Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

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Finalist of prestigious style and design awards. He is an interior design and home decor expert and has been a writer and editor for several top industry publications for nearly 10 years.

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

Spending hours working from the couch, kitchen island, or other areas that aren’t optimal for your comfort may not be very productive. For example, a literature review found that the quality of our indoor environment is closely related to productivity and job satisfaction. In the same way, as new workout clothes can inspire us to go to the gym more often, a feng shui home office can help us work more efficiently.

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To shed light on this, we caught up with feng shui expert Laura Serrano. She shares her tips on how to optimize our home office for more inspiration, productivity and creativity. Ready to get your workspace up and running? Apply these feng shui home office design principles and get the productivity boost you need.

Laura Serrano is a Feng Shui consultant, researcher, and speaker based in New York, LA. She received her feng shui certification in 2000 under the guidance of her mother and teacher, certified feng shui master Carol Provenzel.

First things first: What exactly are you trying to achieve in your home office? “Before arranging any furniture, ask yourself:” W

“Serrano says. For example, do you want to spend most of your time on writing, marketing, web design or accounting? Or maybe you’re more focused on art or music production? Ask yourself what you want at home. What do you do in the office? Start building a strong foundation for your office field energy, Serrano explains.

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Then, remove unnecessary distractions and choose furniture that helps you to be productive and focused while in this space. Sometimes less is more. “Once you have the answer to this initial question, ask yourself, ‘H

Serrano adds. Investing time in creating an office environment that speaks to the level of respect, motivation and growth you envision for yourself is the best and easiest way to bring good feng shui energy into your space.

Next, Serrano suggests considering where your desk is and building from there. He recommends placing your desk in a commanding position in your home office. According to Feng Shui principles, this means having a strong wall behind you, as well as some plants (also known as wood elements) for support. Establishing a command position allows you to verbally, energetically and figuratively see and feel who and what opportunities are approaching, Serrano explains.

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

Thus, “standing at your desk can avoid cooperation with unprofitable business partners and sign one-sided agreements or contracts.”

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Also, try not to place your desk too close to ceiling beams, fans, or wall edges. This is the “back” of life or the sign of tea energy.

However, there’s no need to completely customize your desk layout, “because you should familiarize yourself with the office to see which areas allow for the best command position and go from there,” Serrano says. “Once you have a clear vision of your office and know what furniture you need, you can plan the furniture layout,” he adds.

When planning your home office space, Serrano also reminds us to think about practicality. “Remember to consider the function of the office, and decide the type and quantity of furniture needed. This will save you time, money and reduce stress,” he says. “Invest in a supportive office chair, especially if you plan to sit for several hours a day.”

Experts also warn against a workplace that multitasks, which can clutter your desk and headroom. “Another downside to the feng shui process is sharing your home office with multiple people. Learn to set healthy boundaries. I have clients who share their office files, desks, and other storage media with their children. The result? Toys , painting and homework take over your office, cluttering limited storage space.”

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There are some Feng Shui principles that you can use to bring more energy into your space. “Make sure you have good airflow,” Serrano says. “If the weather is nice, feel free to open the windows, and if you can’t, consider using an air purifier (especially if your home office doesn’t have windows).

A study found that allowing natural light into the office increases productivity

. “If you can create a command position that allows you to be supported by a solid wall, see the office door unobstructed, and have a view outside, that’s a triple win.”

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

The feng shui expert adds that adding real plants naturally cleans the air, reduces stress and increases office energy by improving communication: “Bamboo, Boston fern, English ivy and rubber plants go very well. Some of them Photos support family. Members or other people. People who inspire you are another great energizer.

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In addition, targeting your storage needs and limiting visual clutter can increase your productivity. “Understand your office usage and you’ll know what kind of storage you need,” Serrano says. “Do you need to have hard copies? If so, cabinets and closets offer great storage space. Perhaps a low shelf or a simple shelf along the wall is best. If you want to be more connected in the digital age , you can use your work.computer and can save files on an external drive.

When in doubt, keep what you need and leave what you don’t. “It may seem elementary, and yet it’s a very powerful exercise that goes through your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body,” Serrano says.

“A rectangular wooden table is generally the best recommendation in feng shui. This material brings natural energy into your space, as well as cultivates a nurturing and dynamic quality of energy. If you choose a standing table, look into wood design research. Overall, size, style and color depend on the overall design of the room and the desired office environment,” says Serrano. “As a side note, you might also want to consider getting a table that has smooth or rounded edges, even if it’s a rectangular or L-shaped design.”

As for the choice of color, feng shui experts explain that it depends on your line of work. “Typically, office spaces for writing, math, and science require wall colors in shades of blue, green, or even beige. This is considered a strong background color. From there, you can decorate the office with artwork, Accent with light, plants, and fields. …Anger, and whatever else you need to help you achieve better focus and productivity,” says Cerrano. And yet, notice what Serrano calls the “harmonic cooperation of color.” To boost a room’s energy, apply pops of warm colors like red, yellow, and orange—these are the best colors for creativity, Serrano says.

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“In general, create an environment that makes you stand out professionally and personally,” Serrano suggests. “On an unconscious level, your choice of decor is a powerful extension of what attracts you. For example, when I started my business, I knew my main customers would be the New York area, but I was curious. to expand my feng shui. Domestic and international clients are Shui’s consulting firm. To match this intention with my home office environment, I chose an old world map. started attracting customers.”

Feng shui experts note that defining what you want to attract and visualizing those goals in your space can influence your overall motivation and subsequent success. “Feng Shui encourages you to learn more about yourself and find the necessary knowledge, skills and connections you need to develop your goals. As you do, you can become more enthusiastic, motivated, Be inspired, and productive. Can be translated visually in your office to provide many useful psychological clues.”

We only use reliable and high-quality sources with peer-reviewed studies to support the information in our articles. Read our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we keep our content accurate, reliable and trustworthy By now, most of us are FMH professionals. Found and finally stopped working from our beds (usually). But, if you’ve been working remotely for years, it might be time to upgrade your home office. To help you improve

Home Office Decor Ideas For Him

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