Home Office Ideas Dark

Home Office Ideas Dark – The last two decades have seen a drastic change in work culture, and the idea of ​​boring and repetitive cubicles has been abandoned in favor of more interesting offices. But as more and more people are eschewing daily commutes and work from the confines of their homes, the shift from work to home is becoming more significant. The change has been accelerated by the recent global pandemic and now almost everyone seems to have turned a room or small corner of the house into a dedicated office. While there are colors like white and blue that are used in the home office, today we turn our attention to black!

Black home offices are just as inviting, charming and efficient as their counterparts in lighter, neutral shades. But they add an extra touch of sophistication to the room and also allow you to design the room with a different touch from the rest of the house. You’ll be amazed at how well this color works in a contemporary home office and the sophistication it brings to even the most basic of rooms. Here’s a look at them, covering styles and sizes

Home Office Ideas Dark

Home Office Ideas Dark

If you’re someone who’s a little afraid of using too much black in your home office, we suggest starting with a more “black and white” look. Black and white home offices, which tend to be more black, allow you to try a dark shade without committing completely. Another approach that is “more black than white” here is to add white rugs, carpets and drapes to a home office with black walls. Once again, create a balance between light and dark elements while allowing room for variation in accents along the line.

Home Office Ideas You’ll Love

Coffered Ceiling with Black Wood Beams and Classic Black Windows for a Traditional Home Office [From: Gage-Martin Interiors]

One of the many advantages of black like white is that you can easily use it in almost any decorating style. Textured black walls are suitable for industrial, agricultural and rustic offices, while a more polished black finish suits modern, Scandinavian and contemporary styles. In addition to black walls, you can also add black desks and dark wood cabinets to ensure you have a stylish home office with a clean look. With black walls, it’s also easy to switch between styles, and a simple change of furniture can transform a modern Scandinavian or farmhouse space into an eclectic or shabby chic home office!

An inventive modern home office with textured walls and a dark desk that also adds to the color scheme [via: Sergey Makhno Architects]

Small Black Home Desk with Built-in Wood Desk and Copper Pendant [From: Anthony W Design and Local Trade]

Simple But Transformative Office Decor Ideas From Designers

Once you’ve decided to give your home office a black makeover, it’s also a good idea to spend some time choosing other colors you want to use in the room. Gold accents are great with black for a glamorous Hollywood Regency home office, while orange adds a fall flavor to a black home office. Yellow is another popular color that works well with black almost every time, while red and green should be used more sparingly. Dark grays and dark blues mix with black and are ideal when using a tone-on-tone decor approach in your office space.

Black and dark blue walls lend an air of urban chic to a home office [from: CBP SIA]

Sherry is a blogger who loves to live life to the fullest. She loves everything related to design, decor and modern fashion trends. Born in California, Sherry grew up in open fields and wild environments, which defined her interest in design and developed her interest in examining how structures and homes interact with beauty […] If you view Feed My and Home , you will find out very quickly, I am a lover of light neutral colors. While this is true, I think there are places where darker colors are appropriate. For example, I like a dark accent wall, dark painted interior doors, or even an entire desk painted dark.

Home Office Ideas Dark

In our current home, we added a dark shiplap accent wall to our home office, but in our new home, we’re looking to take it even further.

Modern Home Office Interior Design Tips

A new home will usually be light-colored, but our home office is a place we’ll go in the dark. Using dark colors in the interior can create a modern and sophisticated look. It can also create a completely different atmosphere and mood.

For our home office, I envision a space that will enhance our creativity. I truly believe that your environment can help you be more productive.

I mean who doesn’t love working in a coffee shop, sitting in a leather chair, looking out the big floor to ceiling windows, soft music playing in the background, coffee in hand. Come on, I can definitely pull off something like that, all right. It will be our own coffee shop environment in our home.

We haven’t decided if we’ll paint the whole room dark or if we’ll just do the shelves and some accent areas like this:

Stylish And Dramatic Masculine Home Offices

The desk is painted in Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore. I love the look of dark paint on white walls. The light carpet also contrasts nicely with the dark wood desk and floor.

I also love the home office. Shades of green and brass accents will create the perfect environment to inspire creativity!

Here is another great desk. Wall art, wall color and modern light fixtures give the space a sense of elegance, while leather and greenery give a more comfortable feel.

Home Office Ideas Dark

Again, pay attention to the use of light pillows. I find that using light pillows and drapes in a dark room helps bring in some light and air.

Charming Vintage Home Offices

The picture says it all! I love the dark color of the walls, the use of wood and leather added inside the checkered ottoman is also a nice touch. I imagine the fire is burning, the snow is blowing, and Henry and I are busy writing blog posts.

I love how each of these home desks create a sophisticated home office look while maintaining such a creative mood and tone. Fun and warm vibes also reflect the perfect mood we’re aiming for.

This site excites me so much! I like to surround myself with work environments that create this feeling without leaving our home. Now I just need to find a way to add a coffee bar!

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