Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget – I’m so excited to share this amazing teenage bedroom makeover I just finished. I’ll give you helpful tips on how to create a charming, timeless room for your teen that will last well into their college years. And all on a budget!

It’s no secret that creating fun rooms for children is at the top of my list of favorite makeovers. It started many years ago when I was young. My mother jokes with me “I can never punish you and send you to your room because you like to spend time there”. It’s true… I would walk out of my room and redecorate the whole place! Laugh out loud Years later, I still enjoy moving furniture around and creating beautiful spaces.

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Here is a photo of my client’s daughter’s room from a few months ago. Bella’s mother mentioned that she had grown out of her hot pink walls and girly clothes and was ready to redecorate an adult teenage bedroom. Here’s how the process went:

Budget Friendly Kids’ Room Design Ideas

I mentioned earlier that paint is the #1 cost-effective way to make the most impact when changing the look of a room. The hot pink walls are painted a beautiful light silver grey. Bella wanted an all white room so I chose Rock Candy SV6231 by Sherwin Williams. The new color instantly took her room to a more sophisticated level! The bright color allowed us to decorate with any color we wanted. These neutral walls are ready for when Bella decides to change the bedding and/or the accessories.

Not everyone has an idea of ​​what a room should look like when finished. I love creating mood boards for my clients so they can see how each piece fits into the overall look of the room. It doesn’t have to be a fancy graphic like the one below. Simply cut out images from magazines and/or catalogs or start a dedicated Pinterest board. To follow my Pinterest projects, click here.

Here we decided to keep Bella’s classic white sleigh bed, desk and nightstands. Its classic bright white color and timeless style allowed us to adapt it to any look and stay within the budget of her teenage bedroom.

White and Gold Stand | writing desk | pink ipad stand | Ombre Turquoise Curtain Panel | watch with gold stickers | Similar Turquoise Comforter Set | Gold Sunburst Mirror | White and gold wall cabinets | The Pillow of Your Dreams | Good Vibes Only Art | ombre blush cushion | macrame wall art | Clearance Lucite Desk Chair | turquoise lamp | white sleigh bed

Girls Bedroom: Black Is The New Pink

Whether it’s favorite bedding, a piece of art, an accent pillow, or an inspirational quote, it’s helpful to have a piece that really speaks to you as a starting point. Bella fell in love with this tapestry called Sea Bliss of Society 6. This is an ethereal aerial view of turquoise waves crashing on a reddish pink beach. It was perfect color inspiration and boy did I take it!

When I design rooms, I balance color ratios in a loose 70:20:10 ratio. About 70% of Bella’s room is grey-blue. Then came 20% with pink accents and finally gold. Using this ratio often creates a pleasing palette and can be easily changed in the future.

We dressed up Bella’s bed with a beautiful comforter set from Pier 1 called the Celestial Savannah Comforter Set. It’s then accessorized with a fabulous blush faux fur throw and a whimsical gold lip pillow and other fun accent pillows.

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

I mentioned earlier that rooms are often square. I always mix things up and remove some of the flatness of a square room by adding round elements. The curves of the Bella Sleigh bed are complemented by a beautiful round mirror encrusted with precious stones. We centered it over her bed, creating an attractive focal point.

Girls Bedroom Ideas: 24 Ways To Transform Their Sleep Space

On the wall to the left of her bed is a large tapestry called Sea Bliss from Ingrid Beddoes Photography that I mentioned in an earlier post. It serves as the largest piece of art in the room. You don’t need the whole wall but a tapestry and two gorgeous gold metal tiaras.

Balancing large and small with color and texture and 2- and 3-dimensional art. Right next to his lamp I hang a cute “Follow your arrow wherever it points” sign.

If you think this photo tapestry is beautiful, then you need to check out Society 6. It’s a website used by thousands of artists to sell their artwork. You can find any artwork and apply it to hundreds of items. I often find a lot of my inspiration from his website. If you want to read more about the shower curtain that started my daughter’s bathroom renovation.

On the opposite wall, we reused the white four-leaf mirror she had. People often think they need a whole room of new furniture to refresh a space. this is not true! I like to reuse the client’s existing pieces and give them a new look, like in Bella’s teenage bedroom.

Girls’ Bedroom Ideas

Sometimes a piece of furniture or decoration is not included in the new design. Reusing in another room, moving to the attic or even donating are some of the best solutions. Bella’s mother felt that her wardrobe was too big and misconfigured and that a new dresser with lots of drawers would be more useful. This was the only piece of furniture we replaced with a new chest of drawers. This gave Bella more space to display picture frames and jewelery and to store all her essentials. We added an aqua green chair. Without a tall wardrobe, the room looks bigger and more welcoming when you walk into it.

We found a turquoise chair at TJ Makk, a matching gold and turquoise table lamp, art, picture frames, and soft turquoise curtain panels at HomeGoods. Its silver curtains were replaced with gold-headed cage bars.

There is no need to hide everything behind doors and in drawers. There are so many beautiful storage options. Find textured baskets, magical stacking and under-bed storage boxes, as well as fun functional wall and floor shelves. You may recognize this narrow white and gold shelf from my daughter’s bathroom remodel. This suited Bela’s need for more attractive open storage. We split the set of shelves and placed one to the left of Bella’s dresser to hold beauty products and hair accessories. over it we hung a

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Before that, Bella used her desk for arts and crafts. As soon as you enter her room, she is well positioned and becomes the center of attraction for anything and everything. We repurposed it as a night stand, laptop table, and makeup table on the right side of her bed.

Trendy Teen Room Decor Ideas For Dream Room!

With a gold table lamp, pretty mirrored storage boxes and makeup organizers, gold and white trash cans, inspirational art, and a whimsical removable wall clock, this area has become Bella’s favorite versatile cozy nook. This great corner has so many uses!

I finished setting up teenage Bella’s bedroom before she got home from school. It was music to my ears when I heard that Bella loved her new room! Her mother also told me that her room is always clean now and Bella proudly shows it to her friends. Success!

I’m currently working on another teenage room makeover, so stay tuned and hopefully you’ll be inspired for your next makeover. Next up… Renovating Bella’s master bathroom. You won’t want to leave the spa-like retreat! There are many inexpensive ways to decorate a teenage girl’s bedroom. In this post, I share with you the things I learned while decorating my daughter’s bedroom with her without breaking the bank. Check out her teenage bedroom.

Decorating a teenage bedroom with decor is definitely a challenge when your opinions differ and for some it seems impossible to find a happy medium. And before we started it seemed impossible even in our house.

Girls’ Bedroom Ideas For 2021

My daughter is a normal 13 year old…she is moody, irritable, temperamental and sometimes rude. Talking to her is a big challenge, especially since she knows everything better. “No!”…”Ouch!” And it’s always around every conversation.

However, the transition in decorations from childhood to teenagers and young adults can be challenging. Or maybe we should say challenging. It wouldn’t be so difficult if money was unlimited, but most households don’t have it. Even with money growing on trees in the home, most parents want to teach their child to make wise decisions and not throw money out the window, am I right?

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Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Of course, every child is different, so I will mention what worked for us during the process of decorating a teenage girl’s bedroom.

Fun And Stylish Teen Girl’s Bedroom Ideas

Ask her to make a list of things she still likes about teenage girls’ bedrooms and make a list of things she doesn’t like.

My daughter loves the color of her bed, lights, table, windowsill and curtains, but she doesn’t like the light pink color of the walls and she doesn’t want my acrylic chair anymore.

Give him a list of furniture and accessories in your home or store that he can incorporate.


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