Living Room Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Living Room Storage Ideas For Small Spaces – Regardless of the size of the living room, you need smart storage to save space and make the room look bigger. There are so many ways to organize smart storage that you can choose a way to match any style and color. A traditional bookshelf or open shelves fit perfectly into any interior and make the room airy and light. Different wardrobes, chests and baskets are up to you and your interior – they can be of different styles, materials and designs, but they are indispensable for storage. Of course, here you can find various smart and functional pieces of furniture such as tables, sideboards, sofas with hidden storage – choose the one that suits you!

BILLI units are another type of IKEA product that can be easily customized to your individual needs and can be unique.

Living Room Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Living Room Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

DIY shelves made from rustic wooden boards and pipes are an easy solution to add a little display space and style to any room.

Genius Small Space Storage & Organization Ideas That Work

Pack three features into one storage tip. It can provide a place to sit, a footrest and many things to put inside.

Nesting tables are quite a practical solution for small spaces. These are usually two or three sets that are stacked, but can be pulled out if needed to provide enough space.

If you want extra desk space without losing a lot of floor space, choose nesting tables. Sometimes such sturdy tables can be used as extra seating.

Boxes are perfect for creating rugged, rustic, modular storage systems. Plus, you can quickly modify these systems to suit your needs.

Narrow Entryway Storage Ideas For Any Space

IKEA Lack is probably the cheapest floating shelves you can hang in your living room. They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for displaying your books and other treasures.

A few bookshelves can become your small but functional home office in the living room. A small table with open and closed storage is really versatile.

The right bookshelves not only provide enough space for books, baskets and a few flea market finds, they also give you a vibrant architectural presence.

Living Room Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Wardrobes around the sofa are a smart way to use the space if you have an open-plan living room.

Living Room Ideas To Make Your Gathering Space Your Favorite Place

Built-ins are the perfect way to use the space around the window. You get a lot of storage and display space that would otherwise go to waste. to give your living room an architectural look as well as an organized look. Frame the door with shelves or consider cabinets around the fireplace.

Every family room needs plenty of storage space for all family members. Built-in is the most effective option.

Here’s a great idea to improve the look of your wall mounted TV. Frame it with bold moldings to make it look more harmonious with its surroundings.

Self-shielding boxes are closed boxes that are usually used to display items. Grouping shadow boxes is quite a versatile storage solution that gives your interior an incredible depth effect.

Stylish And Clever Living Room Storage Ideas

Choose a flat coffee table. While each desk surface offers a lot of functionality, you get a lot more out of it. You can keep some books and magazines handy.

Stylish freestanding shelves may not be as effective as large bookshelves, but they can make your living room less boring and cool.

Invest in built-ins to give your living room a tidy look. Frame the door with shelves, otherwise the space would be wasted.

Living Room Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Even simple wall shelves offer plenty of storage space. Just make sure you organize them well with different boxes. Otherwise it will look messy.

Best Small Living Room Decor And Design Ideas For 2022

Vintage dressers, wardrobes and wardrobes are cool living room storage accessories that offer plenty of hidden space to organize important things.

Castors are a great addition to a console unit if you want to change the layout of your living room frequently. Basically, the baskets turn into drawers when placed inside the small bookcases.

Hide things from the living room in an elegant cabinet. Its top can also be used to display art.

The wall chest does not take up much space, but offers a lot of hidden storage space. A lot of stuff can fit in this kind of storage.

How To Make A Small Living Room Look Bigger: 12 Steps To Success

A console table adds storage space and makes the living room more interesting. Boxes, baskets or bins are ideal organizers for such a storage solution.

IKEA Kallak is quite versatile storage. There are really many ideas and tricks to make them look good.

A small and low unit under the TV is a must these days. You can store all your media devices in it. Add some floating shelves and units to create an open-plan look and gain extra storage and display space.

Living Room Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

If you have an open-plan living room, a console table is a must. Place it directly behind the sofa, which is usually in the middle of the room. You can display books, magazines, and cool travel finds. In addition, you can use its surface to place drinks.

Clever Ways To Use Furniture For Living Room Storage

If you don’t want to use a tiered coffee table to store books and magazines, here’s a great decorating idea for you. Put some logs in there. Even if there is no fireplace in your living room and there is no need to store firewood, such a table will add a cozy touch to the interior design of the room.

IKEA Kallak shelves are probably the most popular storage options for living rooms. They are really cheap and versatile

Showing firewood can give your decor a natural look, so don’t try to hide it all.

Here’s another example of how a regular IKEA KALLAKS shelf can look when organized well and displaying cool things.

Storage Ideas For Small Spaces • Visual Heart Creative Studio

Floor-to-ceiling shelves aren’t as practical when it comes to storage, but they have plenty of surface area to display things.

If your living room doesn’t have a fireplace, consider freestanding storage units. There’s definitely plenty of wall space and these units look stylish and add interest to what’s displayed on the open shelves.

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