (via Cathy Docent Design)

6. Electic home office. Wooden shelves as accents make the room cozy and library-like. A beautiful desk is complemented by a pink chair and a white cowhide rug. (via Northwork)

7. Modern home office. table The lamp and rolling storage are from West Elma, and the similar bookcase is called Kallex from Ikea. open Baby-style shelves can be used for storage and display and work well against walls or as room dividers in the middle of a space. (via Cosa Design Group)

8. Beach style home office. Although the chair was custom designed, a similar chair can be found at Ballard Designs. Valspar’s Creme Fraiche is the same wall color and Valspar’s Ultra White is the same trim color. (via Lovejoy Designs Interiors)

Ultimate Masculine Home Office Ideas

9. Open shelves and cabinets. All of the cabinets and wood finishes in this project were provided by local cabinet maker Sage Cabinetry. The ceiling is 9’6″ and the desk is 2’6″. There is a 10′ to 12′ room on the back wall. window. The light fixture is a Hudson Valley Lighting Amenia 3 Light Semi Flush in Antique Brass. (via Blackfish Homes Ltd)

10. Unique bookshelf design. The bookcase was made from A1 1/2″ thread for the vertical metal sections. The studs and nuts were purchased from Industrial Supply McMaster Cars. The wood was then wire wheeled to clean the wood and came out raw. The walls were painted with Kelly Moore Paint – Weeping Willow KM5155. (Interior Design via Home Index)

11. Corner bookshelf design.

Home Office Bookshelf Decor

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