Small Home Office Guest Room Ideas

Small Home Office Guest Room Ideas – Looking for smart room ideas for your home office? Or maybe you’re wondering how on earth you can make your room bigger to become a guest office?

As an expert in room layout and flow, we’ve created 7 categories for you to choose from today!

Small Home Office Guest Room Ideas

Small Home Office Guest Room Ideas

We didn’t really have room (some would call it) for a guest bed, let alone an entire guest bedroom. Yes, we had what was technically a bedroom downstairs, but we also needed it for the office!

Creative Small Home Office Ideas That Make Big Impact

And instead of creating yet another internet list that will have you scrolling through “99 different ideas for a guest desk bed,” I’m going to simplify it for you.

Let’s not waste your time (or ours)! Sorting is the most effective way to find what works for you!πŸ€—

Being able to take up most of your entire office with a large bed (or two, for that matter) is not a “luxury” for most of us. (I put that in quotes because I immediately think of having a large room to clean, but then I’m not so sure that’s luxury. My definition of “luxury” to me includes things like “low back” and “easy cleanup” πŸ™ŒπŸ˜„)

But taking up 50-75% of the guest room with a guest bed is a valid option that is regularly overlooked, so I’m including it.

Shared Home Office Ideas: How We Created A Functional & Productive Space

Get a single bed for your office with a swivel base, like this upholstered bed or this white one! Takes up less space and still sleeps two!

This is often the second “alternative” option that people think of when it comes to setting up a desk in a guest room where they are trying to save space.

And it’s a great choice if you need (and use) a couch in your office!

Small Home Office Guest Room Ideas

Sofa there for other reasons, or it’s still too big (because let’s face it, sofas – even compact ones – still take up a lot of cubic feet!), one of your perfect options is still to come down!

Versatile Home Offices That Double As Gorgeous Guest Rooms

If you don’t have room for a double sofa, try a twin (or two!). At one point I was thinking about this for our guest room…I thought of two covered chairs with a table between them that could be used as a sitting area on normal days…them! (But I eventually went for it.)

A much simpler, smaller option than a full sleeper sofa, it’s more of a futon-style piece of furniture that you simply open up and sleep right away!

This is another popular choice! And while they are very nice, in my experience daybeds (most are) are less useful than a couch.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe because they are often a bit higher and deeper than the sofa, so you don’t have to sit on them. For several years I had a day bed and

Small Space Living Ideas

. I think our kids eventually did because they were able to climb and play on it (it was in our playroom) but even then it wasn’t used often enough….

(Honestly, I need to write a post about how we sell our used furniture and get the most money out of it so you can see! It’s on my list, but there are about 187 comments on that spreadsheet…maybe more .)

Well, first of all, it depends a lot on your location. It is good in some rooms. Usually, when you have a higher ceiling than usual, as well as a room with large windows and good daylight, it feels like a light and airy space!

Small Home Office Guest Room Ideas

But when we were in our already small room with 8β€² ceilings, when I closed my eyes and looked at the vision planner, it fell.

Designer Guest Bedroom Ideas And Essentials

No, the large wall-mounted Murphy bed was not a good choice in our room, and it wouldn’t be for many rooms like this one.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have one! If you have the space, the height, or just love it, go for it!

PS: If you have a large extra space that you are trying to compartmentalize (ie separate the guest bed space from the office space), a Murphy bed can be a great design method for zoning, as shown below. .)!

For really tight office spaces, I love this because it’s simple and easy! 😊 No sofa beds or sofa beds and “stuff” to choose from. It does not come with a pre-made sofa or futon; it can be very soft or firm – whatever you want!

Guest Bedroom Ideas: Essentials For A Welcoming Design

It can be a window seat or simply built into the wall. You just have to work with the space you have!

Sure, it might only fit one person or small kids, but if you’re just hosting the occasional friend or just looking for an extra place for the kids to sleep with a family gathering at your place, this is a workable solution!

(It’s also a great read when you’re not using it as a bed! I would totally lay on that comfy sofa by the window!)

Small Home Office Guest Room Ideas

This is our #1. We’ve loved the bed in our guest office for over seven years!

Warm And Welcoming Guest Room Ideas

Why? It folds up against the wall just like a console table AND gives you a comfortable double bed!

My original thought was to use the top of this cabinet to fold laundry, but I actually didn’t. Since it was already visible from our entrance, we often put fresh flowers in a vase here. (Or just use it as a place to put random stuff sometimes because it’s real life. Notes are helpful!)

Why didn’t I make a murphy bed? Although I dreamed of having a murphy bed (before I did a big study of our room)…

… when I started thinking about my design work, it seemed too loud and overwhelming in a small space!

Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas To Make It A Multifunctional Space

But this bedside table… And I love it!

Also, we couldn’t bring this awesome hideaway bed that fits into this category! (But obviously you can’t buy this in a store.)

How we set up our guest desk (and what other amazing perks we added to make it a 3-in-1 room), check out our guest desk layout!

Small Home Office Guest Room Ideas

Hey, you found us!!!πŸ˜„ Nice to meet you! We’re Matt & Jess, a husband and wife team helping you create space so you can free up your time and energy to do what you love! We’re here to help you transform your life through your home (and gain the confidence to make every decision like a pro)! If you’re short on space at home, consider creating a multipurpose room by combining a home office/guest room to entertain overnight guests. This space can be a spare bedroom that you use for occasional guests or to store unused furniture. With a little cleaning, you can transform this space into an attractive and functional room.

Guest Room Office Ideas: 10 Ways To Achieve A Smart Layout |

With so many of us needing desks in our homes, this is a great way to use your space for everyday use while still being able to host the occasional guest – or make a place great for your cat to rest! Taking on this task may seem daunting, but Murphy beds and daybeds are some of the best solutions.

Check out the great home office ideas we’ve rounded up for you below to help you get started. Below each image is more information and where the designer is from. Be sure to let us know which of these home office ideas inspired you the most and why in the comments below!

1. This versatile mobile home in Los Angeles has a guest bedroom/home office. An abundance of natural light brings the outdoors in and creates a sense of space. All pillows are made to order. The walls are whitewashed with 1/2 inch thick plywood. Above the sofa is a beautiful painting by the artist Uta Ritka. The room dimensions are 7β€² x 8β€² and the desk is approximately 7β€² x 2β€²6β€³. (via Sol Haus Design)

2. A modern office/guest room in a San Francisco home features a custom trundle bed. It is suitable for mattresses of dimensions 54 x 75. The room also has a built-in table and functional built-in cabinets for storing linen and office supplies. Sliding glass doors lead to the terrace. (via Tamalpais Construction Company)

How To Design A Stylish Bedroom Home Office

3. A small apartment uses the second bedroom as an office and a few guest rooms. The Case Study Day Bed by Modernica can be used for overnight guests. The table is made of solid maple, supported by a different world chair from Humanscale. The shelves were custom designed by Ferris LLC in Washington DC. The room is 9’x9′ and the track is from WAC Lighting. (by Patrick Brian Jones PLLC)

4. This classic home office doubles as a guest room thanks to the colorful day bed. Built-in wardrobes provide functionality and storage. (via Katie Ridder)

5. The Ottawa Apartment has a sleek and stylish office and guest suite. The built-in storage wall hides a

Small Home Office Guest Room Ideas

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