Decorating Living Room With Fireplace And Tv

Decorating Living Room With Fireplace And Tv – Happy Friday my friends – it’s time to discuss design again! Many of you have asked for a detailed discussion on this topic and I think it’s a great idea… to install the TV above the fireplace. Should you do it? Is that a design flaw? Is it more work? What would you do if it was your only choice? What’s the best scenario? I’ll break it all down in this post! Click here to read all about it…

I’m not opposed to placing a TV above the fireplace, but it entirely depends on the height of the fireplace, the other options in the room, and the size of the TV.

Decorating Living Room With Fireplace And Tv

Decorating Living Room With Fireplace And Tv

I know it’s not really enough to give you a definite answer, so let’s break it down. Why is the TV above the fireplace a bad choice from the start? Well – most people are afraid to crane their necks to look at it… it’s just not the right length to look at. The exception is if you have a modern fireplace or a small mantel (of course dimensions also matter, namely height). Another problem is that the TV competes with other places in the room – the fireplace itself, the window, closets, etc. Many people also hate the idea of ​​seeing an ugly TV above a beautiful architectural feature in a room.

Living Room Fireplace Ideas For Cozy And Chic Interiors

Something to remember? We live in a time where technology and television are in almost every household. You are simply involved in life at this time; They bring us fun, happiness and something we associate with our family. You are probably a bigger part of life than you think. Incorporating them into your home through design won’t make them seem like an eyesore or an afterthought.

So what is the ideal situation? In fact, there may not be a TV above the fireplace…unfamiliar as that may sound. Or at least the television blaring above the fireplace

In our current house we decided to set up a room for watching TV. This is done in the basement or media room

, as we like to call it. I realize how much fun and rewarding it is to live in a big house – a place where we can watch our favorite pastimes. Our common room

Hints To Arrange A Living Room With A Corner Fireplace

Our earlier homes, which lacked space, could never have accommodated anything resembling a “media room”. so what now? The way I see it… you have several options:

Do you know what I did in our first house? Second. Can you imagine what I’m doing in our second home? Third. All this to say –

For example living room. The TV can only be on one wall and should be above the fireplace. Why? We have a large picture window on the left side of the room, an entry wall that leads into the kitchen through a wall of windows, and given the size of the room, the couch only fits in one configuration. This means that the TV is against the wall of the fireplace. We decided to redo the fireplace and add built-in closets. So why did I choose to install the TV above the fireplace and not left or right in the other built-in cupboard? To be honest, the asymmetry would bother me and our TV is too big for it

Decorating Living Room With Fireplace And Tv

I weighed the pros and cons and tried to improve the situation. I like the TV to be above the fireplace to give the room a balanced feel, but that means it needs to be installed above the right height. Therefore, when buying a sofa, I tried to solve the problem. The length of the back is exactly what you want to look at in this situation. The problem with putting a TV on top of the fireplace is usually that when you watch it, it throws your arms around your neck. I make sure to choose a chair with a backrest that is comfortable to recline and support your neck on the cushions.

Where To Put Your Tv And Fireplace: 4 Winning Formulas That Actually Look Good + What Not To Do

. Watching TV with your neck stretched out is neither relaxing nor ideal. Only then did I hug our big, thick TV over the fireplace. I didn’t even try to hide it. I have a happy husband with a big screen TV and on the comfy couch we can watch movies with no neck pain. The perfect frame!

If I could replicate the same situation in our old living room, the only thing I would do differently would be to upgrade the TV. Yes you know I will mention the Samsung frame. It’s elegant too

Speaking of Frame TV – this is definitely on our wish list this year! I’ll take every opportunity to make the TV look like a work of art… that doesn’t seem like a bad idea. If you don’t have the budget for it, don’t panic! There are other ways to make your TV “disappear”: hide it behind a panel, cover the floor with artwork, install a gallery wall around it, etc. Get creative to make it look mixed and less technical.

The last option is to turn to asymmetry. A Type A personality with OCD. I just can’t understand it, but a lot of people do it – and it works! Install the TV to the left or right of the fireplace at the correct viewing height and try to balance it with other objects or architectural elements.

Outstanding Rustic Living Room Ideas That Have Cozy Fireplaces

. I personally prefer the asymmetry of the bottom to the top image…simply because it seems more intentional and clear. Maybe try using a built-in closet on one side of the fireplace and bench, or something else on the other side.

To sum it up: do what works best for you and your space! Every situation is unique and should be treated as such. Consider how your family watches TV, other things in the room itself, and especially on the ceiling. Hopefully this post helps share all aspects of the great TV on Fire conversation. Let me know how you do in the following poll. We wish everyone a great weekend! I hope to finish the laundry room renovation. Today I’m going to share some quick and easy decorating tips on how to decorate a fireplace with a TV above.

We want a new fireplace, you can read all about how we built it here. One of the reasons we built a fireplace in this room was to replace the wall where we have the TV. We love the look of a media console and a fireplace is the perfect way to make a statement.

Decorating Living Room With Fireplace And Tv

Mounting a TV on a mantel can create a messy problem. A design question I hear a lot is how to decorate a mantel with a TV above it. A TV above the mantel leaves less space and decorations can be difficult.

Modern Rustic Living Room Design With Veneer Stone Fireplace Tv Wall Decor Buechel Stone

Today I will give you my tips for decorating the fireplace with TV. And how to adjust the space around the fireplace. Any room is all about arranging the right things.

Fireplace decorations can be divided into three main areas. Center directly below the TV and on two sides.

The center can be the trickiest to decorate as there is usually the least amount of space between the bottom of the TV and the mantel. My solution is to wear something negative. Personally, I like to use a narrow tray or a tall wooden bowl, like the one I’m showing here. I use mine to store the remote control for my electric stove.

Depending on the size of your TV, you have a little more flexibility on the sides. Usually you will have an elevation on each side to work with. I want to add something different to each side instead of using the same two elements. This allows for greater visual appeal and a more attractive design.

Living Rooms With Fireplace And Tv That You Have To Check Out!

For my mantel, I used a live satin pothos plant on one side. Using an artificial or real piece of greenery is the perfect fireplace decoration. I like to use pothos plants or any plant that grows in the vine. This can cover the edge of your mantel. Another type of greenery will be the manufacture of glass vases with flowers. Be creative, but one of your things should be green.

On the other hand, some types of candles or candlesticks are a good option. I used a set of three battery posts for my cooker. The best part is that you don’t light a real flame, but they look real and come with a handy remote control. A set of three in different heights adds interest and fits perfectly on the side of my mantel.

Candlesticks are also a good choice as they are tall and thin. I recommend using three of different heights. They can be made of metal or wood

Decorating Living Room With Fireplace And Tv

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