Small Home Office Ideas For Two

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I’ve been working from home ever since I quit my “regular” job and hired Poor Little It Girl full time. Adam has been working from home since we moved from Washington, DC to Atlanta in 2016. So yes, we know a thing or two about offices and how to make spaces suitable for… work! But with the arrival of son number two, who will be turning my old office into his nursery, we’ll be able to create a two-person home office setup that works for both of us. .

Small Home Office Ideas For Two

Small Home Office Ideas For Two

Adam and I are now reluctantly forced to share a housing company. It’s not that we hate being together during the day, it’s that he’s on the phone at work all day and I like the quiet. So yeah…it doesn’t actually work. This is good. We may not know much about living rooms, but we can create a space that works for both of us and create a plan so we don’t fight each other all day. Is it enough? No. But it’s been a few months since the new arrangement and we’re not killing each other, so I call that a win!

Small Home Office Ideas That Will Make You Want To Work Overtime

Sharing an office with anyone, whether it’s a spouse, co-worker or child, can be a real challenge. The key, therefore, is to come up with an arrangement that suits each individual’s needs and promotes a calm and productive workplace. Even if we don’t work in the office at the same time (Adam often goes to a local co-working space during the day, if he’s home I’ll work in the kitchen while I do mom stuff), if we have to stay. Here, we created a corporate structure that met our needs and kept us on track.

Working from home is more common than ever. Luckily for us, we stayed home and worked together, so when COVID-19 prevented everyone from going to the office, it wasn’t a big change in our lives. If you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle, whether alone or with a partner or spouse, you need to make sure you create a space that works for both (physically). Here are some of my tips for creating an office setup for two.

Each of them chooses their place of residence. Adam and I don’t get along, and I’m not going to lie. So having a designated area to define our own workspace (and not encroach on someone else’s) is one of the keys to coworking success.

I didn’t realize we all had that much until we got it together in the same room, ha! Therefore, it is very important to provide adequate security for the home office. Each of us has our own fixed pantry and cupboard. We also have a cupboard that is divided in two so that each of us has room to store other things, and yes, even our sofa bed has storage under it! I also bought these boxes to hold my other items.

Inspirational Home Office Workspaces That Feature 2 Person Desks

Our office is small. So it took us a bit of planning to find an arrangement that suited our needs for a two-seater sofa and daybed. We’ll come up with different plans and discuss what works and what doesn’t until we arrive at the right design for our needs.

Adam and I have different styles of home decor. He likes something a little darker and more moody, while I like something bright and white. So why are we still on the 2018 BRAVO show, ha! We found our tastes to mesh well, which included female vocals and me and the lightheartedness of his great record collection and guitar work.

To be honest, in the end, planning everything for a two-person company and executing it wasn’t the easiest thing we did. Therefore, it is very important to communicate your needs to your employer. I need a window seat to enjoy the natural light for my Instagram stories. Adam needs extra storage space for all his books and a clean place in the back for all the video calls he makes at work. Contact non-negotiable people to understand what you want to do and make your life easier.

Small Home Office Ideas For Two

In case you missed it on my Instagram Reels page, I also shared a video of the first and subsequent remakes of Company of Two, which you can watch via YouTube below. It really shows how far the space has come since we entered the construction industry. You can also visit my former home office here.

Small Home Office Ideas For Two: Working From Home Together!

With the pandemic and many people now working from home, creating the perfect space for you and your partner has never been more important. In addition to my own home office, I’ve found plenty of dual office ideas to inspire. Whether you can dedicate an entire room to an office, or a small part of your home – enjoy creating a two-person office for the both of you!

Create strong visual appeal by adding wallpaper walls as you enter the office. This is a great way to showcase the two of you personalities and add some visual interest to a dreary room. You know I’m a fan of peel and stick wallpapers!

Floating shelves and a desk make room for a double room that feels bright, airy, and clean—a favorite of mine. No need to look at things like hardware and brackets. This creates clean lines and offers many vertical storage options.

I love the blue pocket doors in this incredible office. It makes the space feel different from the rest of the house without being completely different. It is also important to pay attention to the wallpaper on the ceiling, dear!

Small Home Office Ideas: Tour Our Shared Office

Let your factory do just that with this industrial idea. I love that the houseplants take center stage and make the space feel calm and relaxing, and the chairs, benches, and chairs let the creativity flow. This is a great layout and interior design for any room.

If you have a lot of art between you and your office workers, try creating a special gallery wall above your long desk. This is a great way to showcase your own travel photos or family photos.

How nice would it be to enjoy a beautiful garden all day long while working in your home office? This space uses corner seating units for maximum storage and lots of shelves for books and storage. In fact, this design is all about bringing those ideas into reality.

Small Home Office Ideas For Two

This is the area for a kids playroom or tech study room, but it still provides great inspiration for decorating in a fun way. A large journal is a great idea when you have a lot to look at and get inspired right away. I think it’s great for kids, creatives or photographers.

Small Home Office Makeover

I like how they did it on the side instead of having a soundproof wall behind the seats. They removed the green paper and wallpaper from their desks and painted on the walls with beautiful circles. Apparently this is the same IKEA table and drawers we have. This is good!

In case you didn’t know, we got a lot of inspiration in this room. It had to be a home office in the guest room and it nailed it. Of course, their space is larger than ours, so they can set up more security measures. I’ve always loved the combination of an office and furniture, like a sofa bed, which makes the space comfortable for work or sleeping for guests.

Sometimes a two-person office needs to be easy to furnish, and this two-person bench does just that. Another IKEA lounge chair for two that is simple, lightweight and sometimes the best way to go about modern office design. Companies designed for two people should not be confused.

Who said that two-person business must be against the wall table? I love the idea of ​​having a round chair in the center of the room that everyone can get in and out of, sitting co-working style. Plus, this gives you more storage space and wall decoration.

Affordable Ideas To Create The Perfect Small Home Office

With a corner sofa set up and no windows, you might think this tiny home isn’t for two, but oh boy, you’d be wrong! The office features bright white storage and lounge areas, natural lighting fixtures on the ceiling and timber to keep.

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