Best Color To Paint Whole House Interior

Best Color To Paint Whole House Interior – Choosing a home color scheme is a tricky business. If I could get a dollar for every sleepless paint color choice… well, I don’t have a dollar, I’m really weird, but still annoying!

Choosing a paint color for a room is hard enough. Choosing a paint color that harmonizes with each room throughout the house is the biggest challenge.

Best Color To Paint Whole House Interior

Best Color To Paint Whole House Interior

However, this is definitely one of the biggest questions I get asked every time I share a room at home. “What color paint?”

Refresh Your Rooms With Bold Color Combinations

So I thought it would be helpful to compile all the paint colors we use in our home so we can put them all in one convenient place as our whole house color scheme for you to refer to if you wish.

If you need help choosing a color for your home, here’s how to find the right one.

If you want to know my favorite colors, here are all the colors we use throughout the house.

This shade is quite creamy. The temperature is warm enough to make the room clean, but not cold enough to feel “hospital”. It’s also great for the trim, but we used Sherwin Williams Simply White to make the trim whiter.

The Best Paint Colors For Your Small Rooms

We painted all our doors a dark charcoal and love it! It makes every room feel elegant with just the cost of paint (and hides little kids’ handprints).

This is the truest white you can get. Clean, neat and fresh. We hang it on the wall in our home office, hall, stairwell, hallway, and master bathroom.

We used this color on Lowe’s Spring Manufacturing bathroom cabinets a few years ago and I love the shade so much I have to find a spot in our house. It is a very deep blue with just enough gray to make it a muted and dusty color.

Best Color To Paint Whole House Interior

I love the rich color, it’s a true navy blue. It is a perfect color image and still has the flexibility to act as a neutral.

Paint Color Trends

I tried maybe 12 different shades of green before choosing a winning paint color for our downstairs kitchen cabinets. The name is catchy, like the green you see on pool tables, a gorgeous, beautiful shade.

I love this soft, sweet blue color on the built-in shelves and cupboards in the game room. It’s saturated enough that the colors aren’t too noticeable. It is also great for front door exterior decoration.

This little green we used on the powder room bead board has a great vintage look. A colorful whisper without the guts to make a statement. It can also look great in a cabinet.

The pink is hard and I can’t remember how many samples I tried that reminded me of Pepto Bismol. But we used ballet pink in Olivia’s room, which is a bit peachy.

Fixer Upper Inspired Color Schemes For The One Who Can’t Make Up Her Mind

It’s my favorite medium gray with blue undertones, so it’s perfect for making the bathroom fresh and clean. It’s also great for contrasting decor and bright white walls.

It’s one of the deepest, truest blacks you’ll find, creating a stunning modern space.

As the name suggests, Magnolia True White is a bright, true white. (To be completely honest: I didn’t like the level of coverage, so we never used it again.) But we’re totally obsessed with the Romabio paint in peachy blush Barefoot Dancing ceiling!

Best Color To Paint Whole House Interior

If you want a “Goldilocks” between white and ivory, Benjamin Moore white dove ticks all the right boxes. It just has a little creamy kiss.

The Best Greige Paint Colors: Top 10 Readers’ Favorites!

We especially love the door and cabinet decorations (pictured below) for winter! It has enough yellow undertones to give it a warm gray color that pairs perfectly with creamy Wagyu characters.

I call it Southern “Hight Blue” because it reminds me of the porch ceilings I saw in Charleston. But it is also suitable for hanging on the wall if you are not afraid of water.

Do you have a favorite paint color? We always have a lot of room to improve so we’ll take all the suggestions we get!

It’s best to vary your colors while still creating a sense of continuity. In an open floor plan, it is perfectly acceptable to paint all connected rooms the same color when there is no clear separation between the spaces.

The Best Whole House Paint Colors For Any Home In 2023

It all depends on your personal preference. Sometimes it can be fun to make a statement on the ceiling, or make your own statement with a pop of color. But if white is used for both, it is best to use the same shade of white.

The answer to applying gloss may vary depending on who you ask, but I like to use flat gloss on the ceiling, eggshell on the walls, satin on the cabinets, and semi-gloss on the trim and doors. I don’t use gloss unless I’m looking for a sleek, modern look on furniture. In this post, I share our entire house color scheme and the thought process behind my choice of those colors!

Since our building permits took longer than we expected, I had a lot of extra time to think about bases and tints and collect samples from major paint manufacturers including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Seaco , Valspar, Behr, Pantoni, Faro & Ball, Glide and more!

Best Color To Paint Whole House Interior

When I was building our first house, I learned some “rules” about choosing paint colors the hard way!

Best Home Color Palettes

Each room felt separate from each other and I couldn’t buy my house to change the decor because the theme was so big.

Apple accents in the kitchen wouldn’t be out of place in our nautical themed room, and while Behr’s Arizona Yellow would look great under the Home Depot lanterns, it looks out of place.

I didn’t want to go through the hassle of repainting everything, so we lived with the paint for 7 years until we moved to the second house, but I decided not to.

After several steps and opportunities to make this home ours, I feel more confident in choosing a color scheme that feels inviting, timeless, and cohesive throughout the home.

Paint Color Trends Designers Can’t Stop Talking About

Below, you’ll find some of the things I tried to keep in mind when choosing colors for our new home!

It’s normal to see paint chips horizontally, but unless you’re painting floors, the color will be different (brighter or lighter) depending on how it looks on the wall.

To get a more accurate idea of ​​how the paint will look on the wall, hold the paint chip vertically in front of you. It’s slightly darker when you touch it.

Best Color To Paint Whole House Interior

When a gray wall looks blue, it’s because the paint has some blue in it. Undertones do not always appear on a single color chip, but can be noticeable in large spaces of the same color.

The Best White Paint Colors For Every Home

To find the undertone of your favorite color, look at the darkest color on the color chart, (

If you are looking for a paint store like Sherwin Williams you may also find it in the paint you find.

Through the difficult experience of our first home, I learned the importance of coordinating color schemes. Our living room is bright yellow, our kitchen is red, our bathroom is green, our bedroom is blue, and our nursery is gray!

Since each room was so different from the others, everyone felt that I could not “buy” my room to redecorate. The nautical decor in our bedroom couldn’t be replaced with my apple themed kitchen decor, so when I wanted to change things up, I felt “stuck” with what I had.

How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Entire House: 8 Tips To Make It All Come Together

In our last home I painted all neutral colors and plan to do so again in our new home. Adding and changing colors is easy and inexpensive with accents and trim.

It’s colorful but doesn’t look dated because all the colors on it create an interior theme. Tracy’s walls, floors, counters, backsplashes and moldings are timeless, let her accents bring joy to her room!

Furthermore, she can change her makeup at will and get a new look without having to work day and night.

Best Color To Paint Whole House Interior

In addition to colors looking different depending on each screen or monitor’s filter settings, colors in other people’s rooms can also look different depending on:

Home Tour With Paint Colors & Decor Sources

All of these factors must be combined when choosing the right color for your space. color me with no color

I don’t know of anyone other than Simply White that has a color I like, but after 60+ color swatches (

I love that Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer large removable samples

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