Small Home Office Ideas In Living Room

Small Home Office Ideas In Living Room – Setting up a small home office in your space has been a challenge we’ve all been trying to master over the past year. And when there are a few people in the house, finding a way to make multiple desktops work can seem almost impossible.

Although you can. Because I said it was time to quit working from the kitchen counter. It’s time to put Latoping to bed. In today’s post, we want to give you some ideas and tips on how to create a small home office in any room of your home. Not only does it work for you, it looks good too.

Small Home Office Ideas In Living Room

Small Home Office Ideas In Living Room

Check out the video I recently shot with Metricon below, then keep scrolling for tons of ideas and best buys to spruce up your home office.

Small Home Office Ideas

Location is important in finding the right place to work from home. When choosing the best place in your house, you should consider:

Think about what’s behind your home office. No one wants to hop on Zoom and watch a cat use the litter box from a distance (yes, that happened to me. It wasn’t pretty). Check if the background is working.

We are not in a fixed, permanent carpentry situation here. We were looking for something light and functional that we could take out of the house when we got back to the office. We want it to be pretty cheap, but you should never buy the first thing you see.

You want the desk in your small home office area to work with the other items in the room. You want to feel like you belong there, not some temporary accident you made at the last minute.

Home Office Decor Ideas + Designs For A Creative Work Space

If you are in the bedroom, look at the material/finish of the bedside table and recreate it on your desk. If you’re in the living room, pick up signals from the TV or coffee table. You want to consider the overall environment or interior design style of your home and then choose a desk that matches that style.

For a small home office in the living room, bedroom or hallway, you want to minimize clutter and visual area. With this in mind, it’s best to start with a desk with drawers, but a desk with additional storage on the side, such as a built-in cabinet, would also be wise.

The desk at the top of the video is from Officeworks, but I love that the drawer can hide clutter and store stationery and other office supplies in a stylish tray or box on the shelf next to it.

Small Home Office Ideas In Living Room

If you run out of space, consider moving up! There are many retail stores that have nice desks with built-in storage over freestanding units.

Small Home Office Ideas (with Photos From Real People)

Don’t steal a chair from the kitchen table and drag it to your desk every morning. Dining room chairs are not designed as ergonomically as office chairs. They’re not meant to sit for 8 hours (it’s going to be a long, heavy dinner), so leave them on the table and grab something else in your little corner of your home office.

This does not mean that the chairs cannot communicate with each other stylistically. You want them to feel similar in color or at least somewhat related. Not twins, not sisters, maybe even cousins.

Chair legs on carpet are a very different story than chair legs on floorboards, so you should also consider what type of flooring you’re using. For carpets, even if they look ugly, we recommend using plastic chair mats to avoid leaving permanent marks on the carpet. Even the wheels on the carpet are a nightmare to get around, so carpets are a godsend.

In my small home office with plenty of space, I like to build my desk into three sections. You can see it in action in the video and stills above. Basically, I want to divide the top of my desk into three areas…

Home Office Ideas: Turn A Spare Room Into Your Dream Workspace

It is for business purposes. Pencil holders, inboxes, stationery, trays and more. Of course, just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t heal and it can’t look great. Officeworks or kikki.K is amazing for releasing shoppable collections with a great selection of colors and styles.

Here go the computers. Whether it is a laptop or a PC, it will dominate the central axis of the desktop.

If you use a laptop, you are seriously considering a laptop stand. Your neck will thank you. There is nothing worse than staring at a laptop for 8 hours straight. It’s an ergonomic nightmare I hope you avoid.

Small Home Office Ideas In Living Room

This is where you get creative with decorative elements. Here you can work with photos, houseplants (real or fake) and candles. I’m a huge candle addict, so I need perfume when I work.

Simple Design Ideas To Maximize Your Small Home Office

Here is a list of the best Australian candle brands to decorate your desk with.

The trick is not to clutter the desktop too much and make sure to make it your own. You want a balance between your work and your self, so make sure the color and style you choose looks great so that the end result looks great.

If your desk is facing the window, you are dreaming. Hopefully there is something nice to look at that will give you a few seconds of visual relaxation throughout the day.

It hurts against the wall, but you can still create something cool here and there that will inspire or take you out of “work mode” for a short while.

Small Home Office Ideas For A Dream Work From Home Space

Think of a picturesque piece of art on your desk that feels like a scene you can escape from. If not, consider getting an inspiration board where you can paste your photos and other images or quotes. Or maybe you want to create a small family photo gallery. My advice: do it. Make something nice to look at.

How’s your little home office? I want to know how you made it yours or where you bought these great things. Please leave a comment below and link to any great ones you find.

This post contains images and/or videos from Metricon show houses and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2021.

Small Home Office Ideas In Living Room

In addition to writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, manager, and writer. He also spent time on television presenting segments of Channel 10’s The Dressing Room, Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. To schedule a design consultation with Chris, you can learn more here.

Small Home Office Ideas You’ll Love

I’m interior designer Chris Carroll. At TLC Interiors, we’re committed to creating a stunning home without breaking the bank. It’s the best design style at an affordable price, and it makes the whole process easy and fun for both customers and readers! In recent years, we have been working from home more than ever before. This means you need a functional workspace in your home. Even a small home office can be functional and stylish.

Some people may be lucky enough to have an extra room that they can use as a home office. Many of us will associate a small desk in our living room or bedroom.

However, with these small home office ideas, you can create a small and functional workspace. These home offices allow you to be as productive as you are in the office.

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Office Decoration Ideas: How To Design A Functional Small Home Office

Even if your space is small, don’t be afraid of color. This pink and green home office is a bright WFH dream.

The space under the stairs can be a little wasteful. But why not turn it into a home office? This IKEA workspace is both stylish and functional.

Another uncomfortable place under a sloping roof. However, you can make the most of this space and add plenty of storage space by adding shelves.

Small Home Office Ideas In Living Room

A small (pull-out) desk in the living room or bedroom can create a minimalist feel. However, you can also surround your desk with shelves for storage that you may need in your office.

Modern Home Office Design Ideas For Inspiration

A desk in a closet (also known as a clopis). Best of all, you can close the door so you can really separate your work and personal life. More Clopis ideas can be found here.

A small alcove in the living room is now a home office. There is a floating desk with storage space.

IKEA is the queen of small space living. They have a lot of furniture that fits perfectly in a small house. For example, the ALEX floating desk with shelves

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