How To Design A Laundry Room Layout

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Designing a laundry room from scratch can be difficult. Let me tell you the truth. Most of us are looking forward to spending time there! But we need it. There are many things to consider when designing a laundry room, such as where the room is located, whether you can handle the noise, and what kind of accessories you need to make your life easier. We hope this laundry room design guide will help you create the perfect practical laundry room for your home.

How To Design A Laundry Room Layout

How To Design A Laundry Room Layout

The first step in designing and planning your laundry room is knowing where it will be located. In the past, most people kept their washing machines in the basement to avoid noise from the main living areas. Today, laundry rooms are located in the main part of the house, so they are usually easily accessible.

Small Laundry Room Ideas With A Top Loading Washer

Personally, I prefer my laundry room to be on the same level where most of my laundry comes from: the bedroom. Having an upstairs laundry room allows me to wash sheets and do laundry not too far from the respective rooms.

Of course, your preference may vary, especially if the noise of a spin dryer or tumble dryer bothers you.

Many people choose to combine their laundry room and mudroom to save space. You can combine the laundry room with an additional bathroom. These are just a few ways to combine the two in one room.

Another factor to consider is the noise coming from the laundry room. Most washers and dryers have a noise level that you can hear when they are running. Some instruments have extra insulation and improved suspension to reduce noise during use. If you can’t see a decibel rating, it’s safe to assume that the machine is particularly loud. Washers with high-speed spin cycles above 1,000 rpm are also particularly noisy, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Beautiful Laundry Rooms

Think about the steps involved in your main cleaning tasks as you design your space. Installing items like cabinets, shelves, counters and rods can make your life easier.

Be sure to measure your space before choosing a washer and dryer. Always leave a little more room than you need in case future home buyers have a bigger car or decide to upgrade in a few years.

Don’t forget to consider the deal in addition to the hot and cold water lines, as well as the need for ventilation. Work with a plumber to determine the best way to connect the pipes in the laundry room. It is a good idea to have a laundry room with at least one exterior wall for ventilation. Finally, you must have a solid power supply of at least 120 volts.

How To Design A Laundry Room Layout

Flooding is a real possibility when it comes to washing machines. If your machine is leaking, consider adding a drip pan under the machine or installing a floor drain. Work with your plumber to create an automatic shut-off in case of a water leak.

Laundry Room Do’s And Don’ts

There are many options to consider when purchasing a washer and dryer. It’s best to check with your local appliance store for the latest washer and dryer specifications. Here are a few options to consider before heading to the store to buy electronics:

Front-loading machines can be heavy on the back. Choose to extend at least 15 inches by using pedestals or lower cabinets. Top loading machines can make it difficult to reach the bottom if you are short.

Stacking machines on top of each other is a great way to save space. Make sure they are locked properly so they don’t tip over. Stacked installations can be installed in the bathroom or kitchen.

Another space-saving option is to choose a combined washer-dryer. These machines can automatically dry clothes after washing, or run them as a washer or dryer at any time. You have full control of the machine.

Our Laundry Room Was So Bad! — Grand Rapids Interior Design

Do you have a lot of items that need to be washed by hand? Before tossing in the washing machine, consider installing a small sink for a quick hand wash, tossing or pre-treating soiled clothing. Sinks are the ultimate luxury to have right in the laundry room!

A rod spread between walls or cabinets is useful for items that need to air dry, or items that you just want to hang immediately so they don’t wrinkle after drying in the dryer. Be sure to add some hooks for quick access.

Folding Wall Mounted Ironing Board It’s a great idea to have an ironing board that doesn’t take up too much space and doesn’t have to be opened and closed. This type of product folds against the wall when not in use, saving space.

How To Design A Laundry Room Layout

Tablecloths are great for folding. Choose a permanent option that you can place in the bathroom or kitchen. It should be strong enough to prevent stains if liquid is spilled. If you don’t have the space or budget for a table in your laundry room, consider adding a long table so you can fold your clothes after they dry.

Top 10 Tricks For Laundry Room Design

If you can install cabinets in your laundry room, even better. If not, try a freestanding closet with shelves. Be sure to keep hazardous cleaning liquids such as bleach high enough that children cannot reach them! Decorate with containers to hide things.

A bright ceiling light in the laundry room should be sufficient for most people, but if you know you have vision problems, consider installing task lighting under counters or shelves. You want to make sure you can easily stain the item! You should also consider low lighting to make sure you get everything out of the washer and dryer after use.

Don’t forget to add a touch of personality to your laundry room. Choose a fun background or add some life to some cute signs. We all know that doing laundry is not very pleasant, so do what you can to make the room pleasant. You can even install a small TV, so you have something to listen to or watch while you do the laundry!

Finally, be sure to follow our Laundry Pinterest board for more laundry room design and decorating tips.

Designing A Utility Room: How To Plan A Laundry Space

If your home is decorated in a certain style, you may want to match your laundry room to your home’s aesthetic! Here are our tips for decorating your laundry room in style:

If you know how to design and decorate a laundry room, why not continue with other rooms in your home? Check out our bedroom guide below!

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How To Design A Laundry Room Layout

When you are building a kitchen or adding a kitchen extension it makes sense to plan your laundry room. Check out our wardrobe ideas to get an idea of ​​what could be in your home.

Washing Room Design Ideas To Make Functional Wash Area Designs

It is becoming a standard requirement in the modern home, so it will make your life a lot easier, but it will also increase the value of your home.

Expert estate agents, Patty Pitt and Prestwich, explain: “Local utilities pay for themselves quite quickly in terms of practicality and utility.”

“It’s also likely that potential buyers will find it useful, so adding storage will have the added benefit of increasing the overall value of your property.”

“Many buyers find it beneficial to include property details, so even if the prices are higher, you will likely attract more potential buyers to your home when you want to sell it.”

The Best Small Laundry Room Ideas

So if you need a guide on where to start when adding storage, read on because we’ve got it all covered here, from the early planning stages to how to deal with a large storage space…

As long as designing your home storage doesn’t compromise your kitchen or bathroom too much, doing so should add value and otherwise be desirable to your home.

“I’m increasingly being asked to create open plan kitchen designs that include a separate utility area, so much so that it’s now unusual if not part of a kitchen redesign,” Melanie Clare, Clare Architects says the founder and principal. .

How To Design A Laundry Room Layout

If you’re also looking for other tips for designing an open-plan kitchen, read our guide.

Galley Laundry Room Design

With the increasing number of appliances and gadgets in our kitchen, not only is there a separate place to store them, but also a place to implement them.

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