Home Office Furniture Charlotte Nc

Home Office Furniture Charlotte Nc – Welcome to Urban 9-5, your online source for unique office furniture, including a collection of industry-specific desks, workstations, seating, storage, and more. We specialize in bringing a rustic, industrial feel to your office or industrial workspace. Whether you need a complete office makeover or a small home office, we can help.

While there are many ways to achieve an industrial feel in your workspace, our collection of premium, practical and unique designs will pull your workspace together. The industrial design philosophy is about simplicity and the pride of showing what others try to hide. Our industrial desks become a focal point in any room. Our office seating and storage options are the perfect match to complete the look.

Home Office Furniture Charlotte Nc

Home Office Furniture Charlotte Nc

We have been in the office furniture business for over 30 years. ​​​​Our designers found a passion for industrial design and the Urban 9-5 brand was born. All of our orders are fulfilled and shipped from our over 30,000 manufacturing/shipping warehouses in Utah. This is our exclusive design that you won’t find anywhere else. We bring the best of old and new together, and our combination of wood and metal gives it an industrial feel. Whether you’re a design professional, a business – big or small or an individual Working from a home office – we’re here to help!

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I have never found anything so well packaged. You can tell they spent a lot of time making sure the board got us safely. We received a lot of shipments, this was a nice surprise, just like the quality of the furniture we ordered. We will definitely order again.

This is a big purchase for me, but it’s exactly what I’m looking for. I had many questions and they answered them patiently. I’m not happy with my desk setup. The quality is great and I have received many compliments.

I am an interior designer and enrolled in the 9-5 Urban Trade program. My clients and I love the look of finely cleaned wood. I like furniture that is made in the USA and ships very quickly compared to what I have experienced elsewhere. The customer is very happy and I look forward to working together on other projects in the future

We have made several purchases from Urban 9-5 over the past 4 years. We set up 8 offices as cow stables, and meeting rooms. You can’t beat the quality. It is realistic, but unique. Every customer we visit the office comments on our furniture. We always recommend Urban 9-5.

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What is reclaimed wood and why is it a valuable product in many offices? This is the base coat.

What are some important ideas to consider when designing your office lighting installation? This is enough.

What can you do to make your office feel more like home? Here are some suggestions, for interior and other areas.

Home Office Furniture Charlotte Nc

We know this is a big decision and an important investment. Whether buying 1 table or 100 tables, our customers spend a lot of time on buying just right. You can be confident that you will find high quality and unique industrial furniture. Our furniture is durable, heavy-duty, but still has the industrial style you’ll love.

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At Closet and Storage Concepts in Charlotte, NC, we don’t just make custom wardrobes. We help you live a more organized life by helping you create organization and storage solutions throughout your home, including your office! These are just a few reasons why you should consider custom solutions in your office.

One of the most important aspects of an organized office is having a clear desk for your work. Whether you often work from home or need a clean space away from the kids, make sure you keep your desk organized. With home offices and custom storage, we help you create solutions that last. Do not put your desk away from the kitchen table, where you have to shuffle papers and documents every day. A space just for you where you can start your business.

Speaking of a clean desktop, you can only achieve a clean workspace if you have enough storage space for files and documents. Our units can include as many drawers and cabinets above or below your desk as needed so that the equipment also has space. Bookshelves and additional storage built around your workspace can help you make the most of your space in terms of storage or give your home office a personal feel and space for photos and crafts.

One of the main benefits of custom design is that we can help you match the style, finish and size of your cabinetry to your existing space and design. This means you get a seamless fit that can’t be found in other big box furniture stores. Plus, our high-quality materials mean you can expect your storage system to last for years to come.

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Having one place for everything means you can spend less time organizing or cleaning, leaving you more time to get things done. Plus, a clean space can help you focus on making the most of your time. No need to search for specific documents or materials – you’ll know where to find them.

Many of our Charlotte clients often use the living room as a home office. If you’re looking to create a home office without sacrificing your living room, a Murphy bed and home office can help you create the best of both worlds. The wall bed can be stowed away when you need space for a home office, and the bed can be easily pulled down when it needs to be converted into a living room.

Still not sure that wardrobe and home office furniture is the way to go? Drop into our Charlotte showroom to see some of the most popular solutions and chat with our designers! We are proud to serve the greater Charlotte area. Contact us today to schedule your free interior design consultation! It has incredible storage capacity, with built-in PCs to suit your modern, tech-savvy lifestyle. In the middle, the computer credenza offers five drawers, including a keyboard drawer, removable tabs in the outer drawer, a utility drawer, and a lockable filing cabinet with legal storage of Pendaflex to help you store your important documents. Organization and security. PC-ready, the credenza also has a door that opens to reveal the printer’s pull-out tray and adjustable stand, and the FC620 power bar features two power outlets, a phone jack, high-speed data, and a USB port. to plug in your modern devices. Life. The included Hutch has an overhead light to illuminate your work surface, along with two adjustable shelf doors behind each and a central shelf that creates the perfect space for family photos. There are two bookcases and shelves on the outside of the storage space, providing you with ample space and shelves to store small items, books and other important items. Finished in brown, the office wall unit offers a sophisticated look and storage space to provide everything that is missing to make up your home office space.

Home Office Furniture Charlotte Nc

The Credenza calculator offers five drawers, including a front center drawer, a document drawer, and two utility drawers. A door opens to reveal a pull-out printer tray and another adjustable shelf, the knee area also has a shelf. Hutch components have two doors with an adjustable shelf each and an adjustable shelf in the middle door. The two bookcases together provide eight adjustable shelves and four doors. Side elements complete the storage with four adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf.

Hooker Furniture South Park 5078 10464+67+2×45+2×50 Home Office Wall Unit With Computer Credenza

All drawers are locking file drawers and feature a Pendaflex legal/postal storage system. The file drawer holds both text and legal-size documents with a 150-pound capacity.

Computer Credenzas have power ports accessible from above the Desk, a drawer in the middle, a lap area, and a printer area on the right door. Many Tables and Cabins have charging stations for phones, MP3 players, and other portable electronic devices. The ends of the box at the director’s desk have decorative metal cables to help keep cables and cords organized. The Entertainment Tank and Wall Mount have removable back panels with washers and air vents.

Multistep finishes with up to 16 steps give the finish clarity, depth, rich color and durability; Handcrafted details such as brushes and a matte finish ensure that every finish feels as good as it looks with a pleasing smoothness to the hand.

The collection is made of solid wood, including poplar, maple and birch. The frame is assembled from solid wood and selected veneers

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