Home Office Design Ideas Basement

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Home Office Design Ideas Basement

Home Office Design Ideas Basement

The first step to designing a home office is to find a place to put the home office. Sometimes it takes a little creativity. If you don’t have the space on the main floor to deal with all your nooks and crannies, you might want to go downstairs to see if your basement has room to spare.

Beautiful Home Office Design Ideas To Show Your Personality

“With more and more employees choosing to work from home, I think basements are a great place to put a home office,” says Gail Jamentz, principal architect at Soul Interiors Design. “They often provide privacy for everyday household activities and often have less floor space than other rooms in the home.”

Indeed, the floor can seem like an odd place in the home office. But with a little thought, you can create a basement home office that is just as beautiful and focused as a home office on any other floor.

To help you kick the habit, we asked four interior designers to share how they turned their basement into a home office space.

Start by asking yourself two simple questions: how much office space do you need and how much basement space do you have?

Home Office Layouts (illustrated Floor Plans)

“Think about what other activities should be done in the basement,” says Erin Coren, founder and principal designer of Curated Nest Interiors. “Are the children going to play there during work, which means you need an enclosed area? Need storage? How many screens do you use?

Once you know your home office needs—and the limitations of your basement—you can decide where to put your office. In some cases, you will need an entire room. For others, you may be able to mount a desk on the wall or a cabinet that is not being used.

Before you remodel your basement, consider decluttering. This may mean getting rid of things you no longer need. Even if it means the complete cleanliness of your basement.

Home Office Design Ideas Basement

Nadia Watts, senior designer at Nadia Watts Interior Design, says she likes this approach because it gives you a “clean slate” to work with—making it easier to figure out what will maximize your space needs.

Basement Home Office Ideas And Inspiration

Another easy way to transform your basement? Paint it again. “A fresh coat of paint is a great way to start transforming a room,” says Watts.

Consider the choice of colors. “If you work long hours, make sure you use colors in your office that will keep you productive,” says Coren. “Having a space where you feel comfortable and productive will help set the stage for success.”

No office is complete without a great work chair, so invest in a chair that will make you feel comfortable all day long.

And keep some essentials to keep you comfortable during the work day. If you are prone to colds, keep a thick blanket or slippers on the table. (After all, one of the perks of homework is that only your friends can see you from the waist up.)

Home Office Ideas For Running A Business From Home

If you are one of the lucky ones with a windowed roof, take advantage of the natural light. And if not, consider upgrading your lighting equipment. “One challenge with low ceilings is light—or the lack of it,” says Watts. “Do you need to add or upgrade equipment to create more light?”

Check out the recessed lights in your area. Then consider where you can make changes. Can you swap counters for a larger option, upgrade to light fixtures, or add bridges to your walls?

Lighting is an obvious problem when building a basement. But noise can be a problem. That’s why Lynn Stone, founder and interior designer of Hunter Carson Design, recommends spending time on the floor before decorating.

Home Office Design Ideas Basement

If your basement is too noisy, you have a few options. “If noise is a problem, door closers, carpeting, and doors with strong locks can help reduce noise,” says Coren. And if the situation is serious, Stone recommends contacting a contractor who can help you properly insulate your walls and roof.

Finished Basement Ideas: Pro Tips To Add Livable Space

If coffee is part of your daily routine, it has a place in your home office. “Signs of a good office are things like a coffee table that turns into a ping pong table, a coffee machine that makes you forget about Starbucks, and a place where you want to be,” says Stone. He adds that while a ping pong table can be a long shot, a handy coffee can go a long way.

And if you’re not a caffeinated person, you can always indulge in the decorated snack trays. “When those hard days come, you want to make sure your home office is stocked with healthy snacks—especially if you’re working on the floor away from the main kitchen,” says Jamentz.

The best thing about building a home office from scratch? You can design your space according to your needs. So if your work day consists of different tasks, dedicate it to each of them.

“Designing a functional home office works best when you have similar tasks grouped together in their space,” says Jamentz. He notes that computer work can live in one area, meetings can live in another, and mail room work can live in another.

Tips To Successfully Paint Your Basement

“Once you’ve considered the areas you work in, decided how much space is appropriate for each job, and measured all the necessary items, it’s time to design your space,” said Jamentz. This way, your space should be organized, comfortable and ready for production.

“Looking at beautiful art, inspirational quotes, or decorative items goes a long way toward making your workday more enjoyable,” says Jamentz. “Also, displaying customer quotes, thank you notes and reviews is a great way to lift your spirits on the occasional busy day.”

Accessorize your home office with candles, prints, and more to provide inspiration when you need it.

Home Office Design Ideas Basement

When furnishing your home office, consider whether your floors need maintenance. Once a clean space is created, I encourage my clients to decide if the floor needs refinishing or refinishing,” says Watts. This could mean replacing the floors quickly – or simply adding carpets.

Beautiful Home Office Ideas

Before it becomes your new home office, your basement may serve a different purpose. And maybe you don’t need to say goodbye to his work.

“What we love about basements is that they are a great place to store things that don’t fit anywhere else in the house,” said Stone. “If you want to convert your basement into an office without losing the benefits of a basement, call our private office.”

Stylish storage options—like floor-to-ceiling cabinets, open bookshelves, and desks lined with drawers—can help you make the most of your basement without putting together a home office.

Good lighting is the foundation of every home office. And often you will need several different options for your job. “In fact, it’s best to have three sources of light in the workplace: skylight, task light, and natural light if possible,” says Jamentz. Since natural light is limited in most basements, you will need access to all other equipment.

Ideas For Your Home Office That Make You Want To Work

So upgrade your hardware, replace the desk lamps and plant the bright lights. Then add flexibility by installing dimmers.

“As the sun begins to set, switch to warm, bright lighting to help unify the workspace with the rest of the home,” says Stone. “You can have the best office, but if you don’t have the right lighting, you’ll feel like you’re working in a basement.”

Set yourself up for success by keeping your space clean and organized. “When it comes to designing an environment that supports your performance, it’s important to realize how important the beauty of your interior is to your mind, happiness, and energy,” said Jamentz.

Home Office Design Ideas Basement

There are a variety of ways to do this, but desk essentials—such as bulletin boards, pens, and calendars—can make your office beautiful and efficient.

Design Inspiration For Finishing A Basement

Upholstered furniture may look out of place in a home office. But it’s a surprisingly good decision. First, it gives you a comfortable place to sleep during your lunch break. It also reduces noise in your basement.

“Adding luxurious furniture—such as sofas, rugs and drapes—will greatly reduce annoying noise from the upper part of the room,” says Jamentz.

One simple step you shouldn’t overlook? Make sure you have all the exits

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