Small Home Office Furniture Desk

Small Home Office Furniture Desk – Create an ergonomic workplace at home. Research has shown that proper ergonomics reduce stress and increase comfort and productivity.

Not your typical flat table. Easy assembly without tools allows you to quickly set it up when you need to work, or put it down when you need your living space.

Small Home Office Furniture Desk

Small Home Office Furniture Desk

It is made of thirteen rows of the best birch wood in the world. WFH desks are sustainable, environmentally friendly and very strong.

Home Office Setup: How To Arrange A Working From Home Space

Combine the WFH coffee table with one or more of our many accessories. Create an inspiring work environment that fits your work and your home.

“A great product with a modern and contemporary design. It makes working from home a pleasure with a dedicated yet flexible space.”

We just moved from a big house to a small apartment and my husband and I have been in an office. My new work-from-home desk fits perfectly in our shared office/guest room with storage space. The good news is that the WFH table can be moved to the living room when we have guests. I love how the “cool” desk looks, how well it’s made and how fun it is to use. I don’t regret having a small desk at all, in fact I love this desk more than my old expensive and large desk that I eventually moved to. This table makes me happy!

Strong, clean, stable, useful and the only weakness is removing and disassembling everything to make changes to the shelf height. Delivery time was fast.

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I have been working from home for over 45 years. In January, I sold my business and decided to renovate my home office so that I could still have a workspace, but with less emphasis on work and more emphasis on home. Work From Home Desks came about when I was researching the internet and thought they had a desk that would be perfect to replace my large wooden eight foot desk as well as a 5 foot computer desk. When all the desk packages arrived I put them together myself and I’m a 75 year old woman, I love how it holds my keyboard, monitor, landline, calculator, pencil holder, pen and writing paper. It is well built and I love the birch finish. This inspired me to change things in my room to match the gorgeous birch finish. Now I have a fun and useful space to meditate, do yoga, and take care of our family business, all in a 9 x 9 bedroom. What a discovery!!!

I came across this site while looking elsewhere for a desk and being able to set it up for the weekend was exactly what I needed. Except it’s a place I like so much that I don’t mind leaving it in the living room. The product arrived quickly. No story at all. Strong! Will consider ordering another.

This is the right size and look at my perfect apartment. It’s solidly built, easy to assemble, and ships quickly. I will try to add inventory when it comes back.

Small Home Office Furniture Desk

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