Home Office Decor Ideas Mens

Home Office Decor Ideas Mens – Are you ready to create a sophisticated men’s work-from-home home office for yourself or your partner? Use these items to get the look.

Crazy times in 2020 and 2021 may force us to work from home. But you don’t have to sacrifice looks for function when working in your home.

Home Office Decor Ideas Mens

Home Office Decor Ideas Mens

Use these 25 design tips to create the masculine home office of your dreams from the spare bedroom down the hall.

Linnmon Tabletop, Black Brown, 39 3/8×23 5/8

1. Paint the walls and bookshelf a dark blue semi-gloss, and use light accents for the rug and seating.

This will fill the room with color, but it will be muted because there is only one big player and all the other elements are neutral.

2. Use faux grass wallpaper like this one (Amazon link) to give your walls a textured, masculine look. Add brown furniture and a large patterned rug to complete the room.

Don’t forget to add window treatments – faux roman shades are a great custom alternative at a much lower cost but with a premium look.

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3. If your look is sophisticated and you like a little extra luxury in your life, paint the bookcase a glossy black, add a table with open legs, large artwork and a pair of 35-inch gold table lamps.

) shipped overnight, courtesy of Amazon. You can add a leather chair and get to work the next day.

Don’t forget to add live plants and fill the shelves by collecting books lying around the house.

Home Office Decor Ideas Mens

5. Nothing says a man’s home office more than a dark green surface with natural wood elements and a great art collection. Some of my favorite greens are Sherwin Williams Isle of Pines and Hunt Club.

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6. Black walls are again the highlight of this men’s home office. The rest of the room is warm white, but the dark tones of the walls make it very luxurious. Don’t miss the beautiful natural light either.

7. A dark bookshelf is a dream in this masculine office decor. For a less expensive look, IKEA offers a black floor-to-ceiling Billy bookcase that holds all your books, files and men’s accessories.

A glass door accessory may seem expensive, but it’s a lot cheaper than you think.

8. A fireplace in the office? Yes! If you work from home all the time, you might want to use your master bedroom as an office.

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These shades of blue-grey on the walls, paired with a sable/cognac leather chair in front of the fireplace, create the atmosphere of a royal office.

Choose one that matches your interests, such as a picture of a whiskey bottle paired with a trolley below and simple black office furniture. (I keep getting requests for this art, so here it is.)

10. We mentioned earlier that a cozy paint color on any wall, cabinet or ceiling can create a soft space that looks fantastic. But add the perfect chandelier with a glass lamp and a large piece of art on the wall for perfection.

Home Office Decor Ideas Mens

11. Do you see a pattern with prominent green, black and blue spaces? Color makes the biggest impact, especially when applied to walls and built-ins (or even bookshelves of the same color).

Of The Best Home Office Ideas For Men

The color palette is green, black and gold, so that each element stands out on its own. They work together to create a cohesive space.

12. Have you heard of the mid-century modern Eames chair? If you’ve never heard of this classic Herman Miller armchair, you’ve probably seen it everywhere. They cost around $4,600, but luckily there are big scams on the market.

) is as comfortable as the original, has great style and at a slightly lower price. So go to Amazon and order the Eames look for your men’s office, a functional and comfortable part of your new work office.

13. If you like a lighter, lighter and more modern feel in your masculine office, choose a lighter color like Farrow & Ball.

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Add a large chandelier and simple curtains to the simple scheme. To address the practical aspects of home office organization, choose closed bookcases and a desk with storage drawers.

14. Whether your color is light or dark, you still need a storage system for paper and supplies. Wire baskets are a great way to get rid of clutter while maintaining a decorative look.

15. A customized and unique looking key is embedded. So whether you choose decor around your IKEA bookshelves or opt for unique tables and filing cabinets, built-ins enhance a room.

Home Office Decor Ideas Mens

16. Board and batten decoration refers to the square wall covering shown below. In addition to the dark paint covering the walls and ceiling, the plank and batten work adds another layer of interest. You can easily make boards and slats with a pine board, a ruler and a circular saw.

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17. Black and white go well, and these glossy black accents paired with a white ceiling and walls are no exception. Add metal lighting and a leather-covered desk for texture and your home office will be refreshed.

18. Studio McGee and Co. is one of the top design firms on my list for great use of color in office spaces. A masculine look can be achieved in almost any room by painting a bookshelf a bold color.

19. Feeling overwhelmed by this list? Not sure if you can make these changes to your spare bedroom to create a home office?

Here is an example of a simple room with nice lighting and a medium green color. The key is to paint the walls the same color as the walls for a tiled look. Add an animal skin rug and a simple table to complete the look.

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20. If you think custom furniture and a major renovation are the only ways to achieve a masculine home office look for your home business, here’s some inspiration to prove you wrong.

The white IKEA desk with drawers and wooden top is an inexpensive way to add a semi-custom desk to your office. With extra cans of paint and new lighting, your spare bedroom becomes a magazine office.

21. Built-ins are still at the top of my list because they make a space unique and go from blah to brilliant. But add color to your cabinets or bookshelves and you’ve added another level to your home office.

Home Office Decor Ideas Mens

22. No home office is complete without an executive desk with drawers on both sides and natural wood or wood veneer for a solid feel. It is a working machine and a basic element of any fancy home office.

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23. If you prefer to DIY your home office, the best way is to add a desk on top of 2 filing cabinets to get enough storage space and a desk that suits your needs.

24. Built-ins in blue lacquer make any home office better than any other. There’s something about the bright color and natural light reflecting off the cabinets that speaks classic.

25. A man’s office is not complete without a cowhide rug. So lay down a textured rug to add a natural yet masculine element to your home office.

Retractable rugs can be layered over sisal, hardwood or even carpet to seamlessly blend into an existing room.

Beautiful Home Office Ideas & Designs

Not surprisingly, most of these rooms have one thing in common (besides the desk without the computer), and that’s a great color that brings the whole room together.

I ALWAYS recommend testing a large patch of paint before applying it to the rest of the house. This is an expensive mistake you don’t want to make, so I recommend using the Samplize peel and stick sample to try out your favorite.

Spending $25 on paint samples is always cheaper than a kitchen full of hateful, bitter cabinets you can’t afford.

Home Office Decor Ideas Mens

The colors you see in other people’s homes will not look the same in yours. Photos are often edited, lightened or color enhanced. Don’t just rely on photos to make a decision – trust the process and taste the color. *Pro Tip* COMPUTER MONITOR, CONTROLS AND CABLES

Designing A Masculine Home Office

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While I will admit that the male home office images above are professionally designed and most of them do not have a computer, there are things we can do around computers and cables.

Next, another great addition to your home office is a standing desk. Here are two, a very basic standing desk and a more unique desk.

Finally, the best way to hide wires and

Home Office Trends On Their Way Out

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