Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest – After sharing more photos of my apartment, I think you can finally get to know the little space I’m working on. Luckily, my living room is a little bigger than I thought. A sofa, a coffee table, two shelves and a piece of furniture can easily fit. It was originally a TV console that I also used as storage. But as I started working from home more and more, I realized that my couch was no longer enough space to work. So my only option is to replace my TV console with a small home office.

Creating a home office in a room that doubles as my relaxation area was no small feat. At first I created this little workspace, but over time it got messy and I ended up avoiding it and continuing to work on the couch. I needed to create a calmer space with softer colors and less clutter. So I start with a new table.

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

The table itself should be simple enough not to distract from the rest of the room, but it should be unique enough to create a space with its own unique style. I turned to my latest obsession, DENY Designs, to find the perfect piece. If you love prints and colors as much as I do, you should definitely check out Denial. They have thousands of designs from over 170 artists, any design can be used on their products. These items are then made to order so you can get something truly unique and personal. I’m not enough! I chose this table because its simple design makes it versatile and it has a beachy vibe that I love. Check out my top picks here!

Small Home Office Ideas

After choosing the perfect table, I had to find a way to create some separation in the room. First, I decided to put my desk against the wall to avoid distractions. Instead of staring at blank walls, I hung these beautiful prints, also from DENY, to get inspired (find them here , here , and here ). Hanging above the desk is also a great way to create a unique atmosphere for this part of the room.

Next, I created a small shelving system using some boxes I purchased at a Brooklyn flea market. I love how versatile these kids are. Use as a basket or stack vertically like this. I organize files and other supplies into boxes and place them next to my desk to further separate that area from the room.

Once the bigger items were in place, I finished some accessory looks. Boxes are my favorite way to organize things and DENY has beautiful wooden boxes that you can customize with any design. This immediately caught my attention when I saw the piece.

I love the resulting workspace, which has a beachy vibe to the rest of the apartment, but is different enough to feel like a special space. I cleaned up the space and introduced soft colors to create a relaxing and inspiring workspace.

The Most Incredible Small Spaces On Pinterest

// Thanks to DENY Designs for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own :).

Hello friends! I’m Amanda, founder of Advice from a 20 Something. I’m from the East Coast, but I’ve always felt like a Californian at heart, so I moved to San Francisco after college and never looked back. Sometimes I have a crush on dogs, especially sweet ones, and I’m not a morning person. Most of all, I believe we all deserve true happiness and I try to make the transition to adulthood as easy as possible here by creating (hopefully 🙂 useful content.

So you realize how difficult your 20s can be. Then you have come to the right place! Let’s solve life’s problems together. You may not be bothered by piles of paper or messy supplies, but a cluttered workspace can affect your ability to get work done. A clutter-free desk is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but it can have many benefits: reduce stress, reduce procrastination, improve concentration, and even increase creativity. Whether it’s a small setup or a spacious workstation, we’ve rounded up the best desk organization ideas to enhance your home office design.

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

No matter your profession – teacher, student or full-time remote worker – you’re sure to find desk organization ideas that inspire you. We’ve found affordable DIY items (ie: chalk calendars and vision boards) as well as simple storage solutions (ahem: drawer organizers, wicker baskets, and decorative boxes). You may want to consider shelves, cables, and wall hooks to break up your desk and give everyday essentials a designated home. Or add extra storage with carts, shelves and cabinets to make the most of unused space.

Modern Home Office Ideas For A Great Home Workspace

If you are ready to be inspired, we recommend you to organize an integrated storage of products and home tables. Once you’ve finished your home office, we’ve got some great tips for decluttering the other rooms too: clean out the kitchen (and even the pantry), organize your bathroom, organize your wardrobe, and clean out your closet. As you work through each space, you’ll feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders, but remember that you’re only working in one room.

Shallow cabinets can provide extra storage space, but they can also be used to hide pesky computer cables. Welcome to the washroom.

While it may not match your desk, cabinets are a stylish way to utilize vertical space. Here, Hearth Homes Interiors designed narrow, open shelving to make the area feel spacious.

Here, Tired Home adds a three-tier cabinet that blends perfectly with the table’s design. There are two open shelves and a wardrobe to store less essential aesthetics. Tip: If customization isn’t your thing, bathroom cabinets are an affordable option.

Genius Desk Organization Ideas To Maximize Home Offices

For functional wallpaper, apply chalk paint to a blank wall, then tear it down until it looks like a calendar. At the beginning of the month, fill in any important deadlines or events and add them as the weeks go by.

Whether it’s color-coordinating bins and binders or bright wall colors, add bright colors to your home office. Bonus: It’s an easy way to get creative.

Turn your desk into a wall decoration and declutter your desk. Try a metal grid to display photos, artwork or notes; Use small clothes pegs to hang your favorites.

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

Replace traditional open shelving with wire baskets, bins or shelves for a more industrial style. Add colorful accents to the screen to tie the room together.

Inspiring Small Home Office Ideas

Staircase tables have open shelves, so you don’t have to worry about hanging them. The slim design doesn’t take up much space, so it’s perfect for small rooms.

Make your own hook plate, or buy one from a store. Here, blogger Elsie Larson uses headphone hooks, but you can trust them with just about anything—scissors, glasses, chargers, and more.

Designer Tiffany Baumgart argues that an organized space doesn’t have to mean boring. Add large wicker boxes and baskets on the floor for storage and a stylish look.

When there is symmetry, you will immediately feel that your space is cleaner. The interior decoration of the collection here includes two simple wall tiles. It would also balance the decorative pieces on the sides of the table.

How To Create A Home Office In A Tiny Apartment

From piles of documents and photos to rarely used supplies, stay organized with colorful file boxes that double as decor. It looks much more elegant than the stray items on your desk.

Consider hanging from a metal rod (you can use a basic towel bar) and using S-hooks to keep things close at hand. Hang a bowl with pens or pencils, scissors and a wide metal basket to hang from two hooks.

Move your desk supplies to a nearby rolling cart to ensure you have everything you need on hand that you can easily carry throughout the day.

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces Pinterest

Heavy furniture took up little space, so the table was mounted on the wall and a surveillance system was installed on top. Install enough shelves to store craft supplies, books, and other office supplies.

Home Office Design Ideas For Productivity (2023)

If you can’t reserve an entire room for office space, install a folding table in an empty corner of the wall. Just like a traditional office, decorate the space with task lighting, greenery, and other productivity boosters.

Just because they’re called table runners doesn’t mean you have to have them on your table. Move supplies and files to a cabinet to keep your desk clean and organized.

If your favorite office accessories can’t fit on your desk, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put them on display. Install open shelving above your desk and you’ll have more room to display your decor.

Checkered is the wallpaper in this bright home office. cup

Creative Wood And Black Office

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