Decorating A Rental Apartment On A Budget

Decorating A Rental Apartment On A Budget – When you move into a new apartment with nothing—not even a mattress—turning an empty space into a home can be a challenge. Income: Homepolish. A savvy new DC resident turned to an online interior design company for help after signing a lease for her one-bedroom. She teamed up with Homepolish interior designer Shannon Smith to create a cozy urban oasis completely from scratch—all on a $5,000 budget. We spoke to Shannon to find out how she did it, and she shared her secrets on everything from how to strategize your planning to how to budget. Read on to find out how to create your dream flat, no matter how small the space or how tight the budget.

Shannon Smith: Start with staples. At the very least, you will need a place to sit and a place to sleep. If you’re not sure what direction you want to go in designing your space, stick with a neutral palette first. If you choose large neutral pieces to start with, you can add texture and color with artwork and accessories!

Decorating A Rental Apartment On A Budget

Decorating A Rental Apartment On A Budget

SS: As a designer I am very aware, but in an empty apartment you have to focus on form rather than function. Try to think how you want the room to feel: do you want to express your personality boldly and colorfully or do you want a calm and peaceful haven where you can come home from work? Once you have an idea of ​​these things, you’re on your way! First, select large pieces of anchor and slowly build them up, adding texture and color as you see fit.

Apartment Decorating Tips To Turn A Rental Into Home

SS: I always recommend spending the majority of your budget on the pieces you use the most. Do you like to sit in front of the TV and enjoy watching Netflix? Make sure you invest in a quality and comfortable sofa. Do you enjoy entertaining and hosting dinner parties? Buy a quality dining table with comfortable chairs.

SS: Fabric and pillows. There are so many great stores for decorative pieces at great prices (like HomeGoods) and endless Etsy shops that sell beautiful pillow covers. Be sure to invest in an Insert down and your pillows will look more luxurious!

SS: Perhaps the most challenging thing is combining the smaller budget with the fact that it is a rental apartment. In an ideal world, I would paint the wood paneling and doors and replace the ceiling fixtures with something bold and fun. I think what I’m most proud of is the way we added and added texture to the space without adding color and still making it feel comfortable and luxurious.

SS: HomeGoods, definitely. Etsy for vintage finds and unusual art prints. One Kings Lane is always a safe bet for furniture (and Joss & Main for cheap pieces too). Search Craigslist, Krrb, and Chairish for unique places if you’re looking for a great deal!

Ways To Decorate A Rental Property On A Small Budget

PS: How can you make your new home cozy and warm if you have a tight budget that prevents shopping?

SS: I’m a firm believer that you don’t need many things to make your space feel complete. By thinking about these three things—texture, color, and scale—you can make any space feel inviting. Add texture with rugs, fabrics, vintage pieces or natural fibers. Add color to your space to add depth, even if it’s neutral. I always try to pick three colors – a light color, a dark color, and something in between – and spread them around the room. Finally, go big or go home. Large artwork, angular floor mirrors and large rugs emphasize the height of the ceilings or the width of the room. If you’re worried about living in a small space, pay close attention to this tip, as it will usually make your room feel bigger.

SS: It’s hard to design all the empty spaces at once. It never happens on the weekend. Don’t worry about adding a room slowly until you have a place you love.

Decorating A Rental Apartment On A Budget

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Decorating A Rental Apartment On A Budget

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The Ultimate Guide To Rental Home Or Apartment Decorating Ideas

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Brooke is our social media manager and recently moved into her first apartment in Idaho. We loved her photos of the city and felt compelled to share her beautiful California style with our readers. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or looking for some rental inspiration to update your apartment, everyone could take a clean, classic page out of Brooke’s book. .

I’ve worked for Chris Loves Julia for over three years and it’s been a lot of fun owning (and decorating!) the house. I had Pinterest boards and furniture links saved for months before my husband and I moved. I started decorating before we could even carry all the boxes. This is our first apartment together and I really wanted to make it special.

Functional decoration was very important to us. We didn’t want a coffee table because we like more space in our small living room for evening games or exercise. Instead, we stacked two of these woven floor chairs on top of each other. They are the perfect backup and can be easily taken out of the way.

Cheap, Easy Home Decor Ideas

The rug is the coziest, softest, homeliest, most casual rug I’ve ever come across. In fact, it’s so smart that Tristan, my husband, grabbed it. Although it is very thick, it is easy to clean.

Julia always says, “If you’re not sure what’s missing, it might be the curtains.” It is correct. The curtains really took things to a new level. These may or may not be the fourth curtains I have received. (!!!) I wanted green curtains and the first ones I bought were so dark they looked black. The last one was the same color as the sofa and the carpet, and everything started to fall off. Third time’s the charm, right? Unfortunately, no. I decided on white curtains, which were too strong on the cream colored walls. Lastly, I loved these Pottery Barn ones. Emery Linen “Sage Grass” is 96″ long and is the softest gray-green color, bringing a beautiful textured/fabric look to this room. We hung them high and wide and it was amazing how the taller room felt. We combined them with these bamboo shapes. I assembled two 45″ heads together – a trick I learned from CLJ.

I went neutral with the pillow covers, keeping the room’s color palette with creams, true greys, burnt oranges, olive greens… No joke, for every cover I own, I buy the insert that cheap pillow. they are

Decorating A Rental Apartment On A Budget

Good. Here’s what I learned: Get a pillow that’s two inches bigger than your pillowcase so it looks nice and fluffy. (Did you know? I didn’t know that!)

How To Decorate A Rental

I have always been obsessed with olives. They are so chic and sophisticated. But we didn’t have room big enough for one. So when I found this tall, thin guy, I had to have it. It comes in a planter but I applied this one

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