Home Office Ideas For Couples

Home Office Ideas For Couples – Sharing how we turned an empty room into a co-working office space with lots of storage.

This is the first room you see when you enter our home. Our couple’s office space. The previous owners used this space as another sitting area before we moved. To me, this room screams office space, so that’s what we did.

Home Office Ideas For Couples

Home Office Ideas For Couples

Before we sold the house and before the flood disaster, which you can read about here, we had our contractor Kenny Gross from Carabella Custom Homes and our carpenter from Mike Kunkel’s Custom Cabinets measure the space. was To help her realize my vision, I drew up a plan and created a design board of what I envisioned for the space. We had originally expected the project to be completed within a few weeks of our move, but the lack of land due to flooding was already in effect. So for three months, my couple’s company remained just a vision on a design board.

Small Home Office Modifications β€” The Tiny Canal Cottage

Since my husband and I will be sharing this space, my first priority is to ensure that adequate security and functionality are in place. By adding floor to ceiling along the entire back wall, excessive storage is not an issue. We decided on a peninsula table that we believed would balance the room and allow us to work on both sides. Yes!, I will not look at my husband while studying! Yes, I think this is my favorite part! Being able to work with my husband is really fun. Plus, it’s a great place for kids to do crafts and homework after school.

Between the bottom and top boxes, my husband and I chose a fun herringbone pattern that we could attach ourselves to. I am very happy with how this DIY project turned out. Everything went very quickly and only took us two hours to do and cost less than $60! As long as you make sure all your pieces are placed at a perfect 45 degree angle, everything will fit perfectly. Here’s a short video on how we did it.

I knew I wanted the colors of this room to be blue, gold, green and white. We painted Kensington Blue by Benjamin Moore. It’s the same color as my kitchen island. The wood is finished by Kentwood Flooring through Good Guy Flooring (they are a dream to work with if you live in the DFW area). I love how the wood floor is filled with blue.

A favorite find for this room is definitely the acrylic and gold hardware I found on Etsy. It’s just the right amount of bling that makes it feel incredibly feminine to my husband. πŸ™‚ I added gold decor pieces that I found at Home Goods, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Z Gallery. My husband also took help from Etsy (don’t know how to use that app, haha!). Amazing discovery of race car tracks and quotes written on the book (in my husband’s language) “Ayrton Senna”.

Home Office Ideas From Camille Styles Newly Renovated Space

For months I have been looking for cheap green velvet office chairs. The moment I found this chair at World Market I knew it was meant to be. This antique gold chandelier is also from the world market or dream.

I wonder how this whole house turned out. This is now my favorite place to create and will be where I create all my amazing things in the future! If you and your partner currently work from home, you may be fighting for space in a home office. Creating a workspace that works for two can be a challenge! It’s not all pretty coffee tables and similar macs – you both need a functional, comfortable and inspiring space to do your work. With a little planning and some compromise, you can achieve this. Check out these 19 tips for pulling off a great home office for two with style and grace.

1. Art Pair ($24 + each): Give LA-based designer Mike Snow a pair of matching (and slightly different) art prints like Hermosa Blue I and Hermosa Blue II. Find a pair of beautiful art prints on Minted to match your relationship style.

Home Office Ideas For Couples

2. Matching tables: Placing two tables together in a small room can create a sense of unity. Use separate chairs and lamps if you don’t want them to match. (via Studio DIY)

Interior Designers Are Loving These Home Office Ideas

3. Side by Side: If your desks face each other too much, place them on opposite sides of the room. (via Hey Wanderer)

4. Contrast: Chances are, if you’re behind a computer screen, it’s easy to forget someone else is with you. Don’t worry, you can still play under the table. (from sugar and eggs)

5. Ikea hack: Hack a large table or chair by attaching two RAST cloths under the counter top to make a long table with tons of storage – one cloth for each of you. (via PMQ for both)

6. Different chairs: Whether you’re creating a workspace for the kids to do homework or for you and your employees, everyone feels special when they get their own specific chair. (via (+Co)

Shared Home Office Ideas: How We Created A Functional & Productive Space

, so have fun decorating the space and hang your favorite paintings or drawings. (via (+Co)

8. Zen Space: Bring some balance to your workspace and desktop environment. Think of it as something during the endless phone calls. (via (+Co)

9. Small Space: Even the smallest home can have a dedicated workspace. The couple dropped the monitor to protect another table. (with happy thoughts)

Home Office Ideas For Couples

10. Sleep and rest: With a comfortable couch or chair, your workspace can be more than just a chair. You will be able to execute your best thinking in a beautiful way. (via (+Co)

Home Office Decorating Ideas To Steal From Instagram

11. Corner Office: No one puts a baby in the corner…well, in this case, it’s better. Make two separate work spaces using the “left” nails for both pairs. (via Grillo Design)

12. Pop of Color: Here, magnetic pom poms add some fun to a simple table lamp. If you love rainbows but don’t know where to start, this brings instant color with no guarantees. (via A Kailo Chic)

13. Chair: If you and your partner work from home every day, try to create a space – even if it’s small – dedicated just to work. That way, it’s easy to quit at the end of the day and still be together. (via Dance Lee Lake House)

14. To Each His Own: Keep your notebooks and planners handy so you don’t waste a little desk space with these custom books. (via (+Co)

Home Office Ideas To Create Inspiring Workspaces

15. Living walls: Don’t underestimate the cooling power of plants. Macrame planters and miniature terrariums might not be your style, but a living wall takes up no space and gives you the added bonus of something fun to look at. (From A Beautiful Mess)

16. Wall Calendar: The desktop version isn’t always convenient, and with a tall person there’s no chance you’ll misread it from across the room. (via Joyful Riley)

17. Illumination: If you’re struggling to find a place to put these lights, try hanging linden lights above any office. A small patterned wallpaper behind the desk is not harmful. (via (+Co)

Home Office Ideas For Couples

18. Desk Setup: Sharing any space is difficult, but a desk requires planning and precision. Anything and everything that helps you stay organized is important. (from sugar and eggs)

Creative Home Office Desk Ideas For Two

19. Add some fun: Nameplates are common now, and they’re a great way to add an element of fun to a more serious space. You can also have a confetti drawer to help celebrate your success, but that’s your call. (via Aww Sam)

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Creative Workspace Ideas For Couples

What started as a laptop flop where you can see has turned into something serious, yes? Now you are for it.

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