Home Office Decor Creative

Home Office Decor Creative – A home office is designed to help you do your best, whether you’re answering email, completing tasks, or thinking about your next big project. We’ve rounded up some of our desks and workstations, full of style and impeccable design. From temporary dual-tasking spaces to custom desks, these rooms will inspire you to create the home office of your dreams.

This space serves as Jackie Kay Ellis’s dining room when the doors are open, and her home office when the sliding glass curtain is closed.

Home Office Decor Creative

Home Office Decor Creative

Views of the outside world, including the pond, trees and mountains, make this small space at the back of the house a room for inspiration.

Creative Living Room Office Ideas

By combining many of his products, such as the Tuning Fork chair and the Shaker table, Jeff Martin transformed this sun-drenched space into an office.

Stacks of Chinese dictionaries and reference maps sit on built-in shelves in this modern library worktop. Even the biggest procrastinator has no choice but to get back to work!

If there is no special space for a table, this glass table between the kitchen and the patio will do the job with simple furniture and a few well-chosen accessories.

This home office displays artwork and books on open shelves, while files and stationery are housed in deep drawers.

Home Office Wall Decor Ideas For A Creative Workspace

Instead of the computer being the focal point, art takes center stage in this workspace, with a wooden desk and bench and plenty of storage space.

These homeowners embraced hardwood floors and dark vintage leather for a rustic look, along with a snakeskin mirror.

A small basement floor has been converted into multipurpose office space, including this custom office that faces an exposed brick wall.

Home Office Decor Creative

Another office in this renovated basement features a gallery wall and marble countertop to add some eye-catching lighting to the workspace.

Office Decor Ideas From Instagram For Anyone Working From Home

There’s no shortage of drama in this quirky home office, thanks to a patchwork rug and black-outlined pieces. Lighting is the perfect finishing touch.

A tall, corner shelf doubles as a table in Wendy Lau’s plant-filled solarium. The area next to the rear window provides a good view throughout the day.

Designer Sarah Keenliside designed the client’s poolside workspace to create the perfect work-from-home experience.

You can still separate your work and personal life – just organize your workspace in a closet and lock it for the day! There’s a reason #cloffice is trending on Pinterest.

Desk Decor Ideas To Create Your Own Aesthetic

Architect Elena Lohse made another 5,000 dining chairs for her office. Bamboo trees, plants and white walls make it a sunny and peaceful place.

This family workspace has a lush view that will inspire you. The Corian board sits on the table so the kids don’t mess around!

World treasures abound in this Toronto mansion. The homeowners converted the dining room into an office using a Tommaso table imported from Denmark and an Akari 95EN lamp from Isamu Noguchi.

Home Office Decor Creative

Who said you need an entire room for a home office? There’s a hallway nook that works well in the home of Drake Store co-founder Carl Colocchio.

Diy Home Office Decor Ideas

This cozy room was the perfect place for entrepreneur Trish Maggood to write her new cookbook. The space is cool and full of light due to the high ceilings and many windows.

This airy office has built-in shelving and black cabinets, as well as French doors, a sleek desk and modern appliances.

The corner piece in this luxury kitchen can be a table and a place for a quick bite while preparing dinner.

This beautiful home office is a lesson in design. Designer Luke Havekes combined elegant ottoman pieces with tall chairs and patterned surfaces for an eclectic look that will make you feel right at home.

Ideas For Creating The Ultimate Home Office

Houston, Texas-based designer Rukaiia Imtiazuddin of Studio RIU transformed a guest bedroom into the home office of her dreams. Three bookshelves – lined with family heirlooms, her children’s artwork and beautiful prints from books and magazines – line the deep sea wall.

From a 1920s Josef Frank secretary to a late 19th-century Scottish Orkney chair, this workspace showcases the beauty of antiques.

Simple and clean, this home office is a love letter to mid-century modern design: an old teak wall by Poul Cadovius and a light desk by Charles and Ray Eames, Herman Miller and Muuto steal the show. “It’s great for white furniture in the office; it’s white,” says homeowner and designer Todd McMillan.

Home Office Decor Creative

For the 2019 Princess Margaret Showhome, designer Brian Gluckstein created a multipurpose space that works for the whole family. “The kids can do their work at the table while the parents sit and work on the roller and the laptop,” Brian said.

How To Perfectly Decorate Your Home Office

Don’t have extra space for a home office? Make the most of the bedroom space with finely chopped white oak cabinets surrounding a built-in desk. This idea is especially good for teenagers and young adults who can finish chores overnight.

“This cozy VFH space started with concrete tile floors, a fireplace, and plenty of space for quiet time at home,” says designer Andrea Hilton of this beautiful home office. A place to work, read and sip a glass of wine while watching the flames dance in the large fireplace (not pictured). Lightweight bookshelves create a simple look.

Sometimes more. Damask wallpaper provides a backdrop for layers of curated finds, from sculptures to masks and eclectic artwork.

This quiet corner of the home library is the perfect place to get work done, even if it’s miles away from the city. Since cell service in the area is cellular, homeowners add an old-fashioned phone for functionality and a retro look. Plus, this 1920s men’s bathrobe brings a classic look to the home.

Best Home Office Design Ideas To Unlock Your Creativity

In the colorful cave of this house, wood paneling on the walls and purple fabric create a clutch effect to hold some of the panels. To keep the space from becoming traditional, the old chairs were updated with a graphic fabric.

Two offices are better than one! “Even if it’s north-facing, the light is incredible,” designer Christine Johnson said of the living space. “Every day is bright and cheerful.”

Need a Zoom call with a babysitter? Do double duty with a home office or home office. A large board keeps the family in their daily routine.

Home Office Decor Creative

This museum office has everything you need to lift your spirits: piles of books, beautifully written, wicker baskets for storing extra things, and at the end of the workday, some of the necessary drinks.

Creative Small Home Office Ideas That Make Big Impact

“The old dining room table is now my office (right to left),” says designer Francesca Albertazzi. “A lot of people have things they can reuse.” A cabinet and striking gallery wall make the office space she shares with her husband, Sandy Blair, simple and elegant.

In this beautiful 550 square foot Calgary home, a modern desk and inexpensive Kijiji chair create a home office in the master bedroom.

Designer Valerie Morissette knows how to create the desired corner in her living room – all you need is a tulip chair, a mid-century modern table and a colorful palette (here’s one of Valerie’s episodes).

The abundance of light in this home office will allow for challenging tasks in this penthouse. Separate gallery wall and black and white striped carpet for many models.

Ways To Decorate Home Office In White

You won’t believe this little nook under the stairs has a powder room, so think outside the box when it comes to organizing your workspace. “You can’t stand there with a high ceiling,” says designer Chris Hageland, who emphasized storage and style with a Scandi-style entryway and stool.

The navy velvet cord on the swivel chair keeps this formal table from turning anytime soon.

Green brings life to office spaces. In this vibrant Montreal home, banana green wallpaper serves as a conduit, while mid-century modern furniture keeps the space grounded. In addition, stained glass windows create symmetry.

Home Office Decor Creative

In this Palm Springs dream home, the guest bedroom has been renovated into a rustic workspace with unfinished wood and textured accents.

Home Office Decor Ideas: How To Decorate A Home Office

To make room for bookshelves and a sink, the homeowner’s desk was placed in the center of the room, allowing all eyes to focus on the high-quality rug and blue Saarinen executive chair.

This luxurious guest bedroom doubles as an office thanks to a Murphy bed hidden by custom millwork and crown molding.

In Kelly Anderson’s designer home, open shelving in the kitchen beautifully displays the cookware, while a vintage-style chair is a great place to catch up on emails.

Tassie writer and producer Cameron has turned her flat into a home office. “My attic is very shabby; it’s topped with an old table from my dad’s farm, and it’s handmade and quirky, including lamps, books and tchotchkes,” he said.

Home Office Ideas: Turn A Spare Room Into Your Dream Workspace

This creative office nook is a second-floor bedroom, but has built-ins, a simple file cabinet, and a modern desk.

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