Best Blue Gray Paint Color For Living Room

Best Blue Gray Paint Color For Living Room – Blue has always been one of my favorite colors in my home. I’ve been leaning towards more green over the past few years, but when I look at our home and the space I’ve created, it’s blue

The most used color! I’ve always gravitated towards rich or deep blues, but recently my color of choice has been a subtle blue-grey.

Best Blue Gray Paint Color For Living Room

Best Blue Gray Paint Color For Living Room

When I painted in December, I wanted to paint the powder room walls a dusty gray, but negotiations with Corey ended up with a dark blue. We both agreed that things were not right in the room recently! So…I painted it a beautiful teal gray and it was…well…perfect.

Living Room Paint Colors

In the bathroom, I go with Clare’s Motor City. They sent me paint and paint supplies to transform the room and I am so grateful! They really are one of the best paint brands out there and I’ve been using them more and more lately.

Let’s talk more about this beautiful and fashionable color and how to use it at home?

Let’s start here – sometimes they say “blue gray” and sometimes they say “blue gray”. Are they the same? What’s the difference?

In general, it is better to make a list of the dominant color first. So, in the case of our ports, it’s a blue-gray paint. That is, there is

Best Blue Paint Colors In 2023: Shop Designer Approved Picks

One thing to consider when choosing a paint color is whether you want it to be warm or cool!

In general, warm colors include shades of yellow, orange, and red. Cool colors include shades of green, blue and purple. However, this does not mean that all shades of blue-gray are cool! When there is enough yellow in the gray mixed with the blue, it immediately warms the color.

The easiest way to tell the difference is to compare them. If you hold two blue-grays next to each other, you should be able to tell which is warm and which is cold.

Best Blue Gray Paint Color For Living Room

It is important to recognize that light is an important factor and can affect the sense of color in a space. Everything from light fixtures to whether or not you get a lot of natural light are important factors. If you want to know whether a color is warm or cool in a certain room, we recommend trying it!

How To Choose The Best Sherwin Williams Blue Paint Colors

A blue-gray paint color can really go anywhere in your home. There are no rules! Here are some inspirations…

Blue-gray is one of those chameleon colors that changes depending on the room, time of day and lighting. It can be used inside

Popular brand with many favorite colors. Here are some more popular blue-gray paint colors…

Before you start painting, I always recommend choosing the color of the paint on the walls! This is the best way to avoid ending up with colors that don’t match your room. You can get peel and stick paint samples from almost any paint brand, like Samplize, and they’ll deliver to your door if you want, but I prefer to go into a store and pick up some samples myself!

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

Once you have the pattern, you can paint the pattern on this shell and stick paper, foam sheet, or paint some patterns directly on the wall!

I’m finishing up our big garage cleaning and organizing project and one of the best things I’ve added so far is the backboards for my new cabinets. I’ve had a few questions about hanging boards when sharing a project on Instagram, so today I’m sharing…

Have you ever wondered how to use a circular saw? Today is your lucky day – we talked about circular saws, why and how to use them. Are you ready to learn a new tool?! For the past few months I’ve been doing a fun video + post series…

Best Blue Gray Paint Color For Living Room

We’ve made a few changes to our yard this spring, including a new DIY garden bed and a beautiful rose bush in the yard! Here is a short list of updates to our gardens. I’m always a little nervous when it comes to outdoor items this time of year… Few colors are as versatile as teal. Whether you’re looking for a subtle color in the bedroom or a bold color in the living room, our list of blue-gray paint colors has something for everyone.

Best Paint Colors

If you’re looking for something calming and comfortable, blue-grey can be a great choice. For those who often shy away from color but want to try something new, blue gray is a great place to start. Blue lightens it up and gray lightens it up. This keeps it from being too bright and overwhelming.

Many of the colors below work well as neutrals thanks to the gray undertone. Most people prefer blue, but there are also gray versions. Think of it as a nice denim color for your favorite blue jeans. Most of these blue-grays work well with all other colors.

In summary, blue-gray is a strong blue-toned gray or a strong gray-toned blue. It is easy to recognize the color undertone by looking at all the samples and looking for the darkest color. If it’s teal or charcoal gray, you’re on the right track!

It’s best to avoid green undertones that can push a color into the blue/green color category. (But we love these colors!)

Interior Paint Color Tips For Home Staging

Blue is a calming color, but when it is not combined with gray, it can be bright or pastel colors. So, a true blue-gray color will be cool, calming and versatile when chosen for your home.

Blue and white are a classic combination, so white decor and blue walls are the perfect color choice. These colors work very well in bedrooms and bathrooms. Gray is a great color for cabinets and even kitchens and laundry rooms!

A child’s room also looks great with blue-gray paint. There are so many surefire options to add one of these beautiful colors to your home!

Best Blue Gray Paint Color For Living Room

At first glance, these paint colors may seem similar, but when you compare them side by side, you’ll notice subtle differences.

The Most Recommended Blue Grey Paint Colors

Find your preferred gray blue paint color below and go to choose some. If you narrow it down from there, buy a tester and paint a small section of the wall before you do it.

I share the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) for each paint color. LRV is the amount of visible light reflected or absorbed by the paint. In the case of LRV, the higher the number, the more light it reflects than it absorbs. I divided the paint color into dark (LRV 0-15), medium (LRV 15-45) and light (LRV 45-100) sections.

I really like this paint color! I used it first to paint the front door of my old house and then the living room of my current house.

It has the faintest green hues, but gray hues are common. Because it has both warm and cool tones, it works as a transition color in any room.

The 10 Best Blue Gray Paint Colours: Calming, Relaxing & Cool

But because of its black color, it should be used in a bright room so as not to darken the area too much. White accents and lots of bright lights make this color look amazing!

While Hale Navy leans more towards blue, Outerspace leans more towards gray when it comes to blue/grey tones. Don’t want to overload your space? Try a dark gray accent wall.

In a child’s bedroom, a camel leather chair and beautiful light wood tones are perfect, Jen Sottosanti Design.

Best Blue Gray Paint Color For Living Room

If you’re looking for drama, a granite top is the right choice for you. Depending on the room and the lighting, you may gravitate toward blue or gray. It can look more like a charcoal color and can be used well on an accent wall or powder room.

Blue Gray Paint Color

On the borderline between medium gray and blue paint colors is Santorini Blue. It got its name from the beautiful blue-green waters of the Greek islands. Looks great paired with traditional gray as shown below! This is a common paint color in men’s bedrooms.

This medium bluish gray is a timeless color that can be worn in a variety of styles. It can sometimes turn slightly green if painted in a west-facing room.

You know that feeling when you’re all warm and snuggled up when it’s blizzarding outside? This is convenience

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