Engagement Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Engagement Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget – An engagement party is a great way to bring all your family and friends together and start the celebrations for your exciting news. Something to show off your engagement ring! “You never get tired of showing off your new sparklers, but an engagement party is the perfect time to show off all your loved ones at the same time,” says Sarah Allsop, creative manager of Party Delights.

Many people have never planned a big party before, so this is the perfect way to practice before the wedding in a fun, relaxed and stress-free way. “This will help you decide on the all-important wedding guest list for the big day and give far-flung friends and family a chance to catch up and break the ice,” Sarah explains.

Engagement Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Engagement Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

If you’ve never been to an engagement party before, it’s important to remember that you’re not having a small wedding, so don’t stress too much about it. Remember, it doesn’t even have to be an engagement party. But if you think you’ll like hosting, you’ll find lots of easy and cheap ideas below.

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You decide what happens at the engagement party. This could mean popping out to a pub or restaurant for casual drinks during a late brunch, or you could do something formal like a black tie party on a boat or hire out the whole bar. It will really depend on who you are as a couple and what your budget is.

We’ve got 31 engagement party ideas to help you choose a theme, plus tips and tricks from Sarah Allsop to make it truly memorable. Here are our favorite engagement party ideas and where to start:

If you’re wondering how to get started with an engagement party, what’s included and who’s invited, here’s a start:

Traditionally, the host will be the bride’s family, but there is no set rule about who will host the engagement, especially for same-sex couples. Often the couple will host an engagement party with their parents. Answer this question to them early so you know what budget you have for your theme.

Our Elegant Backyard Engagement Party

The engagement party is usually held a month after the proposal. There is enough information to make the day free for the guests and to keep everyone excited. Most people haven’t seen the ring, you’ll still be on cloud nine and everything will be a bit fizzy.

Generally, people assume they are invited to your wedding if they are invited to an engagement ceremony, so start by creating an initial guest list for your wedding. The most important thing to remember is that it’s about you and your partner and who you want to celebrate with. Keep your engagement party guest list small so you can talk to everyone and not be pressured by your parents.

That said, if you’re planning an intimate family wedding or have a limited guest list due to location or destination, invite all the guests you want to the party and make it clear that this is the way to celebrate with them. Because the wedding will be a very small affair.

Engagement Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Your location will largely depend on the number of guests and the atmosphere you are trying to create. For a more formal party, rent a private room at your favorite restaurant for dinner. If you want something more casual, reserve a few tables at a cocktail bar or pub where people can come and go. If you’re trying to keep costs low, a picnic in the local park or a barbecue in your parents’ garden is a good idea.

How To Throw The Perfect Backyard Engagement Party

Since you probably don’t know the theme of your wedding, it’s best to stick to something light and non-restrictive for now. Do you both like to travel or did you meet abroad? Create an adventure theme. Are you a foodie? Slap-up brunch. Do you like glamour? The Great Gatsby. It is also excellent in season. Party in the summer = on the Pym roof terrace; In winter = mulled wine and lots of fairy lights in a cozy pub. If you’re serving drinks, we can’t stress enough that you should also provide food – nothing fancy, necessarily, but something to soak up the drinks.

As mentioned before, plan the party a month after the proposal and get the invitations out as soon as possible. Paper invitations are beautiful, but you can also consider e-vitess. You can create a cute design and send it to your guest list.

Another option is to have a secret engagement party. Tell your family and friends (but not those close to you personally) that it’s just a Christmas party, summer BBQ, or birthday party, and then drop the bomb!

The formality of your dress will depend on your theme. Many brides also choose a white dress for their engagement party, but naturally much less impressive than the dress for the last day of the wedding – usually a cocktail dress or a jumpsuit. Brides can opt for a suit or a comfortable shirt and trouser combination. If you are a same-sex couple, one may want to wear black and one may want to wear white, or you may choose complementary clothing. Finally an outfit that is suitable for a party.

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“Your engagement party is a special occasion that you want to make the most of,” says Sarah Allsop. “Create a focal point at your venue where your guests will walk and take photos with the happy couple, friends and family.” You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional photographer, “you can add a photo backdrop with fun props and accessories.”

When it comes to engagement party ideas, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big impact. With just a handful of props and a good theme, you can throw a night to remember in no time.

“Choosing an engagement party style can be a great way to set a theme that carries over from your first party to your hen party and wedding. It’s also an opportunity to show your personality and create an event that reflects you and your partner,” she says. Sarah Allsop She.

Engagement Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

After buying an engagement ring and starting to save for your wedding, your budget will definitely be a little tighter. There are several ways to adapt these themes to throw an inexpensive engagement party and stick to your wedding budget:

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Pair your port with Stilton and enjoy a lovely evening of wine and cheese tasting. Local wineries are often happy to arrange them for you, or you can do it at home. This is a great opportunity to find your favorite wine to serve at your wedding. What a great story you will tell! If you’re doing it yourself, Waitrose has similar instructions.

If there’s one word for your upcoming nuptials, it’s adventure – so why not go for it and channel your engagement party towards your love of travel? This is especially great if you get involved during the holidays. Either host in a restaurant with your favorite type of food, or make it at home.

Turn your garden into the best barbecue in town. BBQ parties are easy to organize, easy to budget for, better prepared in advance, and you can ask people to drop in and out whenever they want. Rain or shine, the British will be strong for a good burger. Even better, you can grill your dad and future father-in-law while you hang out with your friends.

Add a bit of retro glamor to your day with Great Gatsby themed, flapper and modern dresses and gangster and mole outfits. Everything about the Roaring Twenties was about excess: imagine a champagne pyramid and a photo booth filled with feathers, pearls and diamond props. “Don’t forget the selfie photo frame for social media posts,” reminds Sarah.

Engagement Party Decorations For Every Budget And Style

Picnics are a quintessential British summer activity and are perfect for a relaxed engagement party. Head to the local park with lots of blankets, lots of sandwiches and jugs of Pimms. Set up the table and cushions if you can find a yard big enough to accommodate it. Friends can come and go as needed, and it’s a good idea if the kids come too.

When in life do you get small lint on your hands? The diamond motif provides the perfect excuse for lots of glitz and glam. Why can’t everyone wear black tie when they go out? Rent a luxury hotel bar or restaurant and spend the night with champagne.

Do you like beautiful flowers for yourself? Why not throw a party with a floral theme?

Engagement Party Decorating Ideas On A Budget

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