Long Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Long Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room – Running out of decorating inspiration? Here are 46 living room wall art ideas to cast a spell.

1. Monochrome Prints Black and white images interspersed with your favorite words and their meanings share your family’s journey with those who enter your home.

Long Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Long Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

“As a designer, I love simplicity. Colors influence mood more than we often realize, so a monotone or two-tone palette feels fresh. – Interior Designer for Living Spaces Brynna Evans

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2. Rope Art A beautiful piece of rope art can be framed and hung on the wall to give your home decor some texture. Stick to a raw, neutral material for a minimalist yet authentic feel. (Rope art is also a great boho accent wall.)

3. 3D Flowers Three dimensional flowers made of metal, paper or other materials can be combined to create a beautiful focal point.

4. Textured Art Look for artwork that includes texture to give your space a more interesting look. The paper art is excellent. High quality patterns will give a DIY feel (without the hassle of actually having to DIY)!

“Design is visual and textural. Irregular, bumpy or soft pieces add touch factor and pop off the wall. – Courtney Marquez Residential Interior Designer

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5. Botanical Prints Art with plants and flora shows your love for greenery and adds brightness to your home. Choose the type of plant based on where it grows for the mood you want; for example, palm trees look tropical! Add real planters with matching floor plants to bring out the ambiance of the home decor.

6. Group your images Choose smaller than usual drawings or paintings and group them together to create a unique talking point. As they say, the best things come in the smallest packages. Collections of small wall art attract visitors for closer inspection and better appreciation.

7. String Art Is Back! String art is back, and that’s a good thing. These intricate designs will add symmetry and beauty to your space.

Long Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

“The intricate detail of string art draws you in. It is truly a work of art. The more you look at one of these pieces, the more you see; this is the type of wall art that is sure to impress visitors.” – Interior Designer for Living Spaces Brynna Evans

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8. Mirror, mirror Reflect light and make your room look bigger by adding a mirror to the wall. Bonus points if it’s in great condition! (Make sure the mirror faces a window to maximize light.)

9. Tone on Tone Art that uses muted tones can be impressive without overwhelming the room. Find neutrals to enhance any space.

Are you looking for something special? Choose framed canvas art with a fun color palette to enhance your decor. Transform a family room into a modern living room aesthetic by placing a large canvas over a coffee table.

“If you need to decorate a wall in a pinch, canvas art is your best bet, because it’s everywhere. It’s the most popular and easiest medium to paint and sales, so the selection is ripe. Choose a style, color and subject to match your personality!” – Courtney Marquez Residential Interior Designer

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11. Gallery Wall Do you have more than one piece of art that you love? Gather different pieces that have something in common, then turn your wall into an art gallery.

12. Glitter and glam You can’t go wrong with glitter, so double up on framed glitter paintings and use them as a backdrop for beautiful decorations. Starburst figurines are an excellent addition to living room decor. (Don’t forget the paint color, too! Deep gray or soft concrete brings out the calming effect of metals.)

13. Equine Beauty If you love horses, adding them to your walls is a no-brainer. Choose a large print that will dominate the room and build around it.

Long Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

“Horses thrive in rustic, country and western aesthetics. I love a good wall of horses paired with a classic rustic leather sofa!” – Interior Designer for Living Spaces Brynna Evans

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

14. Wildlife at Home Bring your adoration of living things into your home with framed pictures of your favorite creatures. Just like in real life, animals can bring out the best in people. Opt for sweet scenes of peacefully roaming animals to enhance evening vibes in the living room or dining room.

15. Simple Nature A simple leaf print, a photo of a tree or a photo of a flower can set the tone for a room and show your interest in nature.

16. Flying Do you dream of traveling? Hang a framed canvas of an airplane or must-see destination to keep your travel inspiration close at hand. The means of transportation of an empty wall is definitely an inspiration for the design of the living room.

“Photographing anything in the sky, whether it’s a sunset, a sunrise or just a group of clouds, is like a window. It also feels airy and allows your bedroom to feel like an outdoor retreat without boundaries. ” – Courtney Marquez Residential Interior Designer

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17. Cool Ocean Give your space a cooler look with a beautiful ocean painting. The almost – but not quite – abstract pieces capture the true nature of the sea.

18. Go Big Giant Artwork can dominate a room—in a good way! Enjoy your favorite painting in large size. (After all, most wall spaces are the largest part of a home and require the same art.)

19. Basic Images You don’t need to imagine your images. Choose something you like and hang it.

Long Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

“Sometimes the less specific the image, the more accurate our thoughts about it. When art is open to interpretation, the more you can incorporate your own thoughts. Because of this, abstract art is a great chameleon and can speak exactly what you want based on the surrounding styles and decor elements you choose. – Interior Designer for Living Spaces Brynna Evans

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20. Shades of Gray Grayscale paintings go well with any decor style, so get a painting or two and then add other gray elements to bring the room together. Against white walls, shades of gray can have a calming effect. Other neutral color schemes such as beige and cream have the same effect, especially when combined with a gray scheme to complement and highlight each of the different shades.

21. Abstract There is something about abstract art that grabs your attention because it allows you to interpret the artist’s meaning for yourself.

22. Layered Paintings While you can’t hang pictures on the walls, you can place them on the table. Try putting several, then layer them for a unique look. (Think of these types of tables as wall shelves for your art!)

“Slanted wall art is easy! No hammers, nails, or drills. It’s also a great way to fill out an empty coffee table.” – Courtney Marquez Residential Interior Designer

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23. Black Frames Take your favorite photo and frame it in plain black so it will stand out on the wall.

24. Fun Colors You can build an entire room’s decor around the colors of the wall art for a coordinated feel. Common bright colors for wall art include pink, blue and green. But in small living rooms, be careful: you only need one bright shade to light up your space and make it stand out.

25. Room Divider Panels Instead of using these panels to divide your space, hang them on the wall for a unique look.

Long Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

“Anything that lasts long elongates a space. Ceilings seem higher, the air feels more open and the eye is drawn, which often equates to better mood and well-being. – Interior Designer for Living Luna Brynna Evans

Living Room Wall Art

26. Beach Memories Do you like the beach? Bring the fun home with framed, framed photos of your favorite place. It also takes the aesthetic beyond the walls: figurines of seashells and tropical plants play with the art.

27. Cactus Prints Succulents and cacti offer a low-maintenance way to add greenery to your space. Highlight your plants with cactus prints on the wall.

28. Neutral Paints A subtle color painting will blend perfectly with your existing decor while also adding a focal point. Choose a neutral shade that’s deeper or lighter (as long as it’s a different shade) than your walls for a trendy vibe. For a little color, try earth tones.

“Calm neutrals. A beige or earthy painting in any room is a beautiful way to de-stress.” – Courtney Marquez Residential Interior Designer

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29. Charcoal Paintings Charcoal is a unique medium. These types of pictures combine simplicity with sophistication, an ideal combination for wall art.

30. Leaf on the wall Show your love for plants with giant paintings of leaves. You can collect some and group them. The subtle roots, stems and shapes found in nature are works of art in themselves and are stunning in the home.

“Varying the textures you use can really enhance the style and taste. I personally love antique marble or ceramic panels

Long Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

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