Home Office Decoration Ideas

Home Office Decoration Ideas – Picture this: You decide to work from home. Before you know it, it’s noon and you’re still in your pajamas. You feel demotivated and your productivity decreases. The cycle repeats. But what if not? What if all you need is a little DIY home office upgrade to get your best work (at home) back? Tip: yes. The process is easier than you think. In fact, we proved it to some trusted bloggers and interior designers with DIY home office decor ideas you can make in no time. From organization tips to space-saving techniques to aesthetic decorating and more, the list below has productivity-enhancing ideas for every space, style, and budget.

Whether you’re working a grueling 9:5 shift, balancing multiple tasks, or looking for your next job, these settings are beautiful, functional, and sure to inspire you to give it your all. Not sure where to start? Turn an unused closet into a cozy home office nook. Or add a bright pop of color to your walls for an instant creativity boost. Want to decorate on a budget? Showcase your inspiration on a gallery wall or family photo series. Is space limited? DIY your guest room into the perfect versatile home office, or purchase a desk for a smaller space. Take it from us: At the end of a long (work) day, these simple home office decorating ideas will keep you going.

Home Office Decoration Ideas

Home Office Decoration Ideas

When interior designer Coco Kelly transformed this loft into a home office, she angled the desk toward the window for optimal light and a glare-free computer screen. She makes quick and free practical and easy changes like this one.

Magnificently Masculine Home Office Decor Ideas & Decor Inspo

We love this lively home office setup with a DIY wall-mounted desk to save floor space. Insert modular shelving above for additional storage and display.

When in doubt, get creative with your seating arrangement. These cheap IKEA desk chair hacks can be done for under $50 total.

Add eclectic character to your home office with our curated gallery walls. Get inspired by these photos featuring images and artwork from local artisans.

Interior designer Ann Wolf is known for her elegant and sophisticated designs, and this chic home office is no exception. Add animal print to your personal space for a fun and stylish finish.

Home Office Decor Ideas That Will Make You Want To Work All Day

On the other hand, notes interior designer Amy Corley, she balances this textured space with feminine touches of pink and gold. Get the look by switching up your handrails or lightweight furniture.

Is space limited? Turn your guest bedroom into a cheery home office with a DIY desk and plenty of storage space.

The dark tones give the space a modern and sophisticated look. Paint the larger storage space black or navy blue to achieve this aesthetic.

Home Office Decoration Ideas

Interior designer Kelsey Hymel of Kelsey Lee Interiors immediately upgraded this home office to the next level by replacing the ceiling fan with a crystal chandelier. Step up your glam factor with an equally luxe item or two. Pro tip: Understated, elegant styles with minimal colors add a particularly feminine touch.

Small Office Décor Ideas

Want your home office to look larger than life? Expand your space with a free standing mirror. Go the old-fashioned route or opt for a modern rectangular frame instead.

Soft floral wallpaper pulls this light and bright space together. We also love the sliding French doors!

Bring nature indoors with botanical and greenery prints. Live or framed, plants add an organic and peaceful touch to any workspace.

That closet you don’t use? Turn it into a cozy home office space for two. Pictured here are a DIY colored wood floating shelf and backsplash.

Working From Home? Tips For A Productive Home Office

What keeps you going at the end of a long day? Put your answers front and center with this unique and functional photo display. We love the rustic, livable feel of this farmhouse chic home office.

Add a pop of color to your walls to instantly add originality. The shade shown here is Coral Reef SW 6606 by Sherwin Williams, but other lighter shades will do the trick. Experiment with different shades to find the one that works for you.

What is the first step to improve productivity? Organize group clutter and store essentials with file bins, storage organizers, sliding bins, and more.

Home Office Decoration Ideas

Sleek chairs and symmetrical décor define this bold and masculine space. Frame the desk with two tall trees to create a unified look.

Inspirational Home Office Decor Ideas

A charcoal ceiling unites this striking home office. Add a similar touch to your space with dark tones of your choice. Paint the walls first though!

Turn an unused wall into a functional workspace, even with stairs. A dark ship’s backsplash adds a special touch to this inexpensive DIY desk project.

These cool DIY built-ins add personal storage to your monochromatic home office. Complete your project with full fabric wallpaper for a subtle yet attractive finish.

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Desk Decor Ideas To Create Your Own Aesthetic

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21 Painted Floors Wayfair Shop Sale Ideas for a Whimsical Farmhouse Find the Best Nursery Deals at Wayfair’s Way Day Sale Where to Buy Coastal Cowgirl Home Decor Remember the commute to and from the office? Have you spent your day working under strip lights, chatting in the kitchen with coworkers, and getting angry when someone uses your special office mug? Over the past year, homes have turned into offices as many have transitioned to remote work. Whether you have a dedicated space or a corner of your bedroom/living room/kitchen, you want your workspace to be calm, uncluttered and elegant.

For Maddie Potts, interior influencer and author of This 1870 House Blog, her bedroom doubles as a workspace. “I organize everything at the end of the day. Laptop stands, laptops in drawers, etc. They don’t go overnight. But the most important thing about creating a home office space is what works for you. With that in mind, Maddy and two other interior experts share stylish home office ideas.

Home Office Decoration Ideas

“Pick a color that really makes you happy. You may find yellow uplifting, but others may find it jarring. You may like subdued gray, but someone else may not like it. My workspace at home is a mix of green forest and white. I wanted something bold. contrasted with mostly white Ikea artwork and furniture. The combination works in all seasons. It’s refreshing in the summer, yet cozy on a dark winter afternoon,” says the interiors blogger Carole King.

Home Office Background Ideas To Always Be

“A good chair makes a big difference. You need to sit comfortably all day, and it doesn’t have to be a high-back, luxurious, ergonomic office chair. I use soft, padded armchairs,” says Maddy. When it comes to desks, Scarlett Blackie, creative director at Ophelia Black Interior Design, offers the following advice: “You have to make sure it’s practical and of good quality so that it lasts. Make sure the size fits your space and allows you to move around the chair and get in and out comfortably. They come in a variety of styles, including industrial style with warm wood and metal, or neutral colors with brass or marble.Includes an attractive looking desk designed.”

“Almost all of my work is paperless. Even my notebook is gathering dust from using the Notes app, so I keep my desk pretty clean,” says Maddy. “I have a cup of coffee.

Use While You Work: I don’t know why it helps, but it seems like a nod to the office coffee mug. And I love candle diffusers.” Carol adds, “There’s nothing like sheepskin to warm up a stiff office chair. And the floor mats. I also find anglepoise lamps indispensable. Turn on the light even when it’s not dark. desk. I love the pool of light.”

“I like to have as much green around me as possible. Houseplants grace any zoom background and are a great excuse for watering, pruning, or general planting. In my ‘office’ I have monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant), fiddle leaf fig, devil’s ivy, asparagus fern and heart floss,” Maddie says. “I’m especially fond of dried flowers right now because they are fresh in winter. Buying flowers is a concern for sustainability. I’ve recently found that I use the lowest and lowest setting on my hair dryer to remove dust easily!”

Wall Decor Ideas For Home Office

“I like the lockers because they are very organised. This way everything can be hidden from view. There are some shelves for books and files that you use every day, and some shelves are just for decoration. And we adjust as we go,” says Carroll. “Me too

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