Small Home Office Craft Room Ideas

Small Home Office Craft Room Ideas – A craft room needs creative remodeling ideas. Rachel Beach may have spare space to work on DIY projects in her home in Culpeper, Virginia, but she doesn’t have an actual workspace, so she often spreads everything out on the floor.

Before: The spare room didn’t have a comfortable craft setup, and art supplies stored in bins didn’t inspire creativity. |

Small Home Office Craft Room Ideas

Small Home Office Craft Room Ideas

To spruce up the makeshift facility, Rachel began by giving the walls a coat of light beige paint. She chose a neutral color palette to set off her supplies, which she wanted to display out of reach rather than store in containers.

Craft Room Ideas That Will Boost Your Creativity And Inspire You

Then she and her husband, Brent, placed oak cabinets they bought on Craigslist along one wall and painted them white, carving out space for their 7-year-old son, Blake, to create. homework and art.

After: Some new storage units completed the room, as well as the chairs and curtains that were already there. |

To display and organize art supplies, Rachel hung framed scraps on pegs, used binder pockets to create a post office on the wall, and made storage knobs out of pine 2x4s. Above Blake’s station, he placed 1×6 poplars with wire and metal clips through which his artwork could rotate in and out.

Now Rachel and her son have their own space to work on art, homework and blogging. “It’s happy and colorful without being overwhelming,” Rachel said. “This is my dream room!”

Craft Room Reveal And Organization Tips From My First Home

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Ever since I moved from our 3,000 square foot suburban home to a smaller 1920s Bungalow, I’ve asked myself this question over and over again. Every time I try to work on a project, I find myself in charge of the dining room table. When we bought our house, I knew that having just one space to work, create, and eat would be difficult, but I didn’t realize how annoying (and time-consuming) the situation would be for one. you shared table.

Small Home Office Craft Room Ideas

As part of the bungalow lifestyle, we wear many hats in our dining room. Realizing that we have limited wall space throughout the house, we always plan to place the desired shoe cabinets on the back wall of the room. At the end of summer, we realized that the house seriously lacked a logical space for flowers, so we made a special storage for backpacks and jackets in the corner of the front door.

Craft Room & Home Studio Ideas

Our dining room also doubles as my office when I’m at home working on client designs, a project desk where I create DIY tutorials for this blog, and a workstation for our little girl. Oh – and that’s – the only place in our house where we can all sit and eat together.

This means that I clean this space at least twice a day so that it can actually be used for its intended purpose (as a dining room).

Maybe even more annoying? I still haven’t found a place to store all my craft project supplies in our new house. Everything was initially dumped in our detached garage and stayed there.

So when I’m working on painting an original piece of art for a client, I have to go outside and around the house to get to the garage and find supplies. Assuming the project is done in less than 5 hours, I can return the supplies to the garage and set the table for dinner. More often than not, however, I have piles of tools by the front door waiting for me until I have time to complete more complex projects before putting them back in the garage.

How To Turn A Small Space Into A Dream Craft Room Workspace On A Budget — T. Moore Home Interior Design Studio

Dealing with the problem of not having a dedicated storage area for my craft supplies in my home is also a question. The only real storage we have in our house is in the dirty basement or our horrible attic. Between the dust, cobwebs and generally inaccessible, both variants leave a lot to be desired.

In the Ikea bedroom galleries, we found these crazy simple wooden shelves that got me excited. I love clean lines and thoughtful organizational ideas. I shouted when I entered the place

This space is only five feet by seven feet (35 square feet) and is technically just an old back porch – off the kitchen – that the previous owners had covered quite poorly. The space has no ducts and ventilation for HVAC, but is sealed and sealed so it can be used as a room in our home.

Small Home Office Craft Room Ideas

So if we need more space, why don’t we use that space? Well, it’s on the back right side of the house and the road goes out the front on the left side. So using this space as our main entrance (opposite the front door) doesn’t make sense because we have to walk all the way around the house at the time instead of walking two feet to our covered front porch.

Designing A Craft Room

Instead, we use this area as a dumping ground for recycling garbage and various project materials that we have not yet put into the garage.

But at that moment, looking at the Ikea space in front of me, I suddenly saw the thick pile of mud as a truly usable creative space for my projects and hobbies.

I was even more inspired when I discovered that the Ikea shelves shown in the photo above also have the option of attaching a folding table. Since I really needed a place to store paint, paper, fabric, and different types of projects, I thought shelves would serve just that purpose. I never thought I could use the same bookshelf as a flexible work space!

I’m driving home from Memphis (where our closest Ikea is located) with plans to spend a few hours sketching and make another trip soon for the exact things I need to make it look- It looks like my workspace and works perfectly for me.

My Home Office Drawer Organization

When we got home from Ikea, I was even more determined to turn my unused trash into a craft haven where I can make a mess and it’s easy to clean and store it without interfering with our daily routine. routine. I just had to make a plan. I had to identify each item that needed to be stored in that space to make sure I accounted for everything. Otherwise, even if I have a few things that are not in their designated home, the whole project will be useless.

Knowing I’m not the first person to turn a small space into a craft room, I scoured the internet for inspiration and ideas. I found some beautifully decorated rooms with lots of storage space for gift wrap, paper crafts, fabric and sewing supplies, and – of course – lots of craft paint storage ideas!

I am more impressed by the number of people who carve out a small corner of their home and turn it into an office or workplace. There are even more pictures of creating wardrobe rooms! As in, they have a closet and turned it into a craft room! Smart thinking, people!

Small Home Office Craft Room Ideas

He created a wall of shelves in his living room to store his books and magazines. He added a deeper shelf at the end of the open shelf to create a small table where he writes his blog and works at home.

Sewing Room Makeover, Before And After

My pack: I keep my design books, magazines, catalogs and client design documents in my craft room. I have to provide them with dedicated paper storage solutions with open shelves so things don’t look cluttered. Keeping all the storage boxes the same color will highlight the things in the room that I want to display: my books and artwork.

I was also inspired by this blue door that Jen from Rambling Renovators added a “Crafts Dept” decal. It is very similar to the outer door leading to the Muslim room*. I started thinking that I could make a vinyl sticker for my own door with my company logo on it. Since there is exterior access to the space from the front yard, I was able to use this space as the client’s first stop in my home when we sat down for an initial consultation.

*um, at

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