Boho Home Office Decor Ideas

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If you work from home and love the boho style, you might want to know about the best bohemian office ideas. There’s no reason why your home office can’t follow your favorite interior design style. After all, we all want to create a beautiful environment in our office that makes us feel comfortable and productive.

Boho Home Office Decor Ideas

Boho Home Office Decor Ideas

Bohemian decorating is an inspiration, a warm and cool space that fills our home with color, texture and life! You can choose furniture such as rattan or bamboo. You can choose jewelry from different types of fabrics and unique materials. Boho decor is often influenced by international interior styles. It celebrates spirituality, conflict and joy.

Boho Décor Head Office / Boho Décor

Macrame wall decor is great on the walls of this bohemian home. Rattan back chairs, mid-century modern table lamps, mango wood tables and boho pink rugs fill the space.

This bohemian office is beautifully decorated with green figs, mid-century gold pendant lights, boho art and pink oriental rugs.

Amazon has lots of boho office supplies and decor that you can get for cheap. Here are a few tips:

As you can see, creating a perfect boho office is not difficult. There are many ways to achieve the look you are looking for if you take the time to find the right furniture, decor and furniture.

Floppy But Refined Boho Chic Home Offices

To enhance another room in your home with our boho home decor tips for furniture, decor, accessories and more. Here are the latest trends in bohemian decor:

Curated Interiors uses affiliate links and we may receive a small commission at no charge to you if you purchase from an affiliate store. We only recommend products from customers we know and like. As an Amazon partner, we earn money from qualifying purchases. Remodeling and looking for a third bedroom to be my home office was fun.

Ever since I finished my third bedroom in June, I’ve been reflecting and thinking about what I hoped the bedroom would look like. Of course, I turned to Pinterest and Gypsy Tan for inspiration over the past few weeks to transform this space into a fun, boho space.

Boho Home Office Decor Ideas

The first thing I bought for home office was a black and white rug from Target. Don’t lie, spend $99 on a sick carpet! For larger reference, I bought a 7′ x 10′ to fit in the middle of the room.

Home Office Ideas: Turn A Spare Room Into Your Dream Workspace

However, I know that the carpet is the most important part of any home, so I decided to challenge this at the same time. The black and white bag fits the space perfectly when I get it home and open it. Even Simba loves this carpet so much that he often sleeps on it at night. Not only does the fabric look great on your toes, but it matches my boho office decor.

Another much needed addition to my home office is a rattan table. I was looking at Urban Outfitters and Target, but I finally found this at a place called At Home in Clearwater. My friend Sarah calls this store a combination of home goods and Hobby Lobby, which I can recommend.

Thankfully my sister drove to meet me so we could put this table in her jeep and drive it back to St. Pete! This is a gem. This rattan table is also the last one in the market. Looking online at Target, I found a match near my desk on their site for a little over $100, which is what I paid for this chair.

The desktop itself does not take up much space and has two storage drawers. Now the drawer has all the makeup, jewelry and hair I want to keep in case I want to wear it for an Instagram story, ha! It’s also light enough to move around in case I need to replace it in the future.

Beautiful Home Office Ideas & Tips On How To Decorate Your Perfect H

The main selling point of this wooden desk is the drawer which reminds me of the more expensive desks from Urban Outfitters. At Target, the table is part of the Minsmere Living Room collection by Opalhouse™ that includes other natural pieces to complement the space.

Another important factor in creating a boho office space and decor is finding the right chairs. Looking through the furniture, I found my perfect pink velvet swivel chair. When I saw the sofa and their furniture I was shocked! I was looking for a pink office chair until the weekend.

Although my sofa was found in home goods and many different home goods in every store, I found a bunch of velvet sofas like this one from Amazon. Another pink chair, by Everly Quinn, matches the decor perfectly with the chair I saw at Home Goods.

Boho Home Office Decor Ideas

Now that I’m sitting in my new chair, I couldn’t be happier! I’m excited to add a velvet couch to the house and I’m glad I got one at the thrift store for less than $100. Changing my couch gives me room to move around. comes quickly and the seat can also be lifted up and down to show movement. Adding a little pink hand to this space makes it feel “me” and adds that essential feminine touch!

Spare Room To Home Office Makeover

The boho office needs greenery, whether in the form of real or fake trees. I’ve had this fake olive tree for a year now and bought it at Target for $25.

Some surfaces can be used indoors. For now my fake tree sits next to my favorite office. Every modern boho home should include a few green plants, whether you choose small succulents to keep on your table or challenge yourself to keep a large plant (snake plant) alive. . So far I am very happy with my fake tree!

It took time to acquire other resources to make the company attractive. When it comes to art, Target also has some pretty cool items in-house. Both paintings are $10 each at Target.

My favorite is a photo of a woman, $10. Black and white photos will also look good in any office because they are simple. When I write on my laptop, I want to feel calm and relaxed, which is why I choose to light a candle at my desk.

Before & After: Bohemian Interior Design With Japandi Accents

The candle I have on my desk right now is Desert Flora from the Urban Collection by Chesapeake Bay Candle, $12.99. The candle is comforting and the scent reminds me of my recent birthday trip to Savannah as it smells just like the hotel we stayed at over the weekend, The Elida! Such a stupid relationship.

Thanks for checking out my 2020 home improvement post! I hope my office redesign can inspire you to find something else for your home office. I like to work from home in my field so I can focus on creating content, answering email lists, and making sure my small business is successful. I love getting up, getting dressed and going to work! There are many benefits to working from home, including the ease of setting your own schedule, saving time and money by eliminating daily commutes, and giving you the opportunity to start your own business. Whether you work from home or you’ve created a space for your hobbies like art, reading or writing, your home office is a place to be inspired.

Get down to business. To help you create and update your own inspiration, I share boho office decor and tips for the best home updates as well as small home buying ideas that inspire you to get the job done. Enough!!

Boho Home Office Decor Ideas

Table (here and here) | chair | bicycle seat | This time Sputnik Chandelier | white cloth | Old recorder (similar here, here, here) | curtain | gold copper | acrylic calendar | Bookshelf (like this one) | Ivy plant | daily plant | chat chat | Snake plant (see fake option here) | DIY wall hanging tutorial here | Infinity Floor mirrors (here and here) | shelving unit

Boho Office Ideas 20 Clean And Bright Offices You’ll Love — Poplolly Co

So don’t be afraid to enjoy it! I want to create a place that is modern, comfortable and supportive. I kept the furniture simple and neutral, then added greenery and beautiful linens to give the room some texture and keep the office boho.

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