Office Desk Decor Ideas For Work

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Office Desk Decor Ideas For Work

Office Desk Decor Ideas For Work

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Office Desk Decor Ideas For Work

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Before and after: A closet turned office A home office with pink accents A blue and white library A multifunctional home office Get motivated and productive with these 20 DIY desk decorations. From calendars to pen holders, there’s something to motivate you to work!

Are you ready to update your workspace without breaking the bank? With a little imagination and a touch of DIY spirit, you can transform your desk into a stylish, functional and vibrant personal space.

Whether you work from a home office, sit in a corporate cubicle or study long hours in your dorm, we have a list of 20 DIY desk decoration ideas for you.

Let’s make your desk the place you always look forward to working. Get ready to bring elegant structure, colorful and unique style, all with your own hands and a huge amount of creativity. Let’s prepare you!

Best Home Office Decor Ideas For A Welcoming Working Space In 2022

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I love how much you can fit into this DIY desk organizer. Both sides can be adjusted to fit your space and rotated 90 degrees to create a corner. You can get free woodworking plans for this simple project.

Make this simple DIY portable stand for your desk to add storage and raise your screen to eye level. Dimensions and colors can be customized to suit your space and decor.

Office Desk Decor Ideas For Work

Air plants are very easy to maintain and add some greenery to your table. This colorful air plant stand is made from layers of recycled skateboards for a fun pop of color, but you can make it with any piece of wood.

The 19 Best Cubicle Decor Ideas We’ve Seen

This pen holder combines warm wood tones with clear acrylic to make it easy to see what you’re holding.

Customize your cork board to any letter or shape with this tutorial. Add some color by painting it to match your decor.

I love air plants and these simple pots are a great way to display them. Now I know what to do with those prints I got as a wedding gift all those years ago.

I love the simplicity of this modern flip block calendar. This tutorial uses pre-made blocks, but it would make a great scrap wood project.

Office Desk Decor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Work Space

How fun are these little geometric planters? I love how you can replace them with office supplies.

Zen gardens are so relaxing and having one on my desk is a must! Although I’m too distracted to draw little lines in the sand and get any work done. . .

Liven up a boring scrap with beautiful folding paper! I made one out of leftover granite contact paper from my kitchen counter and used it to store recipes.

Office Desk Decor Ideas For Work

! If you change the contents of your storage bins a lot, this is the perfect way to organize them. Use blank canvases to add color to flat blacks.

Cubicle Decor Ideas For Your Workspace

Add your drawer fronts without a drop of paint with colored contact paper or vinyl. This makes it easy to change your table colors as your tastes change.

Turn a plain acrylic pencil cup into a more colorful version with vinyl in different colors and cut into fun shapes! I think I need a hexagonal pen holder to sit on my hexagonal side table.

When you’re out and about, pick up some pretty leaves and attach them to resin for a cute paperweight.

The clear sides of this acrylic desk organizer are the perfect way to watch your plants grow.

Give Your Desk A Makeover With These 7 Cute Ideas

I’m a Post-it hoarder, boxes are all over my desk. Make one of these post-it note holders to keep it all in one place.

How can you not love working at your desk when you have a colorful rainbow mouse pad greeting you every day?

It’s always a party with this super fun confetti clock! I love how it looks like a donut with sprinkles… yay!

Office Desk Decor Ideas For Work

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The Best Office Organizing Ideas

Melissa Epifano is a prolific home decor writer. She has written for numerous outlets, covering everything from interiors to plant care, and has authored nearly 70 articles on home design.

Board meetings have moved to the kitchen, photo shoots are a living room affair, and happy hour is a virtual party, so it’s important to have a workspace you love. Whether you set up shop on your island or have a room designated as office space, paying attention to your desk decor is one way to ensure your standards are met.

You can access this small area in several ways. Desks can be an extension of your personal design preferences and are designed to resemble your coffee table or bookcases. Or they can be a streamlined, condensed collection of objects that are as useful as they are beautiful.

Whatever your philosophy on table decor, these ideas will keep your WFH space looking good as you move forward in your career.

Diy Desk Decor Ideas To Keep You Organized

Once you’re stuck in a creative rut, it’s hard to break free unless your space is as inspiring as this one. Along with some beautiful wall art and some sculptural pieces, the items on your desk are enough to get the inspiration flowing again.

If you’re not married to the idea of ​​a white office space, opting for a soft color like pale pink can help inject personality and excitement into your space. In this case, combine the rule of three, or three sculptural objects on your desk, and you’ll be looking forward to an ultra-stylish workplace every day.

Bright colors can be fun and playful, but if work is stressing you out, a relaxed, calm shade might be the setting you need for your desk decor. A potted plant and a pair of cute watches keep things free and keep the relaxed vibe going, even if you don’t feel like it.

Office Desk Decor Ideas For Work

Transport your desk to another era with unique possibilities and extremes unlike the modern furnishing items commonly used today. An old hood, antique books and drawers, and eclectic jars will make your desk feel like it’s from the 1800s.

Gorgeous & Easy Feminine Home Office Decor Ideas

If you’re playing cottagecore this year, why not let your workplace reflect your relationship with it? You can instantly host an old table and wooden chair with faux fur and candles. Who knows, your next novel might be written here.

Table decorations are not necessary if your table is already a centerpiece. This impressive wooden office is characterized by an elegant character

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