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For design enthusiasts, the best part of working from home is looking at a space that fits your unique needs and aesthetic from nine to five. What exactly does this mean? For starters: no harsh, fluorescent lighting, boring gray cupboards and ugly filing cabinets. And since you can have a Zoom call (or ten), you have the creative freedom to arrange your space the way you want.

Home Office Decor For Video Calls

Home Office Decor For Video Calls

Regardless of the WFH layout, though, we think an inspiring art print or a comfortable yet stylish office chair can make logging each morning more exciting (or bearable, whichever way you look at it). In addition, having a dedicated “office” (an entire room or well-appointed corner) in your home can help maintain work-life balance.

Zoom Background Home Office Professional Virtual Backdrop

Without further ado, designer Toussaint Derby shares his office furnishing ideas for every design style. Celebrate your favorite look and turn the WFH corner into your favorite room in your home.

It’s time to redefine the ‘corner office’. This design proves that you can create a great workplace with minimal space and furniture. By placing a simple desk in front of the window, you create a relaxed workplace where you can concentrate well.

A collection of black and white images creates a uniquely stylish Zoom backdrop for professionals who spend their days in virtual meetings. An elegant wooden desk and simple leather office chairs add to the classic look.

“Bright, colorful and very playful, this setup is perfect for creatives who want to express their personality on screen,” said Toussaint. A beautifully designed stand makes a perfect backdrop for video calls, while a large white lacquered table is big enough for more hands-on analog projects like mood boarding. Discover more rooms in your home here.

Two Person Home Office Layout

On the other end of the spectrum, you may need a quiet space to think clearly. If so, pay attention to this parsable backend. A studded wood console table adds texture to a plain, clutter-free room. And you can’t go wrong with lush indoor plants!

Not too simple but not too busy, this smart space is a masterpiece of mixing textures and styles, with elegant marble tables, leather chairs and porcelain side tables. Note the white walls that give this slightly bolder design a sense of calm.

“This office is the perfect example of a goddess executive office,” says Derby. Built-in bookshelves and a desk give this space a traditional feel, but the room’s monochromatic pink palette gives it a nice touch.

Home Office Decor For Video Calls

Warm wood tones add to the comfort of this home office, while plush office chairs provide comfortable seating. Even if you’re going through a stressful time, consider it the perfect space to cool off.

Lights, Camera, Home Office!

Built-in appliances are a smart way to transform your space. Here, a small table fits perfectly against a wall full of shelves. Not only is it a striking design, it is also practical and offers a lot of organization in a small space.

Want to change the look of your home office? Work one-on-one with our experienced interior designers for just $129 per room. Start today with our fashion quiz. In an era where remote working has become quite popular, a home office has become a necessity for many people. Added to this is the struggle to make home office wallpapers suitable for videos. Creating a comfortable, uncluttered background in your home office will not only improve your energy and efficiency, but also make you look professional on screen. Read on for the best home office background ideas that your co-workers will love!

If you’re not ready to make the full commitment, remove the wall decor, restore it with self-adhesive panels, or install decorative panels. Even the smallest intervention can help you make any boring home office video wallpaper new and exciting. Choose colors, textures and patterns to refresh your conference settings with a cute yet professional look.

Need a little extra help getting your home office ready? Schedule a free online interior design consultation to get started with top interior designers today! Best video background colors for home office

This Tiny Home Office In A Bedroom Is Perfectly Designed

White is an obvious choice, but what about something more obvious? Don’t be afraid to add color to your home office design. Consider using color psychology to improve your mood and productivity throughout your workday. Let’s take a look at these colors and their complementary effects on the mind.

Sitting in front of something other than a bare wall can make your image stand out. A gallery wall, a mix of prints or patterns, fabrics or even bricks can make an ideal office backdrop. It’s good to be dramatic, not overwhelming. Photos and artwork will benefit you. Shelves are another feature that can be used in home office design.

Fabric panels are affordable, lightweight, easy to install and remove and customize to your liking. All you need is a center knot pin in the corner of the fabric and some creativity. Alternatively, you can extend the fixed part at two points. By creating a branded banner, you deepen your professional image and can use it anywhere. Depending on your location and background, you may need to run some tests to make sure the fabric banner is large enough to fill the entire setup.

Home Office Decor For Video Calls

You can use any existing wallpaper stain as long as it’s not too shabby or outdated. If your walls are painted, consider turning the space into a formal home office backdrop with custom wallpaper. Another solution could be wall decals, branded graphics, or textures designed to add interest. Vinyl mats are very affordable and you can get any design you want, including your brand logo.

Conference Room Ideas For Your Office

A bare brick wall can make a great video backdrop for a home office in the right setting. An industrial style interior with exposed brick walls suggests productivity and sends a message accordingly. In addition, furniture placement is usually cheap and easy to install. If your walls are solid white and you want the background to be more vibrant, try gluing, peeling and placing white rough stones in an interesting pattern.

Space can be precious, especially when every inch counts. Your home is where you work before and after work, so if room floor space is limited, opt for built-in cabinets or shelving in your home office. Built-in units offer attractive appeal, functionality and ample storage space, allowing you to store all your belongings and access them whenever you want without the hassle.

You want to display items related to your work, so diplomas, certificates, and the like are ideal to keep in the background. Cards and art are good on stage and on shelves. Plants help to calm the Feng Shui vibe while also purifying the air a bit. Devil’s Eve, Dracaena or even a cactus can be a great addition to your workspace.

Don’t embellish the show. A photo frame with private family moments, perfume bottles, and lots of little memorabilia and details can be appealing in your personal life, but it’s not a good idea for a home office. And unnecessary things create clutter where you least need it. Think about your goals and eliminate anything that has no purpose.

Home Office Ideas: 42 Experts Share How To Maximise Your Creativity

Once you have the right environment, check the whole background. It’s not uncommon to work from your kitchen or bedroom. What you don’t want to show is your family life. Aim for a cluttered space with lots of character but little or no intimacy. Not only is it great for Zoom video conferencing, but it can also help you focus and prioritize.

Good lighting is important. First of all, avoid bright lights, as backlighting will cast a dark shadow across your face and disturb the reporter/listener. On the other hand, if you’re working outside or looking through a window, you don’t need direct sunlight because the effect will be the same. With no direct sunlight, it’s great to see natural light through the windows. If your virtual meeting is at night, place your flashlight in front of you and set the best distance.

Looking for a way to create a “zoom-ready” home office pad, but need help getting started? Request a free consultation today to get help from interior experts!

Home Office Decor For Video Calls

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