Dark Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Dark Grey Paint Colors For Living Room – When you think of a soft shade that will give your space the desired light and airiness, grays don’t usually come to mind. But there’s something to be said for a few muted tones that can set the mood—no matter the room. Some may go so far as to say that gray may be the new beige. In fact, we asked 40 interior designers for their opinions on gray and were impressed with their responses.

Some use gray which creates an ethereal look while others prefer a darker shade for a more moody feel. Gray is definitely on trend right now because it’s more versatile than we think. Whether you’re looking for bright and bold colors or warm and cozy, there’s a gray that’s up to the job.

Dark Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Dark Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Learn how these design experts use gray in their spaces. You might even be inspired to move your furniture to the center of the room, drape it with a tarp, and pick up a paintbrush like a pro. our suggestion? Decide which look you want – pale and subtle or bold and dramatic – and order some samples. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to get to work. Let these 40 shades from brands like Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball and more get you started. Who knows? Maybe grays will give way to blues and whites! The jury is still out, but we have a feeling 2023 is going to be a gray year, and we’re here for it.

Gray Color Schemes That Showcase The Timeless Neutral

“I love using this shade because it’s elusive. Like its namesake, Stormy Sky can be dramatic as well as transparent. I’ve used it everywhere, from interiors to kitchens, where it looks beautiful with white accents and metallic finishes. This color also works well as a base for other colors – I even did 50-50 mixes with it!” – Windsor Smith

“This transitional warm gray color is a good choice for bedrooms and wardrobes if you want a light color but not white.” – Bailey Austin

“It’s not blue enough and it’s not gray enough. It’s a bit creamy and dreamy, like a beautiful cloud. I think of the office as a place where you just want to relax and be creative, and it’s very soothing – and very elegant with a touch of pomegranate or lavender. It’s a blank canvas for what you’re doing right now. – David Phoenix

“Alaskan Skies, aptly named, offsets the dramatic changes in our state’s lighting conditions throughout the year, serving as a neutral base for contrasting interior finishes while maintaining a refreshing ambiance.” — Bauer/Clifton Interiors

Valspar Dark Gray Satin Exterior Porch And Floor Paint (1 Gallon) In The Porch & Floor Paint Department At Lowes.com

“The combination of texture and tranquility was my recipe for a modern glam home in the mountains of Utah. Mindful Gray offered a respite that embraced all the raw textures.” —Anne Marie Barton

“I’ve been loving this deep gray lately. It changes a lot in different conditions. When the room is dark or in shadow, it looks almost black. But in direct sunlight, it’s the color of the Baltic afternoon. So it’s not boring. It also goes well with caramel leather chairs – something I can imagine in almost any office.” David Neto

“There is something about this shade that cannot be fully defined. It reminds me of fog – it’s a bit hazy and soothing. Light gray is universal, but not boring: it works in various situations, from a bright bathroom to a spacious living room. On the walls, it’s subtle but strong enough to create dimension.” — Michael Dopp

Dark Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

“Benjamin Moore Titanium is a soft, bright off-white with a hint of green that’s bright enough to brighten up our often rainy Oregon weather.” —Jessica Helgerson

Best Dark Paint Color Rooms

“A beautiful combination of blues and grays that looks like a robin’s egg but is more chalky and elegant. It is soothing and profound and will remain relevant as the child grows. For a boy’s room, add shades of cafe au lait and tones of bright olive green. For a girl, accent the room with dove gray and lavender accents. – Amanda Nisbet

“This striking neutral color is perfect for both modern and classic interiors. A perfect balance between cold and warm, it’s also strikingly similar to our local Chicago limestone.” — Tom Stringer

“It’s an absolutely perfect gray color. Look no further. And it’s stunning with brighter, contrasting trim. I love it so much that I have used it in three of my homes. In bright rooms it is cool and crisp. In darker, cozier rooms, it’s very relaxing.” — Sean Henderson

“When it comes to warm brown grey, granite is one of my favourites, bringing comfort and elegance to any room. This color invites you to curl up in front of the fireplace.” -Alice Williams

Shades Of Gray: Tips For Choosing And Working With A Tricky, But Popular, Color

“I call this blue-grey ‘shadow color.’ It changes with the light, which makes it interesting to move it around the room during the day. This particular shade evokes images of sea and sky – perfect for a quiet seaside house in Southampton, where I used it on the kitchen cupboards. It added color without being too overwhelming.” —Sandra Nunnerly

“This eggshell-like blue-gray is like an ice-cold drink on a hot day. It visually cools the room, which receives a lot of light. And then you can create some warmth with layers of color and texture in I would take earthy colors like chocolate brown, russet and mustard, and maybe add some turquoise to that. – Scott Lashley

“Having both sun and south exposure in one room can be difficult, but this remarkable color changes throughout the day from cool lavender in the morning to a warmer pink in the evening.” -Kevin Walsh

Dark Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

“This neutral color is so versatile and provides a cool and peaceful escape from the heat. The art hangs beautifully on it and makes the room a spectacle rather than a color. Our design studio is painted this color and we love the environment it creates!” – Cena Nancy

What Is The Best Grey Paint Color For Your Home? — Kevin Twitty Interiors

“I applied this color – a light grey, reminiscent of a cloudy sky – to the lacquer finish on the ceiling of the small black and white striped room. The glossy effect is easier to achieve on ceilings than on walls, while the reflective mirror finish adds much-needed depth to the room. The shade is also a little somber, which helped balance out the bold walls.” – Rinat Lavi

“Grey skies and misty rain can be very beautiful and comforting. Benjamin Moore’s City Shadow perfectly captures this warm atmosphere. Brighten it up a bit with unpainted brass fittings and fixtures and pair it with Calacatta marble. You can’t go wrong!” —Katie Hackworth

“I used this cool shade of blackened steel on the stair treads in my house. The color really contrasts with the neutral palette of the space around it. My tip for working with a smooth finish: make sure the raw surface is free of blemishes, because when you apply paint, the glitter will make them look bigger!” – Christina Stucker

“I’ve been known to be every shade of gray from steel to warm French gray. It doesn’t matter what gray it is, it provides a calm backdrop for everything – flowers, books, artwork, fabrics or people. in gray on the border with white details, white fabrics and white furniture. Sometimes I blush here and there. But you have to be careful about the gray you choose – nothing too grey, cold or dirty.” – Mateusz Patryk Smyth

Charcoal Gray For Classic Style And Elegance In Your Interior Design

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The 21 best neutral colors for your home this way to take color inspiration to the next level Lick Paint officially debuts in the US. Shop West Elm x Bolé Road Textiles Colla Some of our favorite dark gray items from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, Pittsburg Paints and Behr.

Dark Grey Paint Colors For Living Room

Sherwin Williams’ most popular dark gray colors are Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Grey, Sherwin Williams Dovetail and Sherwin Williams Peppercorn.

Light Gray Paint Colors For The Perfect Neutral

Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray is available in interior and exterior colors. Medium to dark gray color with warm undertones of purple. It is a great gray color for painting walls, for painting the entire exterior of the house, front doors and trim.

Sherwin Williams Dovetail, a medium warm gray color, is a good color for painting entire rooms or for one wall, it goes well with painted kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands. With very subtle purple hues, sometimes a touch of green can be seen in this color.

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn is a very dark, warm gray color that has depth and character. It provides the perfect dark color for your wall.

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray is like a well-dressed gentleman, this cute urban shade of gray adds to his charm

The Most Popular Living Room Colours Of 2023

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