Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

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Small apartment living room ideas are something we research because most of us don’t have enough space. It is always exciting to see a well-thought-out, elegant, minimal and creative living room that you can use to decorate all the small spaces in the house.

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

We’ve put together five pages that show you how to make the most of a small living room – from practical tips for making the space bigger to shopping tips to make your space even more functional. your room.

Budget Friendly Apartment Living Room Decor Ideas

When it comes to decorating a small apartment living room from scratch, stay focused on the task at hand. But even so, practicality is important when designing small spaces, but that doesn’t mean you don’t care about style.

We’re here with the practical tips you need and the inspiring design ideas you need, so keep scrolling for inspiration…

Less is more when choosing furniture for the living room of a small apartment. Think about the parts you need and use the most.

Storage and seating are important, but can you ditch the couch for two comfy armchairs or opt for a smaller piece of furniture designed to fit your space? When deciding on storage space, think about what items you can buy to double as storage so you don’t waste space by just using storage units. A coffee table with hidden storage is ideal, as is a TV stand.

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We have previously suggested keeping things simple in small rooms to make the space feel spacious and airy.

Maybe we’ll leave it. Don’t be afraid to add a lot of “stuff” to a small living room, you don’t want it to feel overwhelming and boring, so you should incorporate prints and patterns that match your style. This will make the space look bigger as it is large against the wall and will darken the sides of the room.

Our suggestion is to keep both walls very clean, but still make sure there is negative space inside.

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

So, so that your minimalist lifestyle is not crowded with all the beauty, replace dark and bulky things with smaller ones. You want light to flow around your space and enough space between the furniture and the floor to make the space feel airy.

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Interior Design 101, mirrors make the space bigger. Well-placed mirrors can make even the smallest room look bigger and lighter. Choose a simple mirror, not too heavy or fancy, if you think your space will allow it. Instead of hanging it on the wall behind the furniture, hang it above the floor, like in the room above, or buy a flat mirror that you can hang on the wall (a great idea if you’re retired).

This is a very simple idea for a small apartment in the living room, which does not require buying anything new, it will only transform your space. When designing a living room layout, it is common practice to push all the furniture against the walls.

But such attempts to reclaim these precious dimensions could be disastrous. Instead, skip this small living room design and pull the furniture off the wall for a while to create a space outside the room and place a coffee table in the middle.

We always want to try to get the most out of small spaces, but what if we only take small parts? You want your small living room to feel cozy and cozy, so layer soft furnishings and add lots of bright little lights (very bright fairy lights) to let them into your space. Good but beautiful.

The Top 39 Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

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When space is limited, organizing everything is key, hence the need for smarter storage. Wall shelves look great even in a small living room (following the #shelfi style), are cheap and save valuable floor space.

Choose shelves that are a combination of open and closed so you can hide them from harmful shade and have all your best things and your best houseplants. You can find inspiring shelf ideas in our gallery.

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

In general, plain walls and light colors can make a small living room feel more spacious. But it doesn’t have to be boring, there are many neutral colors that can be layered to create the perfect space. Combine white with white, cream, gray and brown to add depth but keep the theme light and fresh.

Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

We all know that if you want to brighten up a small living room, you should stick to light colors, but color lovers needn’t worry, because filling a room with color can be effective. Choosing bold palettes and colors can compromise the simplicity of the room.

If you want more elegance than magnolia, run. Make a plan, choose some colors and mark the room so that it doesn’t take up too much space – there are rugs, pillows, throws, simple objects and your friends.

You’d be amazed at the difference between missing furniture legs and hanging it on the wall. However, lifting furniture off the floor and hovering just a few inches off the ground can actually trick the eye into thinking there is more space because nothing breaks the floor.

You know it’s coming. You will recognize at least one place in the gallery of small spaces, and Marie Kondo mentioned the best ways to get rid of it. Sorry guys, there’s a reason you hear that a lot, and it’s true. The best way to create a light, airy living room is to have very few things in it.

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Now you don’t have to throw everything out, just put a sofa in the middle of the room, but you have to go through everything in the current space and decide if it’s useful. Work elsewhere? Do you want to bring something to your room? You’ll find that the less stuff you have to cram into a space, the better it will look.

The easiest way to add height to a small living room is to install curtains. Hang window curtains so that they fall to the floor to create the effect of larger windows and higher ceilings. If you want to maximize natural light, choose light and fluffy fabrics.

Are there any simple ways to make a small living room feel bigger? Add a large rug. In a small space, there are many small things and decorations that flow freely in the room and make the room seem smaller. In fact, a large rug that is almost the size of a room does not take up any floor space and you can use it as an anchor for your furniture. Match the size of the rug to the edge of the room and plan your layout around it.

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

Using glass or acrylic furniture in a small space can go a long way in integrating other furniture without adding visual clutter to the space. They add space to the place where the coffee is placed, but when not in use, they almost disappear into the background because the light falls directly on them. simple.

Small Living Room Design Ideas That Really Work

You always want a small area of ​​light, but you don’t want it to come from a single light source. Layered lighting is key to creating atmosphere, so let two lights into our space. In addition to ceiling lighting, add some sconces (ideal for small living rooms that don’t take up too much floor space) and floor lamps for soft but focused lighting.

Love how this floor lamp almost acts as a curtain and adds a real theme to the room.

The best way to cheaply furnish a living room in a small apartment is to buy second-hand furniture. Look for bargains at thrift stores and eBay, and remember that while nothing is perfect, consider whether it can be changed to make your space even better. buy jewelry

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