Home Office Design Ideas Standing Desk

Home Office Design Ideas Standing Desk – One of the benefits of working from home is that you can create your own workspace – with a comfortable fit and an ergonomic standing chair. After all, a good office boosts your mood and increases productivity. Even if you’ve used standing desks before, designing the perfect desk for your home office will give you the opportunity to put your own stamp on it.

Many of the benefits of standing desks come from the fact that they allow you to mix standing – on and off – with other sitting work throughout the day. Increasing your standing position has the following positive effects:

Home Office Design Ideas Standing Desk

Home Office Design Ideas Standing Desk

Creating an efficient, productive and comfortable office will be unique to everyone, depending on the type of work you do, the amount of space you have and your preferences. The most important things to consider when choosing a desk for your home office are the shape, size and location of your office, your need for flexibility and lighting.

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Even with height-adjustable desks, you’ll need to find a good ergonomic home office chair that fills your space and supports you throughout the day, whether you’re standing or sitting.

A good home chair can help you maintain a comfortable posture by allowing your shoulders, spine and hips to align. Both thickness and height adjustments add comfort to your desk so you can maintain a comfortable, natural posture and reduce neck and back pain.

Standing desks provide an ergonomic chair for standing desk users to use while sitting. Types of standing desk chairs include:

Whether you’ve been working in a “temporary” home office for a long time, or you’re just starting to work from home, it’s never too late to create a permanent home office. Find the perfect home office stand for your space at Stand Up Stadium. When Trey and I were planning how we wanted to transform our home office, we knew we needed a desk. He planned to play and record in the room while I looked for a place to write and possibly do some small craft projects. Although we felt we needed more desk space, we didn’t want a large desk to take up all the space in the room. Hmm… what to do?

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We decided to make a standing desk. This enables a few things: we can work in different areas, we have desk space, the middle/most of the room is empty and clean. Hurray! Building the table also proved to be easy. Two bucks!

If you are building a standing desk in your office, the materials we use may be very different from what you need. The great thing about building your own furniture is that you can customize it to fit your space perfectly! So the measurements below show what fits our position. Measure your walls to see how much wood you may need.

Materials: (1) 1 in. x 2 ft. X 6 Pine boards, (1) 1 in. x 2 ft. x 5 ft. x 2 f x

Home Office Design Ideas Standing Desk

1.) Cut the boards to fit your space. Your local lumber supplier probably doesn’t have the exact measurements you need. Use your own wood, or have them cut the wood to size. We cut two boards at the corner to match the corner of our room. You can also avoid cutting corners but still make corners by doing something like this.

Amazon.com: Flexispot 48 Inches Electric Standing Desk Height Adjustable Home Office Table Stand Up Desk Leg W/automatic Smart Keypad (upgraded White Frame + 48 In White Top),48×30 Inch

2.) Place the top of all the wood on the cut edges. The reason you need to sand the entire surface is to make the wood feel good even after sealing. Polyurethane can make unbroken surfaces more sensitive than before.

3.) After sanding, wipe the surface. Seal one or two pieces of polyurethane. If you want to stain the wood, do it before sealing. We left ours raw because we liked the light.

4.) You will want to attach your boards to the wall before attaching the wood. I think we bought too big to exceed the width of our wood. We wanted them to be strong, so we didn’t have to worry about putting too much weight on them. That said, you’ll definitely want to find at least 2 studios that focus on each area of ​​the board.

Finding a studio is a frustrating step that doesn’t allow enough time to work. I heard a lot of profanity from Trey during this event. So I stopped with the putty. 😉 Here are some tips for finding a studio:

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• Researcher. You can find it in any hardware store. You slide over your wall until they hit you. They always give you a good start, but be sure to double check with the following techniques. Academic researchers are often wrong

• Find parameters. There are some parts of the room that always have a studio: the corner of the room, the side of the boxes, the door frames, the window frames. It’s a great way to make sure you’re at the studio.

• The standard width between studs is 16 or 24 inches. Depending on the age and size of your home, it may comply with building codes that require studs to be 16 inches (standard) or 24 inches. Ours is 16 inches, and is the center between studs.

Home Office Design Ideas Standing Desk

• Good ole test. You may have seen your dad do this or tried it yourself. As you can imagine, drywall + opening seems to be more empty than drywall + a piece of 2×4 wood (rule of thumb). So watch out for more knocks. Honestly, this is a confusing technique. I’m not sure if I understood that correctly. I often use it to learn about previous techniques.

Creating A Functional Standing Desk Home Office Layout

We usually find the direction and measure 16 inches (or 24 inches) in both directions. Then we use studio research and crash testing to confirm. Of course, you can always use plaster of paris. If you plan to do a lot of work on this table, we only recommend that you install at least 2 of these lines to match.

Once you’ve found your studio, mark it and use a level to make sure your heads are level. Attach the bracket to the wall. Then close the wood together. Boom!

We absolutely love how the table is rounded. Although it is the perfect height for standing and working, we also bought some easy metal chairs (chair height) for occasional sitting. Thank you for allowing us to share the table with you. We’ll share photos of the entire office with the shipping line later in the week! xo Emma Do you want to improve your productivity at work? It may be time to consider buying a desk, an office trend that really took off in the last decade. These desks help you stand up while doing your work and can provide health benefits such as better posture, less pain and better alertness. In addition, they allow you to change your position throughout the day, which is something that everyone dreams of doing most days in the office.

If your job involves sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen for long periods of time, you’re probably exhausted after an hour or so. After lunch? That’s when the grind starts, and focusing on those papers can be a challenge. But the fix can be as simple as changing the standing desk. We’ve all seen them on design websites. And going to one can be beneficial for you.

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In 2013, a board member of the American Medical Association said, “Long periods of sitting, especially at work, can cause health problems, and workplaces should provide workers with alternatives to sitting throughout the day. . The grant will help create a healthy workforce.” The consultant also recommended that employers include office space.

To back up this statement with research, CNN reported in 2019 that April Chambers, an assistant professor of biology at the University of Pittsburgh, led a review of the study sitting as it relates to human health. “We’ve seen consistent improvements in discomfort and pain in research when people use desks,” says Chambers. “And this was found not only in people with back pain, for example, but also in obese adults and in the healthy population.”

Other studies show that standing up after eating can help with blood sugar

Home Office Design Ideas Standing Desk

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