Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

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Small apartment living room ideas are something we are always looking for as most of us don’t have a lot of space. Thoughtful, stylish, it’s always refreshing to see how creative you can be in decorating a small living room and apartment and all its little areas.

Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

We’ve rounded up five spaces that show you just how much you can do with a small apartment living room—from practical tips to expand your space to buying versatile furniture to make your room more challenging.

Easy Small Apartment Decorating Ideas On A Budget

When decorating a small apartment living room from scratch, there is a tendency to focus only on functionality. But, yes, practicality is just as important as design in small spaces, and that doesn’t mean you can’t think about style.

We’ve got both the practical advice you need and the inspiring design ideas you need, so keep scrolling to get inspired…

When choosing furniture for a small living room, less can be. Really think about the things you want and need.

Storage and seating are obviously essential, but could you ditch the sofa for two comfy armchairs or opt for a small sectional that can be designed to fit your space? When deciding on storage, think about what furniture you can buy that doubles as storage, so you don’t have to waste space with storage pieces. TV sets as well as coffee tables with hidden storage are suitable for this.

Apartment Living Room & Tiny Space Ideas

We advised earlier to keep things simple in small rooms to make the space as big and airy as possible

There should be a slight deviation from that. Don’t be afraid to put a lot of ‘stuff’ in a small living room, you don’t want it to feel stark and overwhelming, so be sure to add prints and patterns that suit your style. Too much on the wall can blur the edges of the room, so it actually makes the space look bigger.

Our tip is to make sure that at least two walls are completely cleaned and still have some negative space.

Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

So to avoid overcrowding your little life even with all your beautiful pieces, replace dark, bulky furniture with thin pieces. You still want light to flow through your space and there should be enough space between the furniture and the floor to make the space feel airy.

Clever Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

It’s interior design 101, the mirror space looks great. A well-placed mirror can make the smallest living room look bigger and lighter. Go for a simple mirror, nothing heavy or fancy and as big as you think your space can handle. Instead of placing your furniture high up on the back wall, try hanging it off the floor like in the room above, or get a tilting mirror that you can attach to the wall (a good idea if you’re renting).

A very simple, small apartment living room idea that doesn’t involve you buying anything new is to transform your space. A common tendency, when designing a plan in the living room, is to push all the furniture against the walls.

But these attempts to regain those precious few inches can often fail. Instead, copy this small living room design and pull your furniture slightly away from the wall to create space around the room and group them around a central coffee table.

We’re always anxious to try and make a small space look bigger, but what if we end up with smaller sizes? You want the living room to feel warm and inviting, and small living rooms are perfect for this, so add soft furnishings, twinkling lights (even fairy lights, obviously) and wander around in your sweet but cozy space.

The Top 39 Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

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When square meters are limited, organizing everything is key, so smart storage is essential. Wall-mounted shelves look great even in small living rooms (as the #shelfie trend proves), they’re often inexpensive, and they save valuable floor space.

Choose open and closed shelving so you can hide unwanted clutter and keep your best and healthiest houseplants on display. Check out our gallery for more inspiring shelf ideas.

Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

In general, crisp white walls and minimal colors always make a small living room feel more spacious. But neutral doesn’t have to mean boring, you can use lots of neutral colors to create a really interesting space. Combine white with white, cream, gray and brown to add depth while keeping the scheme light and fresh.

Small Apartment Storage And Decor Ideas To Maximize Your Space

It may be common knowledge that you should stick to light colors if you want to expand the living room in a small apartment, but fear not color lovers, because filling a room with color can have the same effect. Choosing a bold, colorful palette can really distract from the small dimensions of the room.

If you prefer a whimsical aesthetic rather than Magnolia-blah, run with it. Approach with a small design, choose a few colors and pull them into the room in such a way that they do not overwhelm the space – rugs, cushions, furniture, soft furnishings will be your friends here.

You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes to lose the legs of your furniture and attach it to the wall instead. But there’s actually more space because there’s no floor space left by lifting the furniture off the floor and letting it float a few inches off the floor.

You knew it was coming. In any small space gallery you know, there’s at least one thing Marie Kondo is going to mention and your best bet is how to declutter. Sorry guys, there’s a reason you hear this a lot, because it’s true. The best way to create a bright, airy, spacious small living room is to literally have less stuff.

Small Living Room Ideas For Maximum Space And Style

Now this doesn’t mean you have to throw everything out and float a sofa in the middle of your room, but go through everything in the existing space and decide if it works, if it would work better elsewhere. Does he bring something into the room? Having less stuff to clutter up your space will instantly make it feel bigger.

A very easy hack to give a small living room some height is curtains. Hang curtains just above your window and let them fall to the floor to give the impression of larger windows and higher ceilings. Also choose lighting fixtures that you want to maximize natural light.

An easy way to enlarge the living room in a small apartment? Add a large carpet. In a small space filled with small pieces of furniture and decor floating around the room, it feels even smaller. A large rug that is almost the size of the room does not take up floor space and you can use it as an anchor for your furniture. Think of the dimensions of the carpet as the edges of the room and plan your layout around them.

Living Room Decor Ideas For Small Apartments

Using glass or acrylic furniture in a small space has long been a way to bring in extra furniture without adding too much visual clutter to the space. They add that extra surface space for brewing coffee, but because the light streams through them, they have an almost blue tint to the background when not in use. intelligent

Budget Friendly Apartment Living Room Decor Ideas

You always want a small space to be well lit, but you don’t want it to come from just one source. Layered lighting is key to setting the mood, so be sure to have two lights on in our space. In addition to ceiling lights, add some wall lamps (perfect for living rooms in small apartments) and even floor lamps for soft but more focused lighting.

It’s lovely how this statement floor lamp acts as a pendant and adds a real focal point to the room.

A great way to decorate a small living room on a budget is to go thrift shopping. Look around thrift stores and eBay for bargains, and even if something isn’t perfect, consider whether it can be remodeled to better fit your space. Buy used furniture and accessories

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