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When most people think of Cricut they think of cutting vinyl, cardboard, paper and now with the Cricut Maker, fabric, wood and more. One of the most underrated features of the Cricut (in my opinion) is the fonts and cuts! Print and Cut uses your home printer and Cricut machine to create multi-layer designs. This is one of the most requested features in the Cricut support group.

How To Print From Cricut Design Space

How To Print From Cricut Design Space

I have collected the most frequently asked questions and in this article I will tell you everything you need to know about using the Print & Cut feature. We’ll look at how to design images in the Design Space for Print and Cut, the best printers to use for Print and Cut, design ideas, and more!

How To Upload Your Own Images Into Cricut Design Space

The Print and Cut feature allows you to print images, text, or a combination of them in the Cricut design space. This allows for quick and easy mixing of multiple colors for a professional look. After your design is printed on your home printer, your Cricut machine will produce professional quality invitations, gift tags and more in minutes.

Print and Cut design ideas are endless! My favorites are gift tags, cards and invitations (with matching envelope inserts). You can also:

All images can be edited using Print and Cut. You can use images and fonts from Cricut Design Space or JPG, PNG, SVG and your own fonts.

When you upload your own images (JPG and PNG files) you have the option to print and crop them automatically. This is especially useful if you upload clipart or images with many colors or layers that you just want to print.

Sublimation With Cricut

Changing images from cropping (or writing) to printing and cropping is very easy. In the menu on the right, where you can change images, fonts, etc., there will be a FLATTEN button at the bottom of the menu. After choosing your design, click the REDUCTION button and you will see the design progress from cutting to PRINT CUT.

NOTE: If you want to print a project, for example an invitation, BEFORE you click the solution, REDUCE all elements of the project.

Another great thing about Design Space that you can use with Print & Cut is to add patterns or fills. A great way to add color to your invitations, cards and more. To insert a fill, select PRINT from the FILL drop-down menu in the top menu bar. Then click the box next to the drop down menu and select your design. You can choose from hundreds of designs. You can even choose the direction and size of the pattern by EDIT THE PATTERN.

How To Print From Cricut Design Space

This question depends on your home printer AND the Cricut machine you are using. First, let’s talk about the differences between printers.

Cricut Design Space Tutorial: Print Then Cut

No matter what machine or printer you have, you can use Print & Cut with the following tools:

When ordering from, be sure to use promo code TFREGAL10 for 10% off and FREE shipping on orders over $50!

Cricut ONLY recommends using an inkjet printer with print and cut functions. This is because the heat from the laser printer can damage the material it is printed on (eg printable vinyl, stickers, etc.).

I’ve also heard from some readers that some HP printers are having trouble getting stickers or vinyl to print so they don’t mess up when printing. I have an HP Envy 4500 and have been using a Canon Pixma with no problems loading paper.

Desktop Cricut Design Space Updates: February 2023

The Cricut Explore machine can only print and cut on white materials. The machine’s sensor can only read registration marks on a white background.

If you use Cricut Maker, you can print in white or other colors without registration problems. Please note that black, dark blue or other dark colors or patterned paper/cardboard are not acceptable by the manufacturer.

This is probably the first question people ask about printing and cutting. In my experience and the opinion of other bloggers and readers, no one publisher can beat another. As mentioned above, Cricut recommends using only inkjet printers, but readers have had good results with laser printers on paper and cards.

How To Print From Cricut Design Space

The HP Envy printer is popular because it is inexpensive and HP has a program where the printer will send a message to HP when the ink is low and send it to you before it runs out. You can learn more about this feature here.

How To Set The Canvas Size In Cricut Design Space

I currently have an HP Envy 4500 printer and have had no problems using fonts and cutting. I also used a Canon Pixma TS6220 with no problems. Other printables recommended by Cricut users:

Regardless of your Cricut skill level, from beginner to advanced, Print and Cut can be learned and used by anyone.

If you want to learn how to use a Cricut, check out these articles! Need help with your Cricut? Join the Cricut Support Group on Facebook!

Sponsored discussion written by me on behalf of Cricut. Opinions and articles are my own.

How To Use Print Then Cut Feature Using Cricut Design Space

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There is nothing more frustrating than having your project interrupted and having issues with your Cricut Design software.

My first cutting machine was a Silhouette, so the design space often confuses me. Things that work on the Silhouette require extra steps on the Cricut.

How To Print From Cricut Design Space

I recently cut some of my projects and ran into this problem. My SVG designs showed up as “print and cut” whenever I wanted to cut them.

The All In One Cricut Design Space Guide: 2022 Version

When I was working, the option to change the base cut was removed. Here is my mistake.

Soft model for printing. Fold all layers into one layer for printing and cutting.

Connect all the elements as you designed them, but the layers will be preserved. This makes it great for organizing words and even complex projects.

Another thing to try is to upload an SVG version if you have one. PNG and JPG images are more difficult to upload to Cricut Design Space, especially if they have multiple colors.

How Do I Print Then Cut In Design Space?

If the image is saved in PNG or JPG format, it will be deleted. Which is good if the design is strong. But it doesn’t work when there are many colors and layers. Cricut’s Print Then Cut is a great feature for us crafters because it allows us to print and cut images perfectly with the Cricut machine. But for a long time, the size of the paper and the area that could be printed were limited. But I have good news! With the right equipment, we can now print up to 10.64″ x 15.43″ on tabloid and A3 paper! Like 163 square inches of beautiful print and then cut the space. These changes are included in the new version of Cricut Design Space for Desktop, version 7.27, which is currently in beta. I will show you the whole process so you can try it!

Check out the full step-by-step instructions for adding your own prints and Cricut cuts in the channel:

Do you want to save this project? Enter your email address below and we’ll send the project directly to your inbox.

How To Print From Cricut Design Space

Can’t wait to try the Cricut Print and Cut Size Extended Service? The first thing you need is the design! You can use your own photo or the beautiful Easter egg design I made for you. Available in 473 formats in our free library! As with all print and cut projects, you can use a PNG file like this, modify the SVG file with a flattener, or use other printable images during the process. Choose something simple at first.

Cricut Print Then Cut Size Limit

Before trying new features, configure the printer using Design Space. If you have plans to print and cut, do it early! If you calibrate after the page is printed, the broken lines may no longer line up! For more information, see the printer measurement video then Cut.

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