How To Make More Space In Closet

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Regardless of one’s current wardrobe situation, not having enough closet space is a common curse. Between seasonal items, countless shoe options, and countless accessories, it’s no wonder we all want bigger, better rooms. But the truth is that the more space we have, the more we fill it.

How To Make More Space In Closet

How To Make More Space In Closet

Limited space isn’t the problem here – we need to re-evaluate what we do with space a bit. You’ll be surprised what a few smart storage solutions and organization tips from the experts can do for your existing room situation, like using slim hangers, not forgetting doors, and maximizing vertical space. Here are 10 ways to work with what you have, because what you have is more than enough.

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Jimmy Seifert is a laundry buyer at a clothing and container store in Dallas, Texas. He has been with the company for 7 years. Currently, she is one of the leaders in product development and sourcing in The Container Store x KonMari partnership with Marie Kondo.

The first step to maximizing your closet space is to assess your current situation and determine your organizational goals for the items in your closet.

“No matter the size of your closet, you’ll find more space when you figure out the best way to organize it,” Seifert explains. “Explore solutions such as using stacked containers to maximize vertical space or finding ways to utilize floors and doors.”

Regardless of the size of your wardrobe, you’ll find more space once you find a good way to organize it.

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“Space-saving velvet hangers are the right choice if you want to maximize your space,” Seifert tells us if you’re shedding clothes by your closet door. And honestly, a uniform look can instantly enhance the look of your wardrobe.

If you like wooden hangers, you know that they are heavy and take up a lot of space. The good news is that The Container Store is back with brand new slim wood hangers, hitting the market for the first time in six different finishes—and they’re made with sustainable materials to boot.

Your closet door can do more than hide clutter behind it. Do yourself a favor and use the back space to your advantage. If you need extra storage for shoes, hats or accessories, Seifert recommends looking at outside storage for extra organization.

How To Make More Space In Closet

You’ll be amazed at the vertical space hanging above and below your walls. “You can maximize vertical space by using hanging partitions and shelves,” Seifert tells us.

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They also recommend hanging shelves and drawers, which are a great way to make use of unused vertical space. Every square inch is another opportunity to create storage.

If you’re someone who changes shoes every day, they can pile up over the weekend. Seifert says the first step is to decide whether you’re a “stoner” or a “booker.” If you are a fan of free kicks, he recommends the QB system.

“If you want to throw away your shoes after a long day — and where you took them — then you need a stacking system that allows you to toss your shoes into a storage solution.” If you’re a shoe lover, she recommends taking off your shoes and placing them on a shoe rack or shelf.

If you know you tend to kick off your shoes at the end of the day, adopt that quality and set yourself up to stay organized over time.

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Your more specialized shoe styles need long-term storage solutions to protect them from dust and retain their shape. Seifert recommends investing in a clear shoebox.

“Whether you have a couple of flats in the corner of the room or an entire room dedicated to sneakers, they’re a great way to keep your shoes in good condition,” she says.

When maximizing your closet space, you need to think outside the product label. For example, something designed to organize shoes can easily be repurposed for your favorite accessories.

How To Make More Space In Closet

“Because of their small size, many grips fit well in a shoe bag,” Seifert told us. Get creative with your organization and you’ll be surprised how much you can fit in a small closet.

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The way you fold your clothes determines your access to your items and how much space you take up. A system of folding and storing items in a drawer makes preparation more efficient.

Seifert recommends looking into the Konmari folding method, which allows you to maximize your drawers and see all of your items at a glance instead of stacking your clothes on top of each other.

Stacking your things on top of each other makes it difficult to get to the things you want. Instead, tuck them in an upward crease.

Seifert tells us that “a good trick is to roll towels or sheets,” and we can think of rolling heavy items like scarves and sweaters. Folding them is not always the answer, as they tend to fall when stacked. And while he admits the 10-compartment shoe bag is a great trick to use for tissues, it also seems like the perfect place to store scarves and sweaters.

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If your closet is full of items you won’t wear for months to come, they’ll only take up valuable real estate. Instead, Seifert tells us that it’s best to keep things out of scope for the off-season or special occasions.

“Try using a farmhouse box under your bed, it’s a great solution to store and organize seasonal items somewhere other than your closet,” she says. Use them to pack coats in summer and beachwear in winter. Having two wardrobe/fashion lovers with such dangerously limited wardrobe space is chaotic. Of course, like most things in life, it’s not the end of the world or a deal breaker, but it’s hard to manage. What’s more, I’m an unorganized person by nature and I’m sure this won’t change overnight (but if you have any tips or mantras, let me know). But despite our natural abilities, even the most disorganized among us love to see a wardrobe where every item of clothing is neatly organized and kept in its place. Organizing a closet is incredibly satisfying and we all want that.

Unfortunately, my lack of organizational instincts goes hand in hand with my design difficulties. Here’s the scoop: My boyfriend Rocky and I moved to a new place last August, and we like each other a lot. Now almost 5 months later, we love our tiny house as much as we first saw it, except for one design flaw: there is only one wardrobe (5’x3’x8′) in the entire house set. To be fair, the space is small (800 square feet) so there isn’t room for another wardrobe, but we are spatially challenged. I don’t need to tell you that this causes unnecessary stress but more importantly it causes confusion and confusion to an already chaotic and confused girl. Friends, the fun has just begun.

How To Make More Space In Closet

You may be wondering who I am and who is this Rocky guy and I hear you. Drink well. We are here:

How To Organize A Small Closet

Now, before we continue (and now you can face your design woes), it’s only fair to give you a peek at our wardrobe (are we just friends?) body. Keep an eye on the “before” and I’m sorry for not having a satisfying “after” to show you…yet:

It’s your standard one-stop (stuffed) wardrobe, so there’s stuff we haven’t seen in months. Part of the problem is solved after buying a bigger wardrobe because hanging clothes after a long day is overwhelming for me (again, it’s messy), but I think we need more help than that. Now that you’ve seen the monster, let me explain our biggest problems and present some professional EHD approved solutions.

There are no built-in shelves or hooks, and the top shelf is quite high, so it’s difficult to load clothes onto it without spilling. Also, it’s hard to reach anything when clothes explode. Other than hanging our clothes (and the fact that we don’t have room to hang them all), there are no convenient or easy storage options in this closet.

1. 3 drawer wardrobe MALM | 2. SKUBB Shoe Box | 3. Two horizontal solid shelves | 4. 8 Compartment Shoe Box | 5. 26 shelves over door shoe box | 6. 10 Drawer Shoe Cabinet | 7. Leave the box in front of number 8. Pack of 10 Hooks | 9. 5 tire pant hangers

How To Build Diy Closet Shelves

We like to add a small closet like #1 to hold socks, underwear, swimsuits, and other foldables (like t-shirts). As you can see, these shoes have a lot of storage options but I think they have uses

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