Best Interior Paint Colors To Sell Your Home

Best Interior Paint Colors To Sell Your Home – Green paint may dominate the hottest color charts of the year, but neither dominates the largest pool of buyers yet. According to the Paint & Color Trends 2022 report by home improvement resource Fixr, 81% of recently surveyed interior designers said the best selling home colors in 2022 are white and cream.

According to the report, “white and cream create a neutral, clean, fresh backdrop for many rooms.” “You can still incorporate color into your fabrics if you want to add personality to your space, but it’s easier for potential buyers to see your furniture in a room when they see white or pale-colored walls.”

Best Interior Paint Colors To Sell Your Home

Best Interior Paint Colors To Sell Your Home

For the second year in a row, white was the most recommended color for home exterior sales, according to Fixr. White received 58% of the votes from designers this year. Off-whites are also growing in popularity, accounting for 41% in this year’s survey.

What House Color Sells Best? We Asked Paint And Real Estate Experts

“White and white can make your home look new, clean and new, no matter how old you are,” says the study. “These colors have almost universal appeal, enhancing broad appeal and increasing opportunities for strategic sales.”

Subscribe to e-Newsletter Reprint About Us Contact REALTORĀ® Magazine Due to the pandemic and home quarantine, I have chosen more paint colors than ever for my clients this past year. As everyone has renovated their home in the past year, it seems that everyone is spending too much time at home. I thought I’d paint some of the hottest colors I’ve seen today with designers and builders and my clients on new construction projects across the country.

I’ve been blogging about paint color trends for almost 12 years and I think this is one of the most fun and beautiful times in choosing a color to paint your home. Consumers use color (although they use it subtly and appropriately) and illuminate entire homes to let in more natural light. We see many lighter walls contrasting colors with rich, colorful and intricate textures that are meaningful and intentional. I am so inspired by all the amazing colors I see now!

We’ve divided these popular paint colors into common color families to help you better see what’s trending right now. Remember, we only share color trends to help you find colors you can trust. If a color is popular and becomes a best seller, it is probably because it is so versatile and reliable.

Tips For Choosing Interior Paint Colors

I want to start with the blue steel. Because this color is the “It Girl” of the current colors. I already see these blue shades of iron everywhere! Steel blue is the last blue to decorate the fan before it fades. This is changing blue and has many grays in the base. Below we have compiled the mod tables to handle all the variations of blue steel.

Below are some of the Blue Steels that I saw last week at Utah Valley Homes (I’ll give a recap next week). project

At the Chatwin House in UV Parade, they used several shades of iron blue throughout the house, including the dark blue bedroom/chapel painted Moore Providence Blue. Providence is a popular shade of dark blue.

Best Interior Paint Colors To Sell Your Home

Also in Chatwin’s house, a very blue steel was used for the kitchen below the sink, painted with Benjamin Moore smoke. Smoke has been popular for years due to its mobility and blue/grey color.

The Best (and Worst) Paint Colors To Sell A House In 2021

In this recent home project, I used a beautiful muted blue/gray color for the kitchen island that I created for the client. The color is very similar to Sherwin Williams Slate Tile. Notice how well this blue/grey color complements the tone of the wood floor. That’s because of the gray tint on the base that helps the balance/transition.

Below, the nave wall is painted with Sherwin Williams tile, the other with a popular blue/grey Sherwin Williams tile. This color is very reliable and I have never seen it look suspicious anywhere.

Benjamin Moore Philipsburg Blue has been Ben Moore’s best selling blue for as long as I can remember, and I loved it so much on the cabinet in the mansion that I saw at the parade last week. Philipsburg Blue is a slightly more saturated blue/grey. Such a beautiful color.

If you look below at the current list of best selling Benjamin Moore paint colors, you will notice that many of these popular colors are similar to the blue tones coated with steel to gray undertones in the base. They want more colors in their homes today, but most of all they want these more saturated colors to blend easily with all the other colors in the house. This is the safest way to introduce color into your space.

Best Paint Colors For Selling A House In 2022

Over the last 9-12 months I started to notice a noticeable change in the color of the walls of the house in the new construction, from white gray or pure warm medium color walls to a very light “almost there” color. I also saw this with my client, who wanted the wall of the whole house to be a color between white and a warm pale gray, and in some cases requested an off-white color (almost beige).

At last week’s Parade of Homes, I saw the entire range of popular home colors from Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray to Benjamin Moore Dove White.

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray in a room with lots of natural light is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular grays because it lights up the whole house. The house below, which I visited last week from Alair Homes, has lots of natural light throughout and Stonington Gray looks absolutely gorgeous on the walls.

Best Interior Paint Colors To Sell Your Home

In spaces without much natural light, Stonington Gray will be darker and cooler. The bright wall color is still beautiful, but not “barely there” in the areas that fall below.

Wall Paint Color Ideas For Home Trending In 2023

For Raykon Construction’s home show, they used Sherwin Williams Useful Gray under the walls in the living room. Again, these existing colors are nearly representative of what we’ve seen for full-wall home colors in new buildings in the past year. Try the useful Gray at 50% if you want a subtle feeling of going down in a space without natural light.

Last week at the RC Dent Home Parade they were using a stunning wall color called Shadow White from Farrow and Ball at 50% off. They used full power F&B White for the Shadow trim.

In my design, my client also requested a very light color for the whole house in the same environment. I will no longer hear prayers for the old white walls or gray walls throughout the house. Below, I used a custom blend of Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist but lighter, for a client who requested that the color be quite understated against the trim.

I have also seen many beautiful, rich pale green plants that I have used a lot in the past year in new projects around me. In fact, I can’t get enough of how much greenery I saw on the walls and cabinets during my entire trip to UV Paradise last week!

Whole House Color Palette

At Alair’s house below, this stunning painting in Benjamin Moore’s Enchanted Forest is absolutely stunning to see in person. The color is so dreamy!

At Raykon’s Parade home, I fell in love with a beautiful green on the walls of the gym called Laurel Wood by Sherwin Williams. Make sure the trim is the same color as your paint.

According to Benjamin Moore, the colors below are currently the top selling greens, and as you can see, they are all muted, subtle shades of green. I love these good shadows and they are a very safe way to introduce subtle color in a muted field.

Best Interior Paint Colors To Sell Your Home

The dark, gloomy color trend is definitely still very much in force and the colors seem to be getting darker. Last week’s parade saw a lot of coal and it was almost black. Not just a closet or an accent wall, but a dark wall throughout the room as the room seen is painted in Sherwin Williams’ best selling black, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.

The Best Neutral Paint Colors

I can’t tell you how much I love seeing these rich, dark dark colors set off by the whites somewhere. For me, this is the best way to speak and set the scene. These colors really tell the story in the space.

I am very curious about your opinion!

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