Setting Up Your Home Office For Video Calls

Setting Up Your Home Office For Video Calls – Your life probably includes more video engagements now than it did a few weeks ago — even more. This probably won’t change anytime soon, so why not take advantage of it? The MacBook’s standard camera isn’t technically up to par, but it’s still pretty good. However, there are several ways to improve your game – with little or no effort. Whether you want to improve your daily mood, prepare a presentation for a public meeting, or prepare a new podcast, here are some tips on how to make the most of what you have or can do. find out if you really want to improve your video and audio quality.

One of the easiest things you can do to make your video look better is to turn on whatever light you have and place it behind the camera to shine on your face. This may mean moving the lamp or moving the computer if all the existing lamps are in a fixed position, but it can make a big difference. Check out these examples below, taken from the Microsoft Surface Book 2 (which has a nice built-in camera, the way video cameras are made).

Setting Up Your Home Office For Video Calls

Setting Up Your Home Office For Video Calls

The top photo has no light beyond the camera lights and the bottom photo has a light on and is in front of me from above and behind the Surface Book. Just enough editing that my video doesn’t look like I’m freaking out and going on dates I’m supposed to be on.

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It’s too much to ask to put on the dress for every video you play, but it’s worth taking a minute to see what’s on the screen. That way, you can find a place where the background is minimal and some decorations look good. Close the doors in the frame and try not to draw in front of an uncovered window. And if you live in the middle of a plague, screw it up until it’s gone.

Find out where the input volume settings are on your device and operating system. This isn’t usually a problem as most apps and systems set a reasonable error rate, but if you’re doing something unusual, like standing away from your laptop while trying to get a second person in the frame, you might want to- you turn it on. . Turn on the audio slider to make sure everyone listening hears what you’re saying.

This can be controlled directly in whatever software you’re using, but on a Mac, try going to System Preferences > Sound > Input to see if the level can be adjusted directly for the device you’re using and if that change works For you. look

Many built-in and multi-functional webcams may not be ideal, and you can always switch things up by purchasing dedicated cameras. Today, it can be difficult to find it in stores because many people have the same needs to improve video quality at the same time. But if you can get your hands on a budget upgrade, like the Logitech C922 Pro Stream 1080p Webcam I used in the clip below, it should help with sharpness, low light, color, and more.

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Dedicated external microphones are another way to give your setup a quick and affordable setup. For the above session I used the famous Samson Meteor USB microphone, which has fixed feet and volume/mute control. This mic comes with everything you need and should work straight away when you plug it in via USB and produces good sound that sounds great on audio.

Any type of headphones will make your video calls and meetings more effective because they will reduce the chances of the microphone picking up sound from the speakers. The wide range of headphones is great for sound quality, while the headset is a great headset for your virtual reality shots.

If you have a stand-alone camera, including almost any consumer pocket camera with an HDMI output, it’s worth looking into an HDMI-to-USB video recording interface to turn it into a high-end camera. In the video below, I’m using the Sony RX100 VII, which is at the lower end of the consumer camera market, but there are several options that should give you the same quality, including older camera models. RX100 from Sony.

Setting Up Your Home Office For Video Calls

When looking at the HDMI interface, make sure it advertises that it works with video apps like Zoom, Hangouts and Skype on Mac and Windows without the need for software: this means they have UVC capabilities, which means the operating system allows them will admit. such as webcams with no driver downloads or special software required out of the box. Also, they are in high demand due to COVID-19, so the Elgato Cam Link 4K I used may not be available yet. Instead, look for alternatives like the IOGear Video Capture Adapter or the Magewell USB 3.0 Capture Device, or consider switching to a dedicated unit like the Blackmagic ATEM Mini, which I’ll discuss below.

Set Up Your Home Office So You Look Professional On Video Calls

A simple lavalier (lav) mic is a great way to up your audio game and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can find a wireless lav that works well for less than $20 on Amazon, and you can use the USB version to connect to your computer even if you don’t have a 3.5mm input port. Rode’s Lavalier GO is a good environmental option that also works well with the Wireless GO transmitter and receiver devices I mention in the next section. Its main drawback is that depending on the length of the cable, you may be limited in terms of movement when using one.

Lighting is a rabbit hole that will eventually get too deep, but finding a light that you can go where you need to go is a great and affordable way to get started. Amazon offers a variety of fixtures that fit the bill, or you can make do with a few Philips Hue lights on gooseneck lights that are well-placed and adjustable for temperature and brightness.

The next step up from the best camera is one that has interchangeable lenses. This allows you to add a good, fast lens with a very small aperture (known as a low “f” number) to capture those out-of-focus images. It gives a natural look by separating you, the subject, from everything behind you and gives you a cinematic look that will have your friends over the moon with your hands.

A lava mic is good, but a wireless lava mic is even better. This means you don’t have to worry about touching the end of the cable or connecting it to other cables in your workspace and can give you a lot of flexibility in your audio usage. computer, on. The best option here is the RODE Wireless GO, which can work alone or with a microphone like the RODE Lavalier GO thanks to its excellent sound quality and versatility.

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You’ll still want to use headphones at this point, but the best type for actual use are in-ear monitors that try to stay out of sight. You can get dedicated monitors like Shure, or you can get the best low-latency Bluetooth headphones and the latest Bluetooth version. Apple’s AirPods Pro are a great option, as are the Bang & Olfsen E8 wireless headphones, which I’ve used perfectly without any lag.

At this point, it’s time to move on to the most important. The best way to optimize video communication and everything else you do from the office, in most cases, is to get a pair of Elgato or Key Light Airs.

These are LED lights with built-in speakers that don’t have a sink stand and come in sturdy tubes with desk cables and connect to Wi-Fi to control via smartphones or desktops. You can adjust their temperature, which means you can make them ‘blue’ or ‘orange’ according to your needs, as well as control their brightness.

Setting Up Your Home Office For Video Calls

With three of these, you can set up 3-point lighting fixtures that are perfect for interviews or people talking directly into the room – pretty much any conference/meeting/event/webinar you can think of.

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HDMI-USB recorders turn most cameras into webcams,

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